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1 of 76: 1968 California Special Mustang


The California Special, or “GT/CS” Mustang was a special option package only available on 1968 Mustang coupes. Only a little more than 4,000 were made, and they are highly prized among collectors today. This particular GT/CS is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and has been listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just over $8,100 with no reserve. So why is it one of 76 when I just said there were more than 4,000 made? Because it has a 390 big-block V8! And yes, it’s rusty, but that’s all original paint and sheetmetal, so you know exactly what you are facing with the restoration. Everything is available to refurbish this rare Mustang, it’s just time and money. The Marti report is included so you have the beginning documentation to work from. The seller has included a lot of pictures, description, and a walk-around video to help you with your decision. Any Barn Finds readers interested in bidding?


  1. Avatar photo MikeW

    WARNING! When buying a Mustang on eBay you need to inspect the car yourself or have a trusted person do it. This going to be hard with the car in Canada. There are just to many trouble rust areas on the these to buy site unseen. So don’t let your heart do the bidding. My group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/info

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    • Avatar photo JW

      I totally agree, I’ve restored 2 and found that they cost 2 to 3 times what you thought it would.

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  2. Avatar photo David G

    I’d be much more interested in a 1 of 76 *total* 1960 Edsel Convertible than this thing, even tho this is the Mustang’s 50th year in 2015. (Probably a much better valuation on the Edsel too.) Sorry, just had to throw that in since the 60 Edsel’s coincidentally another 1-of-76 production figure :o)

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  3. Avatar photo RayT

    Looks to me like you’d need to order practically everything in the Mustang parts catalog to restore this car. I don’t see a trim piece, panel or scrap of interior that could be kept. This is not a Mustang with patina, but is a car that was interrupted on its final journey to the boneyard.

    Should it be restored? Definitely. Would it be worth restoring? Maybe, if the new owner has deep, deep pockets. Not sure what a 390 CS would be worth nowadays.

    If I were well off and 30 years younger, I might be interested. I see a lot of hours being spent getting this sad pony back into even semi-acceptable shape.

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  4. Avatar photo Dave

    A big block GT/CS is definitely worth saving, but you would be very brave to take this on. Nicely restored, it might be worth 45k. Winters in BC, no pics of the floors and the torque boxes are shot?
    I love these cars, had a big block 4 speed once, but no thanks, too rich for me.

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  5. Avatar photo justin

    I agree with Mike W. Better bring a calculator with you.

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  6. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I think the ‘California Special’ Mustang differed only because of cosmetic do-dads, things like fog lights, hood pins, scoops and decals on the sides, and different tail lights. I like Mustangs, but I can’t help feeling “so what” about those things. I think it was a promotion thing with Ford. I would rather have a fastback but I think there weren’t any fastback Cal Specials. I’d rather have a Bullitt tribute.

    The 390 V8 does make a difference, since most Cal Specials were C-code cars (with auto transmissions). So maybe worth considering, but agree this one looks expensive to do properly. The seller says “fairly easy and straight forward restoration”. I don’t think so.

    Shouldn’t be a problem bringing it into the US since it’s so old, but the logistics aren’t that easy because it’s in the mountains of British Columbia.

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      The “mountains of BC”

      They do have paved highways by the way LOL.

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  7. Avatar photo randy

    A SSGT friend of mine in the USAF had one with all of the stripes etc still on it, he called it his “sheep in wolves clothing”. I think I liked it more than him.

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  8. Avatar photo Mark E

    Guess I’m showing my age ’cause I’m amazed that these things are “prized among collectors” Back in the ’70s they were looked upon as cheap Shelby knock-offs and you could pick them up cheap…when you could find them. As I recall, the only thing ‘special’ about them was the Shelby tail lights, spoiler, scoops & other appearance accessories.

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  9. Avatar photo JW454

    Just another Rustang needing everything that someone thinks is worth a fortune.

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  10. Avatar photo gkrone

    The worst thing about Mustangs is the unibody construction. If the floors are rusted you will spend a lot getting them fixed. The pictures of the underside show a very clean rust free floor pan. The exterior body panels, full or patch, are easy to get. The CS trim may be a little harder. If the price stays under $10K you might be able to restore to a decent car.

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  11. Avatar photo Jim

    Wow, a lot of pessimism here. I was expecting to see a real basket case clicking on the e-bay link. The floors look decent and the frame rails lock good as well as the trunk area. Quarters and wheel wells are replaced on these cars all day. I’ve owned over ten Mustang and this one doesn’t seem all that bad.

    I bought a GT/CS around 1997 from and original owner when I used to live in CA.He told me he bought the GT/CS instead of a Shelby because he didn’t like the view out the rear window of the Shelby. He admitted that it was a financial mistake. It was also the only one in the registry that was white with blue stripes. the other cool thing was mine didn’t have a vinyl top. I can’s stand vinyl tops

    Although that said, one thing that bothers me about this particular car is I don’t see the reinforced shock towers in the engine shots. True big block cars should have these.

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  12. Avatar photo A.J.

    The X code is a 390 2 barrel. The 390 is not the 428CJ to begin with, never mind replacing the 4 barrel with a 2. I’m not sure this car is worthwhile if it is free.

    Also, a coupe. Also a automatic. The CS is a trim package which makes it marginally worth more than a standard coupe.

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    • Avatar photo Rocco

      You are totally correct in your assessment.

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