14K Mile Highboy: 1977 Ford F250


Update 11/21/16 – The seller pulled their craigslist ad and listed it here on eBay, where bidding is already to $22k!

From 11/20/16 – These days, vintage trucks are all the rage for shops that specialize in patina-heavy “restorations” or other resto-mods that combine lowering with blingy wheels and not much else. That’s why this 1977 Ford F250 “Highboy” here on craigslist is a revelation: it’s a honest-to-God worktruck that remains in showroom condition and looks better than any of those rat-rod conversions lingering on classifieds ads around the world. 


The Highboy moniker was more of a slang term than anything else, assigned to F250s that came from the factory with rear lift blocks and a narrower frame. There’s some debate as to whether there was a model-specific lift kit installed at the factory, but lots of differing opinions on message boards leave the answer murky at best. Still, these Fords do ride plenty high and this one looks great with a chassis unmarred by surface rust.


The clean theme continues to the interior, where the bench seat remains in excellent condition. According to the seller, this truck hails from the California wine country where it was in the care of a more senior owner, which may provide all the evidence you need as to why it hasn’t been converted into a rock crawler by now. I hope it never is, because these trucks are damn near impossible to find in original condition.


Of course, being in the lovely California climate has done plenty of favors for the body of this Highboy, leaving it with a near perfect factory finish. The seller has not listed a price, which is unfortunate, but not entirely surprising given the high amount of interest there will likely be in this F250. Whether the nickname means anything or not, Highboys are handsome, functional trucks, and if it stays in this condition, I doubt you’ll lose any money on it.


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  1. Michael55

    Posting flagged for removal?

  2. Todd Zuercher

    Unfortunate – someone probably wants it pretty badly and flagged it so no one else gets a chance at it. The last of the breed – what glorious trucks. My first 4×4 ride ever was in my Grandpa’s ’71 Highboy. I remember being perched in the middle of the bench seat at a young age in the truck, proudly sitting between my Dad and my grandpa (who drove his well into his 80s).

  3. CapNemo

    Highboy was not slang for these. They had a specific criteria. Beautiful truck, I’d be a proud owner if I didn’t already have three excellent examples already!

    • Rob

      CapNemo I am jealous. I would give my eye teeth for one like this.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    These were good trucks, about as close to indestructible as they can get. I’m not sure if the M-series motors were an improvement; the old FE was no slouch although it was getting on in years. Keep ’em stock like this one. No need to jack them up to compete with Big Foot; they’ve got lots of clearance as they are. I’d still be willing to take a closer look at this one, providing the post hadn’t been flagged.

  5. JW

    I had a 76 and 78 Ford 4×4’s and as far as I’m concerned the 79 was the last good looking Ford truck built. Just a die hard Ford truck owners opinion.

    Like 1
  6. Alan (Michigan)


    A Craigslist [ab]user’s go-to method of eliminating the competition for a desirable item. A bummer, I think, and it would be nice if a way was found to eliminate it.

    Great looking truck! Does anyone know what the ask $ was in the listing, or was that left off?

  7. Rock On

    Listing showed up on Bring a Trailer around 6 hours before here. Maybe one of their readers flagged it!!!

  8. SledDrizzledread

    It’s here on eBay, not much time left and hovering with a $13,500 bid.

  9. Rob

    Found it on EBay, the bidding was up to $13,500

  10. Howard A Member

    Sorry, I don’t buy the 14K mile thing again. ( I know, what a surprise) I think this truck was redone on an already pretty clean truck. Just too many things inconsistent with a low mileage truck and I’m not going to list them. Seems to angry up peoples blood. I knew someone with a truck exactly like this, and it was the same height. I never heard the “highboy” term either. I thought that was just for early ’50’s Chevy’s. Sure looks nice, really nothing special, except it is a great example of what was around in 1977. When trucks were still trucks. Gas mileage?,,,,single digits, I know. Like the Scout earlier, these were mostly plow trucks, and few survived. Some of Ford’s best trucks, right here. Nice find.

    • JW

      Howard that is a nice example of the way trucks should be, not family vehicles but work trucks, thanks for posting that. I love it.

  11. Allan

    Seller may have moved the Truck from Craigslist to eBay, after realizing that there was a lot of interest in it. Q and A on eBay reveals that seller is not claiming the 14K miles to be actual and admits of a respray. Too rich for me, but an excellent example of the truck. I learned to drive (at 12 years old) in a ’78 F250 long bed 4×4. It was a hard-working farm truck. Have always had a soft spot for them.

  12. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I think it was flagged because according to the eBay listing, the truck is in California?

  13. angliagt

    Cool truck! It’s up to $21,850 now.
    I love these,but couldn’t afford that kind of
    money for something I wouldn’t dd.

    • JW

      Wow and I paid $7,500 for my 76 new and $10,500 for my 78 new and my friends thought I was nuts back then. Wish I had them now.

      • Alan

        You must have had a loaded 76 for $7500, my plain Jane midnight blue metallic f150 cost me $4900 new….the pictured one was outa my reach.

      • JW

        Alan yes I did on both trucks, back in the 70’s I spent every dime I had on my vehicles and gas, until just after buying the 78 I met my wife of 36 years and that changed it all, now I only spend half my money on toys and the other half on grandkids.

  14. RichS

    Sellers ebay feedback is a little dented as well. I’m not really buying the mileage either. Up over $21K

  15. Alan (Michigan)

    Finished out at $23,601


    • DAN

      what was the craigs list price?

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