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1,202 Original Miles: 1985 Chevy Cavalier Wagon


I thought we may have already witnessed the lowest-mileage Chevy Cavalier wagon in existence right here on this very website a few months ago, but apparently an even lower mileage example is on the market in North Carolina. Featured here on Raleigh Classic’s website with only 1,202 miles from new and a preliminary auction estimate of $13,000 to $17,000(!), this unusual first-generation Cavalier find from Barn Finds reader M Power could set the standard in survivor-grade econobox wagons. 


Of course, I’m not sure how many people are anxiously awaiting the benchmark to be set in this category of vehicles. The seller only provides one photo in the ad (I had to hunt this one down from a previous listing where it sold for $7,000), so it’s impossible to verify the interior condition. It does sound like it was loaded up from the factory, with a center console, A/C, all power options and the unique two-tone paint job. The rally wheels on white-letter tires also set this Cavalier off from more plain-jane varieties, but I’m not sure that’s enough reason to bid this one up to the seller’s pre-sale estimate.


Of course, if this vintage Cavalier wagon advertisement here on eBay is any indication, the final sale price will include bragging rights. Perhaps that’s why the price is so high, given the wagon variant of Chevy’s popular small car packs both style and versatility into one convenient package! No matter what you think of vehicles like this, the mileage claim is impressive given how many of these economy cars were unceremoniously driven into the ground when new. I personally think this survivor has a better chance of ending up in a museum than someone’s collection, but you never know.


  1. Craig

    Someone is VERY optimistic with their pricing. It’s very nice but not THAT nice. Good luck at hitting anything close to the low number.

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  2. JW454

    I’d have a hard time with anything above 4~5 thousand. Of course it’s in good condition with such low miles but the low miles is it’s only value. If you buy it and add miles it’s value drops and why would you buy it and just park it in a barn? Makes no sense to me.

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  3. tirefriar

    A turd then and a turd now. My mom drove a 2 door Cavalier blue on blue. It was so cruedly put together, rattling from almost every crevice. The seats turned to crap and the car had less than 70k miles when she sold it! I do have to give it credit for running and having a good a/c. As far as anything else it was junk. As for my mom’s next car she took my advice and bought an E36 4 door. After the Cavalier, the sedate (by my standards) Beemer seemed to her like a rocketship with a lap of luxury…

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    • Joe Nose

      Even the value of aged cowchips has gone up over the years. Check out coprolites, proving that even doo can turn to dough…

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  4. Collector mikey

    That’s hilarious, I would need serious documentation to even believe the mileage claim. Then you still have an unreliable and undesirable piece of poopski. Best barm find ever can’t stop laughing!

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  6. MH

    Of I was a rich man I would gladly pay 15K for it. Where else are you going to find one.

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  7. boxdin

    Good looking little wagons but just junk underneath.

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  8. angliagt

    One of these in White is the perfect bank robbery car –
    nobody could give a good description of it.

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  9. Pookie Jamie P

    I’d buy it for$500.. Cash today….

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  10. Vegas Vic

    What’s next? A low mileage mint condition T1000? A mint Mercury Lynx?

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    • Andrew

      A lynx or exp would be an awesome find

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  11. Waldon Herdman

    $1300.00 to $1700.00 Maybe…..

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  12. PaulG

    Rules: No profanity, political rants, or personal attacks.
    Well, that leaves me out…

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  13. grant

    I’m going to confess a soft spot for Cavaliers. I took my driver’s test in my mom’s 2 door 1987 RS. Same wheels as this one, Candy Rosewood Metallic, 4 cylinder 5 speed. It had a sunroof that I customized with a media blaster in shop class with the heartbeat slogan and the Chevy bowtie it looked pretty cool to a 17 year old. However I just don’t see this kind off money for any Cavalier regardless of mileage. It’s a Cavalier and a carbureted one at that. But at least it’s not a Chevette I guess.

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  14. Dave Hollen

    My in-laws bought one of these new. When they got it the steering wheel had been installed upside down – guess the dealer really did some great prep eh ??? At about 15,000 miles the dash caught fire and it burned to a crisp. Luckily it was sitting by itself when it self destructed. Hands down – a piece of crap from the day they picked it up.

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  15. Datsuntech

    My wife drove a 1986 Cavalier type 10 till 5 years ago when one of the shifter cables finally snapped and I couldn’t find any in Canada. I just couldn’t justify $130/ cable plus shipping. Off to the crusher it went and I walked away $235 richer. She had owned it since high school. Lots of memories in that car, but also lots of rust.

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  16. GaryI

    I can’t see anyone paying near the asking price, shocked really. I think 5 to 7 would be crazy, but 13,000 plus, I don’t see it. Decent looking Cavalier wagon though.

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  17. grenade

    Hahahahaha, So many of you expressed it perfectly. This is total garbage, go back up and read the other responses to see why.

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  18. Howard A Member

    I agree with most others. It’s a shame what had happened to the American car in the mid-80’s, and this car has all the boxes checked as to why. Still, I’d love to know the story on this. I’d think there would be some issues with a 30 year old car that wasn’t used, but a pretty incredible find. Most, if not all of these were thrown away. I can’t imagine there are many of these left, much less like this. Pretty dark times for cars.

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  19. Chebby

    Those pentagram wheels channel Satan himself. That’s why it’s in such apparently good shape.

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  20. Charles H.

    Yeah, if you added many miles at all to this thing, the value would drop faster than the speed of sound!…..and like some of the other readers said, what would be the point in putting it back in storage, I just don’t think I’d be interested, even at a much more reasonable price……just never had any desire to own a Cavalier.

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  21. Bud N

    My only question is this: Why?

    Let me ask it a different way: Why even put this on the site?

    I guess everyone needs a chuckle from time to time………

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  22. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Someone from the auction house just let us know that this wagon sold for $12,000 plus 8% buyers premium. Whoa!

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  23. bluebutterfly50

    I just have to comment on this Cavalier article, as I ran across it today while looking for some Chevy Cavalier parts. To the many commenters who posted here about why anyone would want a Cavalier, well, I own a 1985 Cavalier identical to this one (mine is white) that I absolutely LOVE. I inherited it from my dad, who kept it in very good shape. I only drive it around town to do errands, but he drove it non-stop as an outside salesman in CA. Currently, it only has 80K miles on it. The a/c no longer works and I’ve been told it will be approximately $1500 to fix. But I am tempted to do so. Why? I hate the new cars. I hate the power doors, power locks, power this, power that, and I hate the lack of cargo space in many of the so-called cross-over SUV’s or wagon style vehicles I’ve looked at.

    Therefore, I am holding on to my 1985 Cavalier wagon. And guess what? I’ve had several people approach me in the street asking to buy it. They want to restore it. So, I definitely am NOT surprised with the results of this auction. A lot of people don’t realize that this style of wagon is VERY hard to find. I wish every day the car companies would stop with the horrible designs of current wagons – the awful crap with windows that limit visibility just for “sleek styling” purposes. I’m not parting with Cavalier any time soon, and if I’d known about this auction, I might have been one of the bidders!!!!

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