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13K Original Miles: 2009 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG SUV is a vehicle that I’ve been enamored by for many years. I had the chance to drive one that a friend had on a loan from a dealer that had a black G55 under consignment; at the time, it belonged to a member of the Boston Red Sox. I remember how ridiculous it was that a vehicle shaped like a brick could move out with such authority, and that short test drive left a lasting impression. This G55 listed here on eBay is of the same vintage as the one I drove, except this one has just 13,700 miles, putting it about as close to new as you can get.

There are a few things Mercedes does well, and one of them is building silky-smooth factory hot rods. For the last year, I’ve head the pleasure of driving a 2002 E55 AMG sedan and I remain consistently impressed with how competent this brute of a sedan is at blending rocket-sled performance with straight-laced driving dynamic. And with 120,000 miles on the clock, the chassis remains incredibly buttoned up. The build quality is similar to that of the early 90s W124 cars, which isn’t a bad thing. The G55 hails from the same era of overbuilt qualities, going back even further into Mercedes’ history as a predominant military vehicle re-imagined for civilian use.

The shame of the G-Class is that it’s become so accustomed to being seen in suburbia that some of its uniqueness has been lost. When you start seeing G55s in the local shopping market parking lot, you start to wonder just how many suburban housewives need a vehicle more commonly seen overseas as a combat rig. Of course, that hasn’t happened in recent years as the need for a utilitarian off-roaders has diminished, and the G series is almost exclusively used as a high-end SUV built for the consumer market. But if you look back to the 1970s and 1980s. the G-Class was a much different breed of 4×4, with no luxury features and slow but durable diesel engines.

The real attraction here beyond the stump-pulling V8 powerplant is the new-in-the-wrapper condition. The G55 was always built in somewhat limited quantities, and in perhaps a testament to its overbuilt construction, many of the ones coming up for sale that are ten years old or more have racked up 120,000-150,000 miles on the clock, and are certainly entering that needy stage of Mercedes ownership. With its near-perfect interior and damage-free exterior, it’s no surprise to see strong bidding on this truck, and I’m sure it will clear $60,000 without too much effort.


  1. Howie

    This looks great!! Sellers feedback (0).

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  2. Dan

    A tad overrated as far as SUVs go but it’s still capable and I’d rather have one of these over a Range Rover. If the seller is willing to go below $40k (because of the age) I might bite.

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  3. Matt in Flint

    G-wagon, G-wagon all the housewives pullin’ up. -lyrics by Post Malone
    It has indeed become a suburban status symbol

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  4. Troy

    Its all about priorities I guess there is a guy who lives in a trailer park on the Washington Idaho border who drives one of these, cracks me up because this thing is worth more than the mobile home he lives in. This is a nice one but I’m not in a position to drop that kind of coin on A used SUV pavement princess.

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  5. Frank Barrett Member

    Glad you like the E55 AMG. Mine is an ’06 wagon, supercharged, 500 hp, 130,000 miles. The old G-wagens were great: rugged, simple, unflashy. But these new ones are primarily a marketing trick to sell more expensive vehicles to wealthy athletes. Very uncomfortable on anything but dead-smooth roads. Fuel consumption is crazy (aerodynamic disaster). And they depreciate quickly. Unless you are doing serious off-roading (don’t bend those $$$ alloy wheels) a 4Matic wagon is a much better car.

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  6. Frog Man

    I had the opportunity to run a Gwagon in Afghanistan it wasn’t one of these, It was the 5 cylinder turbo diesel but I loved it! Thing finally took an IED hit it couldn’t recover from, with only minor injuries to the 3 of us in it. I didn’t realize that these are “suburban housewife status symbols” probably cuz I live in a town of 451 people in the Ozarks.

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  7. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Completely removed from EBay.
    Was it a scam?

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  8. Aussie Dave Aussie Dave Member

    I love the G wagon, drove them for work, the replaced LL 110’s (I’m ex military)
    Personally I’d have the G65 (V12) mmmmm

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