1979 Dodge Power Wagon With Only 10k Miles?!!

How often do we see a 4WD Dodge Power Wagon W-150 come up for sale with this kind of low mileage? Located in Chester, New York, this one owner 99% original truck is for sale here on eBay. With 24 bids, the price has reached $13,750 with four days remaining in the auction. The truck was optioned with the Adventurer and Prospector packages.

The truck is equipped with the Dodge 360 cubic inch V8 engine (5.9 liters) and automatic transmission. The 360 cubic inch V8 engine was rated at 180 horsepower from the factory. As you can see, the owner has added an aluminum intake and 4 barrel carburetor but otherwise, the trunk is bone stock. The original radio was replaced with a Realistic cassette player. The original parts that were taken off are included in the sale.

The interior of the truck looks brand new and several options were ordered including power steering, power brakes, tilt steering wheel, rear step bumper, and chrome wheel coverings. The truck is said to be rust free and has not been exposed to snow or salt. The wheels are still wrapped in the original all-season radial tires.

While the 1978 and 1978 Li’l Red Express gets all the attention, it is rare to final a 4WD Dodge truck in this pristine condition. The third generation of the Dodge truck ran from 1972 to 1980 and received very few changes over the production run. This one was driven less than 250 miles over its 41-year life!


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  1. Howard A Member

    Nah, 110,000 VERY careful miles. The underside pics kill their story everytime. Left side of brake pedal worn indicating a “left foot Louie”. Still a nice truck, but tis’ no 10K miles. $5 grand tops,,, well, 4×4, add another grand, but 5 figures is out of line. Just shows, hmm, a new truck for $50 grand, or a 40 year old for $15. I suppose put that way, it makes a shred of sense. Sure doesn’t say much for current trucks today. You’ll see, usually what goes around comes around, and these car makers may offer something like this again,,,when pigs fly. Still a great find.

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    • Michael Keil

      100 percent agree with you that the odometer rolled over at least once. A person can have a very nice looking vehicle despite it’s age by simply taking care of it. My 1993 Ranger has original paint which is fading fast but the fact that I wax it a lot I get compliments on its appearance. Same could go true for this pickup. And wasn’t the Power Wagon a more macho of a pickup even then? I suspect somebody has been playing with the naming emblems. I can’t imagine a PW with full steel hub caps lol. That being said it is worth between 5-10 grand. And it could be a good buy considering the price of a new pickup today.

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    • John Q Public

      No, seems awful clean for 110K. Also, this car went to a dealer in Kenosha, WI. Hardly seems like a place that where a truck could go that many miles and still look this good. If 110K, it would almost have to been driven in some rain and snow there. To me, this shows someones weekend truck. I say only 10K on her. My, Kenosha in 1979, such a different place then today. 41 years ago AMC gave many a solid happy middle class life. many people thrived in that town. Now, we have a much different scenario. Enough said.

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    • Dave

      I respectfully disagree. This truck is in the Rust Belt and most of these in western Pennsylvania didn’t see five years let alone 100000 miles before rust rendered them undrivable. Beds fell off, cab floors rusted through, brake and fuel lines corroded and failed without warning. My mother drove with both feet and it was common for people of their generation.

      You would need to spend North of $30,000 to restore a rust bucket to what we see here. Consequently, if you drive it in the winter months you’ll be lucky to get five years out of it.

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  2. karl

    I had a 78 Adventurer Prospector with 120k on it 25 years ago. It looked a lot worse than this – except for the grille , mine had round headlights ; I never liked the stacked square lights !

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      I’m with you karl on my hatred of the stacked squares. Go round or not at all.

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  3. David Ulrey

    I’ve had 2 of these types. One was a 73 Power Wagon. Absolutely, positively an excellent truck but I sold it a few months after I moved to a city. Just didn’t need it there. When I moved back to my home town a few years later I wanted another one. Found a 1980 (very, very similar truck) 1 owner, sounded good, looked fairly decent overall. Parted with 3 grand for it. Within a month previously ‘repaired’ wiring problems resurfaced. After that it blew a head gasket, a very uncommon problem on a 318. Both the wiring issues and the head gasket problem where fixable but we just had a baby and money was tight but the kicker was that I was so disgusted after spending the money to buy it and then have those problems pop up so soon. My first Power Wagon, the 73 gave me almost zero problems the whole time I owned it despite having a lit more miles. I bet I didn’t spend 400 in repairs the whole time I owned it. I just happened to inadvertently screw myself over on the newer one. I was further disgusted by the fact that I finally ended up selling the newer one for 800 because I was honest about its problems. I took a 2200 dollars hit in 2 months. I know that it was an exception though. It just so happened to be a late in life lemon. Now to comment on this truck listed. I’m betting it’s a pretty decent truck. Unfortunately too decent for what I’d want it for. :(

  4. Tim

    For giggles I googled 1979 Dodge Power Wagon images to see what the name plate should look like. I found this exact truck’s image from a for sale posting on a site called small classics. That description had the truck being sold by the original owners nephew in Soldiers Grove, WI stating that the truck was 38 years old. Having 10,213 miles on it. I could not find a price though. So Chester, New York would be at least the trucks third stop.

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      I just googled the VIN & got a ton of hits of the nephew selling it. One of the sites listed a price of $22K.

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  5. K. R. V. Member

    I’ve never seen a Power Wagon with white wall tires! Supposed to be original! I’d bet it moves along fairly well with the 360/4 brl as is. Like still today the interior is one of the nicest in its day. Also from the days of a half ton PW!

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  6. Twinstick

    And a factory tach to boot. Very rare indeed.

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  7. K. R. V. Member

    I also remember back at the time being in the market, looking to trade my 73 Scout II,4×4, Straight 6,258, auto with one speed transfer. That was fun to drive, but slow an gutless. So I went looking at a few dealers to test drive and special order. I went to a Dodge dealer owned by a friend of mine Dad. A Chevy dealer that a cousin had been doing business with, the International Dealer in the area that sold Scout II. I remember test driving a 250 PW, that came with a 360, but that was too much truck! Same with the K20 I tested. So half ton it was, then I tested a K10 and W 150, both 4×4, with V8’s. I spect out a new 78 a Chevy K10 short bed, with just what I wanted for a total of just under $9,000!, the Dodge W 150, as I wanted for also just under $9,000! Both automatic and biggest V8, a 350 and 360, that both ran great. But then I discovered at the International dealer something I had never seen before and I liked to be different. That was a 77 left over Scout II TERRA Truck! A half ton truck with a 6.5’ bed Reg cab with removable roof! Plus the roomiest Reg cab on the market, not the widest, but definitely the most leg room. The one I test drove was a 304 V8, 4 sped stick! So the sales manager and I spect out a nice 78 Select Edition 4×4, that was a special edition in black body, white roof, 31” GoodYear Tracker WOL tires on gold rock crawler style wheels and gold stripes down the sides from side marker to side marker. I added two Scout II Roll bars, on in the cab, the other right behind it, with a white fiberglass cap, that sealed to the roof, good enough to keep wetness out, with slide opening side windows with screens, plus tinted windows and hatch. Coming from a gutless wonder I wanted something more! So I ordered a 345/4 brl V8, dual exhaust HD 727 Tq Flite trans, HD 2 speed transfer case with 3:51 Detroit Locker in and Dana 60 rear axle, plus the same Dana 60 in front with limited slip! There was NO shortage of power! The load capacity of a TERRA was 2,000 lbs! But I only owned it for a year, putting 32,000 miles on it! That I paid $9,890! Because I was forced to sell it as the economy turned worst in 79/80, plus the teamsters put my families trucking company out of business! But for one year I was able to take advantage of gas at $.75/gal. That was actually more expensive than comparable to today’s prices, to income ratio.

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