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11,840 Mile Garage Find! 1964 Ford Galaxie 500


This amazing car is a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 and it’s located in Portland, Oregon. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of $6,100 and there are a little over two days left on the auction.


What an amazing car! This Galaxie 500 was bought new in Redding, California and it spend its first 50 years there with the original owner in a heated garage swaddled in car covers. Obviously he didn’t drive it too often since it only has 11,840 miles on it, unfortunately, or fortunately for the next owner. It was then handed down to his daughter in the estate sale and it sat in her garage for two years. Next up: your garage!


This paint on this rust-free car is the same Wimbledon White that it left the factory with 52 years ago. This updated second-generation Galaxie has probably my favorite Ford rear view and tail lights of any Ford. Why can’t car companies decide on where to put the gas filler door on new cars? It’s on one side or the other and if a person has more than one vehicle they’re always driving on the wrong side of the pump. It’s right in the middle of the rear on this car; perfect. 1964 was the last year for this rounded body style.


I could live in this interior, it’s gorgeous and in almost perfect condition! Well, other than the aftermarket stereo, that would be the first thing to go and maybe the only change that I would make with this car. Well, possibly the fan on the rear deck would go away, too. I’m not sure why that would be in the rear window of a car that doesn’t appear to have ever been driven in the winter? I guess winter doesn’t have to mean snow, it could mean rain, and a foggy rear window is never fun.


This is Ford’s 390 V8 and, yes, it will do a burnout in front of Jay Leno’s garage if need be. I’m guessing that this is the “base” 390, if there is such a thing, but there were two offered and one had 300 hp with the other having 330 hp. There’s no word on which one this is, but one of you will probably know which one is more likely to be here. It looks like it has more than 11,840 miles on it to me, but maybe that’s just from storage wear and tear or something. This looks like a great car, it’s already priced at about twice what it cost new, what do you think it’ll sell for?


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Great looking ride! Check out the truck they have for sale also. Unbelievable.

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  2. al8apex

    waiting for the habitual “too many doors” commenters … give it a rest, either enjoy it or keep quiet …

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  3. Ralph Terhune

    I’ll take it. I have several “more doors” and I enjoy every one. Can you say “sleeper”?

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  4. Mike

    I like this more-door car! Are the cloth seat inserts stock? Didn’t know they were offered.

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    • Bill

      Yes, those are stock. You can clearly see how much wear is on the driver seat compared with the others.. clearly not 11k mile car.

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  5. dirtyharry

    I don’t buy it. I see a new paint job and some overspray here and there. The paint is new enough to see orange peel, it likely wouldn’t have any peel, if it had been polished all those years. The front seat, carpet and engine compartment look more like 100k miles.

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  6. mark

    The 390 is the “Thunderbird 390”. I had a 63 T-Bird with the “Thunderbird 390” The standard one was the 300 HP version. The High Performance version of it came with the 3X2 carb option and it made 340 HP.

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    • M B

      The 340 horse motor was a T-bird only option. The 330 horsepower 390 was the Police Interceptor 390 with a solid lifter cam, rather than the normal hydraulic. A different breed of bird from the 300 horsepower or 340 horsepower motors.

      Unlike modern robotic paint shops at the assembly plants, they were all hand-sprayed back then. Runs DID happen, usually not on the exterior surfaces, though.

      The car is outstanding. Needs a/c, though, for “top dollar”.

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  7. Glen

    “No typo or misprint”. That’s funny, every other word is spelled wrong! He should have included; and no proof-reading. As for the car, I like it.

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  8. Bill

    Agree 100% with dirtyharry. It’s clearly 111k miles.. no reason a seat would wear that after only 11k. And yes, a new recent paint job with peel, and overspray all over the rear window rubber, and you can clearly see the paint doesnt’ match in the door frames, with obvious overspray in the front cowl between the front doors. Click on the pics, and it will open in a pic viewer, and you can blow them up full frame and see the detail.

    Another true sign of a sketchy sales guy, is lubing up the tires to look wet..dead giveaway.

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  9. DanaPointJohn

    We had a 1964 brand new Galaxie 500 right off the showroom floor, but it was in yellow and a station wagon. Really enjoyed driving this car when I got my license, especially since my dad ordered it with the big engine, radiator (we towed a boat and/or trailer) and suspension package. Not sure what condition ours would be in these days, because as a family of five with two teenage drivers and miles and miles of family trips through-out the West, it might be crushed by now. Beautiful car as a sedan and I hope someone takes real good care of it!

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  10. Bill

    Look at this for a mismatch!

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    • Bill

      File wouldn’t upload.. but you’ll see it under the engine compartment shots!

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  11. Joe

    Yes, Bill beat me to the comment he is correct –overspray of paint on various trim edges and rear window rubber, front left hood spring, edge of pass side leaf spring etc tells me most of car has been repainted. Looks like it has gone more than 11K miles.

    Joe Cat

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  12. rmward194 Member

    Not original. Just look at the runs in the paint.

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  13. Derek F

    This looks to be a decent car in it’s own right, but it totally bugs me when someone intentionally misrepresents what they are selling. I know it happens all the time, and perhaps he’s such an idiot to actually believe the car has original paint, but I doubt it. A lot.

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  14. 70kingswood

    As A teen I worked a golf course, one of the regulars would pull in with his ratty 63 XL-4 door. One day I took a closer look at it and noticed it was equipped with the 390, 4-speed plus buckets seats, had to be pretty rare in a 4-door. this one looks like an OK car that has been repainted.

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    • juan

      I had a 64 500 XL 390 4 Speed, buckets and A/C! (numbers matching of course, chequed for the Glaxie Club of America); blue on blue; I remember the sticker on the back glass “school of mines Colorado” but its speddometer was in Km/H not miles (i´m from Argentina) I coudn´t register it so I sold to the sons of the first owner, they restore it (they have one of the biggest body and paint shops in Buenos Aires).

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  15. Dave

    Well represented with pictures, misrepresented in description

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  16. Phil

    How many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? How many miles to wear the paint off the steering wheel? More than 11,000, I’m sure.

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    • Phil

      Notice also that the clock bezel is upside down?

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  17. Dennis M

    That 390 is one tough engine though. A fellow auto tech student in college had one still under warranty that was an oil burner – rings never seated properly. Dealer would not touch it unless it actually failed. Parked it outside the auto shop, put a brick on the gas pedal and let it run flat out. Finally ran out of gas and ran just like it did before!

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  18. stillrunners

    With Bill and Harry……little resto going on this one here and there……nice car though.

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  19. stillrunners

    And with low miles on the car….and with the 390…..shouldn’t you see those big jugs of mufflers hanging just below that quarter panel at the rear end picture – those came with a big block…..

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  20. Bruce Larson

    OK, I have to chime in here. My dad was going to purchase a new Ford in 1964 and I was 19 years old. I said, Dad, let me help you pick out a great car. We sat down and looked at all the options. I said the XL has bucket seats that are very
    comfortable for long drives, he said OK. He had always owned 4 doors, but I said, the 2 door hardtop is so cool looking, he said OK. I said black with a black interior
    would be awesome, he said OK. I said a 4 speed would be the way to go, he said,
    Mom doesn’t know how to shift, I said OK. I said, anything but the 390 would make this car underpowered, he said OK!!! Three years later he bought a ’67 similarly equipped and the 64 was MINE. Yeah!

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  21. Rolf Poncho

    Love to have that car pity its a four door

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  22. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    This is a very nice 52 year old car. I agree with the above comments about repaint, it was obviously a chrome off re spray, and possibly with front clip removed ( no paint on fender bolts, that’s no problem if underlying body is good. There is enough wear to the interior and engine bay to indicate it is a 111k car.Why can’t sellers just be honest, and if not sure, just say so. Let the buyer decide!

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  23. Alan (Michigan )

    Interesting bidding. 100 raises of the paddles, averaging $100 each. That was as I looked at the eBay listing, coincidentally with 1:10 remaining!

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  24. Bob C.

    The old green dot transmission. A lot of people didn’t understand how to work them early on.

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