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Still On The Trailer: 1970 Chevelle SS 454


While this flipper unapologetically states that they didn’t take the car off the trailer for the pictures, the truth is they might actually have something here worth flipping. This 1970 Chevelle SS has a big block, automatic transmission and looks pretty decent, although the pictures are pretty poor. It’s located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is up for sale here on eBay, where it’s already met any reserve and spirited bidding is currently at $13,600.


The seller states they purchased the car from an estate sale, but share nothing else of its history apart from it being a solid southern car and being rust free. I wasn’t sure if it was black or dark green from the pictures, but it states black in the auction listing.


I think the clean styling in the front of these cars. I hope the “SS” part is is real and not a clone. The only thing we can tell from the partial VIN shared is that it did originally have a V8 engine. Perhaps a reader can identify more from the pictures?


Here’s the interior. Black vinyl. Honestly, this looks pretty bland to me; I’d rather see buckets. Personal preference only–I’m sure there are bench seat lovers out there, and that’s fine!


Here’s the V8, which the seller says is a 454. Can anyone tell us whether most of the car is original under the hood (I know the air cleaner isn’t). And how do you feel about a seller that has zero feedback, cash in person or wire transfer and money within three days?


  1. JW454

    A lot of these are cloned from standard Malibus so just be careful. The only thing I saw that causes concerns is that the door panels should have an “SS” emblem on them and this car doesn’t have them. Otherwise, the pictures are too poor to see much of anything else.

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  2. 68 custom

    The seller does not seem to have any previous sales, scam alert? and the pictures are lousy with very little info about the car.

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    • Dave

      No purchases either. Member since 2016? Account was created to sell this car. Either they decided to give eBay a try and see how much they can get, or they are keeping this transaction seperate from any other eBay account.

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      • Tom Member

        Gotta start sometime. just do your homework. I have been buying, restoring and selling cars for 32 years. I have never sold one on eBay or Craigslist. I would look the same way, so would you.

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  3. grant

    Obviously one needs to be cautious. The fact that he doesn’t have any prior sales doesn’t bother me, there always has to be a first of anything. Nor does the sellers desire for cash up front.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    Only a few small photos taken in blotchy sun/shade give you little detail about the car and can hide a lot that might be wrong. That and a first time Ebay seller who wants only cash or wired money tell me it would be best to see the car and the paperwork in person and then maybe go from there.

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  5. Chebby

    Front and rear bumpers look crooked, maybe just lousy pictures?

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  6. JW

    Not a Chevy guy but had a friend with a new 70 Chevelle SS 454 black with red stripes and that car was a terror on the streets, his had buckets and a 4 speed. I would say a personal inspection is warranted here before giving him the cash. It looks to be a pretty clean car for it’s age but crappy pictures can be deceiving.

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    • Loco Mikado

      Even good pictures staged right can be deceiving. This car looks like a buyer or his representative should look at it up close and personal before even thinking of buying.

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  7. piper62j

    As always, buyer beware.. Get the full v.i.n. and research it for validity. As mentioned above, there are many scammers out there willing to take your money. If you can get the full vin from the seller.. Go here: http://www.vinwiz.com/

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  8. G.P. Member

    I have never bought or sold one thing on ebay. I do not have an account on ebay, I don’t know if I want to be a first time car seller if I’ll be called a liar, scammer, crook, etc., etc. I admit, everybody needs to be very carful, but you have to start by selling one thing at a time. Then maybe you only have that one thing to sell to.

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  9. bluzemn1

    thanks G.P. now that is a great comment. how else would you start ?

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  10. JamestownMike

    Most 70 Chevelle SS’s are CLONES! The 1970 Chevelle VIN won’t confirm SS. However, the VIN will tell you if it was born with a V6 or V8 (ALL 70 SS’s came with V8’s). You’d need the factory build sheet AND confirm SS ONLY options very carefully to confirm. A 70 SS will have the F41 suspension pkg with boxed lower control arms and 12 bolt rear end. This looks like a factory A/C car with no A/C compressor or brackets. The black paint looks really recent and poorly done.Wonder what kind of bondo is lurking under that fresh black paint? Not sure why the seller double posted the car ($10,900 on one site, currently $13,600 on ebay)??

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    • Don

      no 1970 chevys came with a v6

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      • Rocco Member

        I’m sure he meant I-6. Duh.

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  11. Jim

    This is most likely a clone. A real 1970 SS cannot be verified without the build sheet and I wouldn’t get near this one with the odd demands of the seller. Many items do not appear SS on it as well. Beware.

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  12. Blindmarc

    Pull the backseat out and look for the build sheet.

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  13. GEORGE

    i’d be real careful with this one. it just screams ripoff! what with no paypal, and deposit via cash or wire transfer, maybe my cousin from south africa will help you get a loan,,,,

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  14. Ck

    I would really check this one out it doesn’t look like a well optioned car for an SS,not sayin that it isnt one just sayin if it is one its really a plane jane low buck column shift car.Not verry desirable to most people.This is the kind of car that you pay to much for put to much into it and if and when you try to sell it you won’t get your money back.

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  15. Pete

    I doubt this car is an original survivor. It is just to clean. Although the gaposis on the hood looks good. The front end is lined up correctly. Still though I agree with everyone else, I would want to lay eyes on it in person and go over it with a magnet to check for filler. My gut tells me this car was resprayed and the interior replaced as well as the engine rebuilt by the previous owner. A column shifter is not a bad thing if ya have a speed shift kit in it. That car could do 160MPH with a limited slip diff under it. Might still be a fun car.

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  16. 67coopers

    The funny thing about this is the “what if?”. A couple years ago I went to look at an Austin Mini. The seller thought it was a genuine Cooper S, but didn’t know for sure. The engine looked a little different than mine, the interior was a wreck and it had numerous aftermarket items. Based on what I saw it deemed it a fake. A friend was watching my posts of pictures and snuck in for the kill. Ends up it was a genuine S and the engine was a crate motor from a reputable builder. He got it for a steal while everyone complained about it.

    Don’t let real cars slip away with armchair critics at the helm.

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