14,960 Miles! 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille


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Many times I’m skeptical of low mileage claims in the cars we feature, and oftentimes sharp eyed readers can find good reasons to doubt those claims in the pictures we show. This time either I’m totally fooled or this really is a great low-mileage find! It’s found in Enfield, Connecticut and is up for sale here on eBay, where a buy it now price has been established at $15,000, but bidding begins at $12,500.


By 1977, Cadillac found itself in a position where its cars were considered too large for the times, despite the fact that they had started to get smaller. This was the first year of the “downsized” Coupe DeVille, but mind you, even losing over 500 pounds it was still weighed more than two tons! Road hugging weight was alive and well, thank you!


What an imposing front end! With the then avant garde rectangular headlamps and chiseled styling, it’s apparent Cadillac wasn’t quite ready to give up on its traditional features. And the shine on this car is obvious! We don’t know if this is original paint or not (I’m hoping yes!) but it’s obvious the car has been extremely well taken care of.


Just look at this plush interior! I can’t believe this car has ever spent a lot of time in the sun, that’s for sure. Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up calling cars like this “mushmobiles” and viewed them with great disdain. Now that I’m older and have driven some extremely long distances, I have a lot more appreciation for rolling living rooms like this. It’s a uniquely American way to travel that everyone should experience sometime! This would be a great car to do it in, too.


And here’s the burbling power plant that makes it all possible. Can any of you tell whether or not this is the optional fuel injected model or not? The 425 cubic inch V8 offered (and still does) effortless travel, as long as you don’t mind paying the fuel bill! It looks just as nice under the hood as it does inside and out. Is the price in line with your expectations?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Richard

    If it had fuel injection that would have an air cleaner that would indicated such. it really is a beautiful car great color beautiful interior. this particular Cadillac is really one of the best driving cars ever made.

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  2. Oldcarsarecool

    Beautiful car ! I’d own it in a heartbeat . . .

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  3. krash

    wow…. really somethin’

    red, red, and more red…..the perfect car for Cupid…

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  4. nessy

    Wow. What is not to like? Red all the way….

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    Cadillac needs to go back to what they used to do and make cars with names like the icons they made famous. They are a confused brand now and have been since they lost they’re way.
    I don’t now who the idiot was that made them what they are today, but they are nothing special and will never compete with the likes of BMW MERCEDES. They were never supposed to.
    Look, the population is getting older and wants smooth riding cars like this, not the wanna be corvettes or beemers they try to compete with now.

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  6. Greg

    I owned a “77”Coupe De Elegance ,great car wish that I still had it.not too bad on gas 16mpg on the highway

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    • Joie

      So did I. 16 maybe a bit more. Not too shabby!

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  7. Tom

    My parents had a Canary yellow Coupé Deville with a sunroof! Love it when my dad opened it up…learned to drive on it too…. Love it.

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  8. BMW/Tundra Guy

    Surprised nobody picked up on the mismatch in the paint on the lower section of the passenger door? As for the rest of the vehicle, oh how I would love to take it on my annual pilmigrage to the January kick off of the car Auction/Shows in Scottsdale AZ!!!!
    (yes, yes, I know that admitting to that trip is like admitting to meeting with the enemy. But where can you see such a varied selection of vehicles to look at and many times, discuss with the owners/builders)

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  9. Roselandpete

    Nice car but I don’t know if it’s $15k nice.

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  10. Allante

    Yea Richard is right this is not the Fuel Injected
    Fuel injected cars have a Gold top to the air filter, and they dont have the hose that goes down to the drives side exhaust manifold(middle of engine), so this would be a carby version.

    Looks like a tidy version overall.

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  11. Charles H.

    Not entirely sure that fuel injection was an option on the standard DeVille of that generation……don’t remember ever seeing any…..had a family friend, that for years bought a new coupe DeVille every 1-2 years, none of his ’77-81 had fuel injection, always thought they were elegant and classy looking automobiles for the time….

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  12. Charles H.

    I disagree with you Jamie, on them getting smaller prior to the new “downsized” ’77, if I’m not mistaken, I think I have read that the ’76 model was the largest Cadillac ever. I can remember seeing my first downsized ’77 when they first came out, and man!….they really looked small in relation to what they replaced!…..in fact all of the downsized GM full sized models looked extraordinarily small in comparison to the outgoing models!

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