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1+1 Owner(s): 1967 Ford Mustang


Resplendent in metallic green with a black vinyl top, this 1967 Mustang is said to have only 40,302 miles. It’s currently in the possession of the kinda second owner. They haven’t transferred the title into their name, so in their eyes you can still be the “second” owner. The Mustang is currently located in Traverse City, Michigan and is being sold here on eBay where a buy-it-now is set at $16,000 but other offers are being considered.


I’m a fan of 1967 Mustangs, having grown up with two of them in the family. I’m surprised to see the vinyl top and original paint as nice as they are, and the seller has included closeups of the potential trouble spots of the top and there’s no rust that I can see at all. The paint has been touched up in spots and it looks like the passenger side trim rings and wheels need a little help. However, it’s apparent that the car’s 30+ years of storage haven’t done a lot of harm.


While this isn’t a Shelby or other rare Mustang variant, there can’t be many left with this low original mileage. I’m guessing the car wasn’t used during the road salting months as my mom’s 1967 was starting to rust in the rocker panels after only two Ohio winters.


The ad states that the headliner has a few small holes and a little fading in the carpet. It sure looks nice to me, though.


Under the hood, we find a small block Ford V8, in this case the 289 version. The seller did some fuel system cleaning and I’m betting that nice distributor cap and wires are new as well. They have driven it around the neighborhood and the car has brakes, but they could be better. While this may seem like a lot to pay for a 1967 Mustang, tell me the last time you’ve found a nice original one like this! On the other hand, would you consider yourself the second or third owner?


  1. wagon master

    The words Michigan, mustang and no rust in the same sentence sounds like an oxymoron.

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  2. flmikey

    …I wonder if the Michigan Tax Collectors office monitors Ebay for flippers that skirt sales tax laws……just sayin’…..

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  3. Bingo

    If I was the “true” original owner I’d be upset right now. Transfer the title!!!

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  4. jim s

    this is a private seller, not a dealer, selling a car on an open title. that is called ” curb stoning “. if you buy from a curb stoner and have a issue you have little or no recourse. you also run the risk of the real owner, who’s name is on the title, and whom you never dealt with, reclaiming the vehicles. as to the car itself, great find.

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    • Roselandpete

      But wouldn’t the original owner have signed over the title? I heard the definition of curb stoning as also being when even dealers leave cars on corners to give the impression of being private party sellers.

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      • Clint

        In Virginia, selling a car with an “open” title is a class E felony…this according to the salvage yard that I just crushed out a 76 Mercury. I had to go back to the owner listed on the title and have him fill out paperwork to finish the transaction.

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      • jim s

        yes i thing curb stoning applies to both dealers and private sellers. as to titles, each state has their own laws plus whenever federal law applies.

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  5. Kevin

    My grandparents have an identical example in their garage currently. 1967 model, same green paint/black vinyl, 289/auto combination and also has around 45,000 original miles. My grandfather got it as part of a trade for another deal. Bought it from the original owner, garaged its entire life, truly a stunning original car in near-new original condition. I’ve never been a big Mustang guy, but even I can appreciate one like that.

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    • Joe Nose

      Maybe you better suggest to Grandpa that he go look out in the barn and make sure the horse ain’t bolted out of the corral…just sayin’.

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  6. sunbeamdon

    Nothing is quite as it seems (seams???)!

    I just started the resto on a ’65 Tiger bot without a PPI – seller did not disclose car was from Michigan – pictures disclosed rust, but not its full extent. Little things like the Panhard Rod was rusted off and in the trunk; the inside bottom edge of the trunk was virtually non-existent; the front fenders had already been poorly replaced; trunk pan perforated rust. etc; right front fender was 1/2″ shorter than stock (headlight bucket was hammered into place and held in with sheet metal screws).

    I shoulda’ known better – CAVEAT EMPTOR! Wife said not to buy car, I’ll be lucky to keep my marriage!

    Long rant – look at the deterioration at the Mustangs’ door openings – not normal!

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  7. BillB

    It’s got rustproofing plugs in the door jams, which has saved some critical areas,but not the rockers. There also is some suspicious activity near the shock towers in the under hood photo.

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    • Rocco

      Not just in front of the shock towers. Look in the same area right behind the towers. It looks like Jed Clampet (bubbling crud). I live up north growing up and driving, love Mustangs, seen a lot of them. I can say get a personal inspection. The top and paint have been redone in the last very few years. Look where the paint line is on the inner fender under the hood. That is not factory.

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      • Gary

        Good point about the fenders, but that rust is typical in that area of the shock towers. Even with the paint job, there doesn’t seem to be any waves that would indicate a lot of bondo.

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  8. Michael V.

    My brother had one that looked just like this in 1976, for about an hour. He hit a dumpster in an alley when he took his friends for a drive in it. All I remember is coming home and my dad angrily pulling weeds in the yard and occasionally looking at the car. I think his next car was a gigantic blued two door galaxie 500, what a comedown

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  9. Len

    Those wheels appear to be off a 68.

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  10. Charles

    Kind of steep price, $16k for a 1967 Coupe without many options and may be in need of some rust repair. $10k top dollar…..

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  11. Rocco

    Come on people, IT’S ALMOST 50 YEARS OLD! Plus they look a lot better than the stock ’67 hubcaps we saw with the last ’67. I’d put those on any Ford performance car of that era. Another ’67 had ’65 Mustang Spinners and several onlookers picked it apart. Let’s all quit nit pickin’. Talk about the rust, the body damage, the blown up or swapped eng. The hubcaps or wheels can be replaced fairly easy on most cars, especially Mustangs. It’s an upgrade. Like a Hurst Shifter replacing a stock one.

    O.K. I’m off my ranting podium. Sorry.

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    • richard

      hmmm….correct me if I am wrong but that hood belongs on a 68…..not original. …parts changed…new paint….can’t see that much for it

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Richard, I know both of my family’s Mustangs had that hood and they were both 1967’s.

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      • Rocco


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      • Len

        That is the deluxe hood, telltale signal lights in the vents…….had the same one on my 67…………need one for my GTFB in the garage

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  12. Mopar madness

    Michigan mustangs rust repair oh my. We re so spoiled here out west even half that price I would never. Good luck with the salty sale.

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  13. Mark

    Beautiful.car never mind the negative Nancy’s

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