Power Wagon

WWII Veteran: 1941 Dodge WC12

With the war clouds of World War II forming, the United States quietly began building up our military for combat.  A big part of that was trucks.  The ability to move men and materiel from the factories to the… more»

How To Write an Ad: 1967 Dodge Power Wagon

While I enjoy writing for Barn Finds, I think I speak for all of the writers here when I tell you some ads make the job difficult.  You have to type a lot to hit the word limits in… more»

Original 360: 1973 Dodge Power Wagon W200 4×4 Pickup

It may not be 100% original, but this 1973 Dodge W200 4×4 Pickup is a tidy vehicle that would make an ideal tow candidate or the weapon of choice for off-road adventures. It isn’t perfect, but it has no… more»

Powerful Popular: 1959 Dodge Power Wagon 4×4

It’s astonishing how long some truck models were produced: the most popular models went on for decades. Many of these makes sprang from wartime designs. Dodge introduced its medium-duty Power Wagon in 1945, as a civilian version of its… more»

Resto-Mod Ex-Military 1941 Dodge WC-26 Carry All!

When it comes to wartime military vehicles, the Jeep is probably the first to come to mind, but Dodge was also a fairly large provider of utility trucks for our armed forces.  Dodge contributed over 337,000 4X4 units to… more»

Vintage Earthroamer! 1969 Dodge Power Wagon Camper

When I first saw this awesome 1969 Dodge camper I immediately thought “Vintage Earthroamer!” If you aren’t familiar with the Earthroamer brand, the Colorado-based company is a leader in the Overlanding community. They build awesome 4×4 campers based largely… more»

Field Find: 1957 Dodge Power Wagon W-100

The Power Wagon was Dodge’s range of four-wheel-drive pickup trucks that were built from 1945 to 1980. Beginning in 1957, the designations W-100, W-200, etc. were created to differentiate ½ versus ¾ ton and so forth (D was used… more»

Same Farm 44 Years: 1978 Dodge Power Wagon

The Power Wagon was the name used on Dodge’s four-wheel-drive, light, and medium-duty trucks that were produced for more than 35 years (1945-80). It was revived in 2005 and is part of the Ram 2500 models today. This edition,… more»

Extreme Duty! 1964 Dodge Power Wagon

The first thing I thought of when I saw this truck is the popular TV show Welder-up. The Las Vegas-based car builders create extraordinary “rusty” vehicles that look very similar to this truck. However, this 1964 Dodge Power Wagon… more»

Still Going Strong: 1947 Dodge Power Wagon

UPDATE – This Power Wagon went off our radar back in 2019, but it’s recently resurfaced. Given the unique patina, we are highly confident that this is the same truck, but it made the journey from Colorado to Exeter,… more»

Former Forest Truck: 1955 Dodge Power Wagon

The original Dodge Power Wagons were much more utilitarian than the current offerings from Ram. This particular one is a Civilian model that was used as a forest-fire unit at one time, but it’s now available for sale here… more»

1 of 820: 1966 Dodge Power Wagon

The Dodge Power Wagon was a 4WD medium-duty truck produced in a variety of models from 1945-68. It was largely based on the company’s ¾ ton World War II military trucks and continued with few changes over time. The… more»

Runs and Drives: 1953 Dodge Power Wagon

Classic projects come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as tiny as a Messerschmitt or as big as this 1953 Dodge Power Wagon. This gentle giant runs and drives and has all the makings of a rewarding… more»

4×4 Crew Cab: 1969 Dodge Power Wagon

There cannot be too many of these Dodge Power Wagons left. This is a 1969 Dodge W200 Power Wagon with Crew Cab and a short wheel base stepside bed. The truck is located in Eureka, Montana. It is listed… more»

6×6 Project: 1944 Dodge Power Wagon WC-63

If a 4×4 can get you into some wild and inhospitable locations, you can only begin to imagine how the scope increases when you add a third set of driving wheels. That is what is on offer with this… more»

1962 Dodge Power Wagon With 9,481 Genuine Miles!

It isn’t unusual to see a classic car from the early 1960s that is a clean and tidy original survivor. Finding a classic truck in that state is a far rarer treat, but that’s what this 1962 Dodge Power… more»