15 Foreign Cars In New Hampshire, No Reserves, More To Come


Wow! Thanks to reader Victor MB, who sent in the gold Fiat above that led us to the rest of these great finds. We don’t know a lot about them, other than this comment by the seller: “We have been commissioned by the Neily Estate of Wakefield NH. 03872 to liquidate 70 plus vintage foreign cars for parts or restoration on Ebay. We will be listing them over the next few weeks.” None of the cars have titles, and apparently the estate just wants them gone–almost no information is given about any of the cars, although there are detailed pictures included with the auctions. There are some great finds in the pictures that aren’t currently up for auction, so you may want to revisit this link in the next couple of weeks.  All cars have no reserve and are at less than $1,000 except for the Lotus as I write this. You can find the links to what’s currently up for auction below, in order of the pictures above!

Black Porsche 914, factory aluminum wheels

Medium blue Porsche 914

Yellow Porsche 914

Light blue 1974 Porsche 914

Sunbeam Alpine

Lotus Elan

Red Fiat X1/9

Gold Fiat X1/9

Red Triumph GT6 #1

Red Triumph GT6 #2

Jaguar Sedan (particularly rusty)

Blue 1971 New Mexico MGB-GT

White MGB-GT

Red Series 3 Saab Sonnett

Blue 1969 Series 1-1/2 Saab Sonnett

Please let us know if you purchase any of these cars or if you have any other information to share in the comments below!




  1. George Member

    Nothing like the combination of Fiats and New England winters to create iron-rich soil.

    The Saabs and Lotuses LOOK nice because of plastic bodies, but I bet their frames have the structural rigidity of a pie crust.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      George, I don’t know if you made that up on the spot or not, but I like the phrase :-) Some of the cars are under cover, so I’m hoping they may be a little more sound. And at least you can get a new chassis for the Lotus….

  2. Jeff Staff

    The lighter blue of the two 914s is a nice car. Looks pretty solid, minty seats, gauge/dial package, optional wheels. Mmm.

  3. Dolphin Member

    Most of the auction cars are bid to only a few hundred bucks with less than a day to go. Makes sense since with old/neglected/rusty NH cars you are rolling the dice that they will have any useable parts and be worth the buy cost and hauling expense.

    None of them are high-dollar cars and none will be worth doing the R&R necessary to get them back on the road and looking good. Except maybe for the Jag, pretty much all of them are available for cheap money in decent running condition, if that’s what you want.

    What I’m trying to figure is how they got there. It doesn’t look like a wrecking yard, and although most of the cars look like wrecks they are whole. Did someone just want to have a lot of sporty cars around that they were going to ‘restore’ ‘someday’?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Good question, Dolphin — I’d like to know the same thing! There are a few that, depending on what they go for, I might consider putting back on the road, but I’m crazy anyway (and enjoy using a plasma cutter and welder). Some are most certainly never to be resurrected. I’m really interested in some of the other cars in the pictures, like the MGA coupe and TR6 that look like they have been under cover–maybe a little less rust?

    • jim s

      i too would like to know the back story on these. great finds.

  4. JJ

    I live about 30 mins from this place and have driven by several times over the years. There were no trespassing signs up all over the place. Did not seem to welcome curious visitors. I believe they were a private collection and not a junk yard of any kind. Some were in a garage, but most were left out to the weather. Too bad. There are a lot of folks up here in the northeast that will hold onto to cars and let them rot into the ground rather than sell them to someone who will restore them. I have a spitfire and I am tempted by one of the GT6s for the hood and engine – SPIT-6 Baby!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Is it a round-tail? I have an early ’67 Mk. II that was my daily driver for a long time, and is till my occasional driver. It would sure be a step up from 1147cc!

  5. Scott

    There’s a blue Capri (’72 maybe?) in the background of a few of the photos. I may not be able to hold myself back. My wife, on the other hand…

  6. ken

    That 69 Sonett V-4 probably has massive structural rust issue given the one rocker panel. Over 1800 of this generation Sonett were produced. 257 or so with the stroker, the rest with the V-4, 600+ in 1969 so the listing isn’t quite right on 1 of twenty something. It will be interesting to see what else gets posted.

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    That light blue 914 IS interesting. Not sure about bringing a non titled car across the border though…

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