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15 Passenger 4×4: 1972 International Harvester


With summer winding down and winter not far off, it’s about time to start looking for a fall project. When we received a tip about an International Harvester, we thought it might be the perfect choice for someone needing a four wheel drive project, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. This 1972 International Harvester TravelAll was stretched by Stageway to seat 15, making this the only four wheel drive limo we have ever seen. This long SUV is going to need some work, but if for some reason you need a 15 passenger 4×4 or just want a unique project, this one can be found here on eBay. Special thanks to Robert J. for another great submission!


The seller claims all this needs is interior work and some finishing touches, but it needs more than some “finishing touches”. There is serious rust in the floors, which would be a problem for a normal length TravelAll. Fixing the rust won’t be impossible to do, but is definitely more work considering the length of this rig. That said, there can’t be many of these out there and this one might deserve to be saved. Not only was it stretched, but also converted to four wheel drive before it was sent to Arizona to be used as a crew transport truck. We would be sure to check the frame, especially where it was cut, extended, and welded back together, to be sure it is sound and salvageable. We are sure this will make someone an interesting project, but remember the added length means added cost.


  1. Jim

    Why is it every time you post something and it’s supposed to be on ebay and I search for it it’s always removed or doesn’t exist?????

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The link works for me Jim. Are you using a phone to access it?

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  2. stigshift

    I have no idea what in the hell I would do with that, but whatever it was, it would be more than it would be in a Prius.

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  3. rusty

    stigshift said ” I have no idea what in the hell I would do with that”

    ummmmmm…..find a long barn?

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    • scot

      ~ ‘long barn’ – excellent, sir.

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    • paul

      Or pick up an entire women’s soccer team, 18 & over of course.

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      • paul

        If you have ever been to the 12 hr’s of Sebring race they have a ” midway” where drunken partyrs drive crazy cars up & down this ” midway” I guess till they drop, but these cars usually have their tops cut off & these partyers are just as crazy as it gets. So this would be a great Sebring car.

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  4. Peter

    I hate fixing rust on the bottom of doors!!!

    This ones a pass.


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    • Duane

      Floors, not doors. Typically these models rarely have rust in the bottom of the doors.

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  5. jim

    i want this just like i want every Checker that i find, but i don’t have a use for them so i’m just looking. has one 19 gal. gas tank hooked up which mean you are living at the gas station. i hope someone saves this, what a head turner it would be. be interesting to see where the reserve is on this.

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  6. Mark E

    You would definitely NEED the huge roof rack if picking up 15 people from the airport! If you figure 2 bags per person, you’d never get all 30 bags inside!

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  7. Will

    I would make it into a pop up rv. Make it into a very cool Camper.

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  8. Charles

    Like previous posters, I have no idea what I could use that for. It is interesting though. With that long chassis, it would be worthless off road. Too much body and chassis flex. It would be good for hauling a group of people on snow and ice covered roads.

    Back in the day I wanted a standard Travelall. The things were ideal tow vehicles for a travel trailer, before the days that SUV’s ruled the road. The 345 IH engines and 392 IH engines had thier weaknesses though, and most of the Travelall’s that I found needed engine work. A cool conversion would be to swap out the IH power plant for a 440 Chrysler engine. IH used the Mopar 727 trans with an IH bolt pattern, so many of the parts could be fabbed up with minimal difficulty. If one used Mopar accessories, like the altenator, PS pump, and AC compressor, the conversion would be simple.

    I ended up buying a GMC Suburban 2500 4×4 with a 454 engine, and called it a done deal.

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  9. John Shields Jr.

    I was just talking about my uncle Bills 70 something Travalall. Black with red interior. My Dad brought home a 64 Travalall….weirdest thing on the road…..and that was 1986……I hated that thing back then. I’ve only seen the 64 in photos since.

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  10. John Cargill

    They can be hard to park, A friend had an 8 door 58 Fairlane in College. I think the 4X4 idea is cool but watch out for high centers.

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  11. So Cal Car Guy

    Perfect for polygamist family outings in Colorado City, Arizona…

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  12. B Smart

    You’ve never seen a 4×4 limo? With all of the stretched Hummers and Excursions and Navigators and other SUV conversions running around? You must have your eyes closed.

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  13. Walt Kulwicki

    I’m thinking this wouuld be a great tailgating vehicle. There’s a row for everone to sleep in at Sebring & the Rolex! “Everyone chip in $10 for gas” then….100 miles later: “Everone chip in $10 for gas”! LOL

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    • rusty

      Oh damn

      I had to come back to the Site and tell you Walt that ” that mad me laugh ”

      If I drank coffee I’d be able to say one of those typical computer savey jokes “oh theres coffee all over my screen” luckily I dont. hee hee

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    I want that, with a Hemi in it, it would be the perfect “Bug Out” vehicle !!!

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  15. AMCFAN

    Later Travelalls had the optional 400 V8. It was painted orange and had a 2V carb. The motor was sourced from American Motors and was none other then a highly sought after forged crank/rods 401. If it had one there would be no need to change the engine in favor of anything else.
    IH was an independant like American Motors. IH sourced many parts from AMC. Scouts and Travelalls for instance used the windshield washer bottle and master cyl./ brake booster also used for the Javelin and AMX. In fact a few savvy AMC parts dealers were selling (and still are) nos 68-70 AMX 68-74 Javelin door handles. They were still being used at the time on the International Class Eight trucks. (18 wheeler/semi) Hard to notice the AM part because they were sideways. You would flip out on the handle to opn the door of the rig. They would buy in bulk at a very low price and sell them for $150 each!
    Still very cool Someone will save this for sure. Won’t be the last time we will see it.

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  16. mike

    “needs clear coat over the patina”!!! That’s one of the funniest lines I have ever read in an ad.

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  17. Connor

    Like so many others have said, I would love to save it, but I have no idea what to do with it though I did buy it then I would most likely be sleeping in it because my wife has banned me from buying any more cars for a while

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  18. twwokc

    Make a party limo out of it. Nice change from all the Hummers/Escalades/Town Cars you see everywhere.

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  19. davew833

    Sheesh! We had a ’71 Travelall when I was young– harvest gold with the fake woodgrain siding- and that thing was huge! I can’t imagine stretching one like this.

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  20. Chebby Member

    Paint it yellow, throw a keg in the back: Tahoe Ski Taxi!

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  21. Darel

    These were built as airport transporters to take passengers out onto the flightline to board planes. They’re actually not that uncommon.

    The AMC 400 was only used in a pinch when demand for the ass-kicking 392 outstripped supply.

    Love seeing IHs on here!

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  22. Mark

    I just watched “Dog Day Afternoon” last week for my first time. They drove one of these things as their get away vehicle at the end of the movie!!!

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  23. DNash

    Back in the 70’s, I was in the Boy Scouts and our troop leader purchased two of the airport limousines in Louisianan, one 4 door and one 5 door. At that time the 5 door was supposedly the the Guinness book record holder, so they sold the 4 door. We used the truck for a few years transporting our troop to events. Had it painted and lettered. Always wondered what happened to that truck.

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  24. Jason

    I just found one of these sitting in a junkyard. Intrestesting truck with a bit of potential for someone.

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  25. YourSoundMan

    This reminds me so much of CT’s Connecticut Limo service between
    Stamford and NY’s airports. Those were stretch Suburbans painted
    blue, with 5 rows of 4 passengers across, luggage in the rear. Cramped
    as heck, even to a ten year old!

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