14K Documented Miles: 1992 Chevy S10 Pickup

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While some of you may read the listing for this 1992  Chevy S10 pickup as being laced with the signs of an unpleasant seller, I understand where he’s coming from. The incessant, “Is this still available” emails are past the point of ridiculous, along with questions as to whether the price is the price. This S10 is unique in that it apparently has just under 14,000 documented miles and remains in excellent condition. Find it here on craigslist for $6,500. 

With the extended cab and what looks like the longer bed, this S10 was fairly well optioned when new, aside from being a lower-cost 2WD model. The two-tone paint is typical of the era, and the bed liner has likely kept the bed practically mint underneath. The extra space behind the front seats is minimal, but there is a jump seat back there.

The interior is where this S10 shines the most, in my opinion, as the seats appear to be flawless and the carpets and dash show no signs of damage or cosmetic wear. The driver’s side floor mat could be cleaner, sure, but this is a minor gripe. The seller’s listing shows pictures of the original window sticker, where the S10 had a list price of just over $14,000.

Mileage this low is incredibly difficult to find on vehicles not intended to be collector’s items. More than likely is that this S10 had an elderly owner that didn’t drive much, or it lived out an existence on a farm that clearly didn’t tax it too much. The seller has reduced the price once to $6,500 and says that number is firm. Whatever you do, don’t email him to ask if it’s still available.

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  1. CapNemo

    I wonder if it’s still available. Ha! See what I did?!! Somebody stop me!!

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Beat me to it! :) The Devil in us all

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  2. Dave

    Much like the first time someone called me “sir”, and having a doctor the same age as my son, thinking of cars and trucks from the 80s and 90s as “classic” somehow eludes me…

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  3. Luki

    I thought like love was only true in fairy tales………….

    I am a Believer.

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  4. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Wow, that is nice.

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  5. Miguel

    I don’t think the low miles makes this thing worth any more than any other.

    The question needs to be asked why it has been off the road for so long.

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    • Howard A. Howard AMember

      I agree, it’s nice, but not that nice. At least it has the 4.3, a welcome upgrade from that worthless 4 cylinder. I had a Sonoma like this, a bit newer, good truck, except for the worthless 4 cylinder, but it rusted horribly, every line, even the frame cracked, so I suppose a clean one might be worth half what they’re asking.

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      • carter f bigelow

        i have a 1985 s-10 i consider a classic in mint condition

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    • Bruce B

      So a 14,000 mile vehicle and a 140,000 mile vehicle should be valued equally. Interesting. I guess KBB can purge the mileage field from their valuation questionnaire.
      In reference to the question that “Needs to be asked”, it was not off the road for so long. It was driven several miles each week to fetch horticultural ephemera for the aforementioned ‘Japanese garden’.

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      • Miguel

        Bruce, I don’t know if you know this, but dealers don’t add value for a low mile vehicle.

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      • UK Paul

        Of course dealers add value for lower miles. It’s in the valuation books and market reality?
        Only today a 1987 BMW M6 was on TV with sub 20k mikes that sold for $10k more than a similar car that had just under 30k miles. At just over a $100k both were worth far more than an example with 100k miles.

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  6. Bruce B

    Unpleasant? I guess if requesting a modicum of courtesy labels me a curmudgeon, well so be it. Andy Rooney crafted an entire career from same. I don’t consider such a request as unreasonable as it hopefully dissuades e-mail address harvesters from their unholy practice. Of course, nothing stops them. When responders are gently ‘reminded’ of their faux pas, panities are knotted and recriminations flung like so much monkey feces. You will note that subsequent advert finds the gentle reminder expunged, as it bore no fruit, but only whiney accusations regarding my mother’s dubious lineage. So….back to the truck.
    Jeff nailed it. I purchased it from the estate of a 91 year old with a lovely Japanese garden behind his Pasadena estate. Car Fax records showed annual mileage of 200 from 1994 through 2018. I also purchased his ‘project 1953 MGTD with records showing the truly anal quality and “restore at all costs” attitude of this gentleman and his son to the tune of $57,000…and this did not even purchased the reassembly of said MGTD. A most stunning mountain of new and restored parts and a rolling chassis and tub with engine on stand TD. Car is 150% complete. Now, assemble or dispose?
    A well preserved BMW 745LI rounded out the package.

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  7. 77Vette

    I had a 1988 with the 2.8 and a 5-speed. I bought it used and it was a work truck. I had great luck with it and loved the size. These trucks have a following and are still popular. He has a nice truck and isn’t far off on the money.

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  8. Capriest

    These weren’t the greatest trucks, but find a new truck like this? You can’t! With those miles and condition this truck is worth that to use as it was intended when new. Not as a collector vehicle. Somebody will buy this no doubt. If it were here in New England it would sell quick that’s for sure.

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  9. Vance

    I’m with Dave, the sir thing was laughable until your waist is a number you want nobody guessing and the gray hairs too numerous to pull. Very nice truck and great price. This should really be gone by now.

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  10. Bruce B

    Miguel, I don’t know if you know this, but dealers sure as hell deduct value for a high mile vehicle. You can’t have it both ways. I’m sure that your friendly trade in monkey will kindly explain to you that grandpa’s well preserved 76 Cadillac with 15,000 miles only has a trade in value equal to one with average mileage of 12,000 per annum, or 684,000. Take the 500 and laugh all the way to the bank.

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    • Miguel

      Dealers don’t add for low miles because a car that sat around a lot, like this truck, will cost a lot of money to get it back on the road and make it safe.

      Of course they deduct for high miles also because the car will require a lot of money in repairs to get it down the road.

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      • Bruce B

        Mea culpa. You have shown me the light. This explains why, when returning a leased car they never ask the mileage I’ve put on the car. If it’s very little, they must refurbish it prior to sale due to the massive deterioration due to it not being used enough. If it’s very many miles, they must refurbish it due to the massive deterioration due to it not being not used enough. A veil has been lifted from my eyes.
        BTW, what is the weather like on your planet?

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  11. Truely a story

    Mileage. Cluster replaced? Wear on interior carpet? Show me the close ups!!! Oh wait I have them.

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  12. Wrong Way

    I am and always will be a Ford guy, but I have to admit that these little trucks are pretty darn good and reliable! My son has a 94 albeit is a 4 door model it’s set up the same! Where I live we get a whole bunch of snow, last year was a really good year for it. I used his S10 all last winter and was impressed. Rough riding little truck, but I liked it. However I think that this guy is probably at top market price especially because it’s only 2 wheel drive. JMHO

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