105 Year Old Survivor: 1910 Buick Runabout

1910 Buick Model 10

David F came across this 105 year old Buick Runabout here on craigslist in Sacramento, California with a $25k asking price. In David’s submission he shared a little info and asked some interesting questions, so I thought I would share his comments. From David F – This is a 1910 Buick Model 10, or Runabout, with the 2 cylinder engine. It would be interesting to know how this little car has survived all these years. The owner says it runs and it looks complete (The cowling is off, but it’s included). Can this Buick really be worth anywhere near the $25,000 the owner is asking? As always for cars in the Sacramento area, if anyone is really interested, I’ll be happy to go over and take more pictures for them. Special thanks to David for sharing his find and his willingness to take more photos for anyone that’s interested! So do you think it is worth the asking price?


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  1. Clay Bryant

    Hey,the top goes down,got the custom wheels,special spooler rear fenders and was the forerunner of Stage Ones,Grand Nationals and you ask “Is it worth it?!!!!!!!!!!

    • JOHN

      Sold one last year at that number. It was in better cosmetic condition but not running. Engine was complete and should have run but we never connected the dots to get it running. We had polished all the brass and refreshed several accessories. Paint was touched up with a brush in many areas. Presented itself very well. Given the amount of work needed the price is a little high.

  2. That Guy

    Probably restored 40 or 50 years ago by the seller’s grandfather. Gramps died recently in his 90’s, hasn’t been able to do anything with the car for the past 20 years, so it’s been sitting in the garage gently oxidizing and drying out. Now it’s time to clear the estate and sell the house, and grandson/granddaughter don’t have any interest in owning a 105-year-old mechanical garage ornament.

    How’s that hypothesis sound?

    As far as price, I think almost any solid, complete, and running brass-era car has to be worth $25K. Certainly some research would be warranted, but it seems a reasonable asking price to me.

  3. Jeff

    Price doesn’t seem out of line. The brass looks good and complete but will need some work. Looks like a decent older restoration.

  4. z1rider

    Hmm, a side valve Buick. If I didn’t already have too many cars I would be interested. Good luck to the seller and purchaser.

  5. z1rider

    Well, according to my google search, Buicks have always been “Valve In Head” but that is hard to make sense of from the pics of the engine, given the location of the spark plugs and the exposed valve springs. I would love to take that engine apart.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    The older I get the more I lean towards the Brass Era cars. This one is no exception. I wish I had the means to pick this one up. I could have a lot of fun with it.

  7. Jarod Rose

    It is too bad I have responsibilities to worry about. I would love to buy something like this and tour the country at an exceptionally slow pass.

  8. Joseph Sadowski

    I am In Love, Wis I knew this was coming up, I would have sold My 70 Chevell SS, to make room, I did not know any of these were Left, Son Of a B——h Now a Man could have a Lot of fun with this Machine, Imagine the heads that will turn in this Buggy, WOW!
    God Bless All and Drive Safe…..

  9. Gary

    Great little Buick, I wouldn’t mine having this as my personal Garage Ornament. Actually this should be in a museum, as I am betting there are not many left to see this complete and in this condition.
    Just an FYI, there is no contact phone number only an email and according to the map this car is NOT in Sacramento, it is shown as being a good 9+ hours south and east of San Diego, near El Cajon.

  10. aussi six

    Advertise in Australia, It would be gone in hours at that price!!

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