Pristine 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo!

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This 1987 Porsche 930 benefits from a boat-load of recent maintenance to the tune of $10,000 in order to bring the car up to sale-ready standards. The 930 is the infamous “Widow Maker” of Porsche’s U.S. linup, a car with brutal acceleration and handling qualities that make these turbocharged beasts a handful even in capable hands. The listing also notes a few thousand dollars spent to detail the car, but that it shows the occasional sign of wear and tear in the interior. Mileage is listed at 64,350, and the seller notes that it was a fair weather-only car. Find it here on eBay with an asking price of $89,500 and the option to submit a best offer.

The Porsche was purchased new in New York and resided there until the mid-90s when it moved to Connecticut; it has remained there ever since. This is exactly the kind of vehicle you’d expect to see some Wall Street wolf driving through mid-town before moving out to the ‘burbs of Greenwich, Connecticut. The 930 sports the class whale-tail spoiler, which in this application, always looks good thanks to the generously flared hindquarters that came standard on the turbo models. The paint work looks quite clean, and the seller mentions how the $2,000 in recent detailing included an undercarriage cleaning with dry ice. I’ve never heard of dry ice being used for anything other than the opening ceremonies at a concert.

Despite the seller noting that the interior is just in “….nice shape,” I think it’s far better than that considering the 930 wears almost 70,000 miles. The biscuit seating surfaces and carpet all look quite fresh, and the same goes for the door panels. The extensive mechanical refreshing included some work in the cabin, with the seller noting that the totality of the work included “….mechanical, a/c system, ignition system, battery, and some weathered body seals including the sunroof felt.” The heat and air conditioning systems work great, and small repairs like replacing the sunroof felt are actually a pretty big deal in terms of attention to detail.

The dash shows no signs of cracking, and given that the interior colors still look quite fresh, it’s safe to say this 930 spent its life indoors when not in use. The only deviation from stock condition are the remnants of a period car phone install, with some holes in the side of the console from the original mount. The turbocharged powerplant is said to pull well and the seller notes the full assortment of manuals, books, and records – including the pricey 60,000 service receipts – will all come with the car. 930s have seemingly never lost their value, even if prices have held steady for the last few years. The next owner should certainly consider investing in some high-performance driving classes before getting too bold, however.

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  1. Tom c

    Awesome car , I knew a mechanic that bought one of these out of Florida, perfect body but a blown engine. He told me the pistons were 1200 appease , and that was 20 years ago. Love to have this car .

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    • moosie moosie

      garages/repair shops generally mark up parts prices, but $1200 bucks sounds pretty much a rip off to me considering today piston & ring sets can be bought for $610 bucks here.,1987,911,3.3l+h6+turbocharged,1262786,engine,piston+&+piston+ring+kit,14008,
      was Rockauto around 20 years ago ?

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      • Jay E.

        Rockauto, now there is a joke. Just a third party seller that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to return a part that is incorrectly listed or a fake. I will never fall for their gimmick again.

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    • Phil

      I’m building a 2.7l porsche motor, and it’s true that pistons are rediculously expensive. I bough a full set of pistons, cylindars, and rings for $6000 probably 5 years ago, and I felt like I got a good deal – even though 8 pistons for an American V-8 would be less than $1000 total.

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    • triumph1954

      Darn! Rich dudes and Trust fund set they manage to ruin everything. There ought to be a law against them. Oh, when will it end. Nice car and price seems fair.

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  2. Tom c

    Apiece not appease, damn spell check.

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  3. Stan Marks

    Surprised they didn’t have at least one shot, under the hood, just for sh_ts & giggles..

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  4. Stan Marks

    Kinda like someone else we all know, Ken.
    Not only in print. But high on top of skyscrapers, too.


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  5. Steve R

    That’s funny coming from someone who just said “at least they killed off a few rich dudes, that’s worth something.”

    So, tell me about why you constantly setting up accounts with new user names? His many is this, 8-10? What would you prefer being called, Billy007, GrandaLou, GeigerCounter, Susan Oliver or one of you others?

    Steve R

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  6. DSteele

    My uncle had one, same year, color it was exactly the same car. The thing was scary to drive, my god was it fast. That turbo kicked in, hold on it’s like being shot out of a gun.
    I loved every minute of it

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  7. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Not for novice drivers to use in a sporting situation. Significant Skill Required.

    Handling features: Trailing Throttle Oversteer. Power-Induced Oversteer. Speed (kinetic energy vs. available traction) Induced Oversteer.

    Have a plan of attack, feel the car under you, be quick to react, and don’t give up trying to regain control when the plan failed and you were too slow to respond…. (heh)

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  8. CR

    Mulholland dr. in a brand new one @ sunset. Amazing.

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  9. Ken Jennings

    Stan, couldn’t agree more. Steve?

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  10. Stan Marks

    Now you’re talkin’ about my old stomping grounds, CR. Driving up Laurel Cyn. from Fairfax Ave. in my ’65 GTO, to Mulholland Dr. & heading west to Benedict Cyn. Those were the days.

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  11. Stan Marks

    Hey Ken,
    My son, Gabe, has a good friend named Ken Jennings. You wouldn’t be the same Ken, would you??

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  12. Ken Jennings

    Stan, The answer is no, but I am not really sure as Steve R says I am all sorts of people. Holy multiple personalities Batman! I feel like Sybil.

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  13. Stan Marks

    When you think about it, why would anyone log in, here, with a bunch of aliases??? I mean, we don’t know each other, personally.

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  14. Ken Jennings

    Stan, that is what I am thinking too. I do say things online that I wouldn’t in person, so why would I hide behind other names? One name is enough. Some people have too much time on their hands to think up conspiracies. Besides, why is anyone so serious on here? Gosh, get a life man.

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  15. Ken Jennings

    Yeah, that man has been told “yes” so often, he has started to believe he is always right. Good thing for him that he was born into Daddy’s wallet, otherwise I don’t really think he could survive in society. Can you imagine him actually keeping a regular job? Of course, if he hadn’t had Big Daddys cash, he might have turned out differently. Most of us have had to fend for ourselves, and also to learn how to get along with other people, and compromise. None of which he is good at. The real question is how he fooled so many people, are so many of us really that gullible? I wish I could reeducate the public on common sense, untarnished by special interests. Unfortunately, the present alternatives are ALMOST as big of a disappointment, but I hope people realize that in the months to come, our survival truly comes down to picking the better of two poor choices. But, will we make it to the fall? You hang on there, in the Sunshine State, take care of yourself my friend.

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  16. Stan Marks

    BTW.. . I’m not from Fla. Try western Pa.

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