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15 Window Project: 1963 Volkswagen Bus

It’s rare that we see projects as both a barn find and something that’s on its way to completion, but this 15-window 1963 Volkswagen Bus is exactly that. The seller provides photos like these that show it as every bit of the project that it is, clearly discovered languishing somewhere for quite some time. The seller notes it resided in a pole barn for 20 years, and then was completely disassembled for a rotisserie restoration that he’s either grown weary of or has decided isn’t worth pursuing. Find it here on eBay where bidding has reached $5,100 with the reserve unmet.

It’s certainly a Bus that looks worthy of restoration, and I personally feel the 15-window models represent a great value. Not as crazily priced as the 21- or 23-window Sambas, but certainly more interesting visually than a Bus with fewer windows. Certainly, there’s rust present in these photos, but the seller claims that’s no longer a problem. According to the listing, the body was treated to dustless blasting inside and out, and any rust was found, cut out, and replaced. Needless to say, it’s come a long way since it arrived from its many years slumbering in a pole barn.

Here’s what it looks like now – wow, someone has been busy. The body was completely sprayed with epoxy, and the seller notes that all glass is intact and not cracked. It’s surprising to me to see a project get this far and then stop, but if you’re tired of working day and night on a project still clearly months away from completion, it’s not surprising to realize you’re exhausted. In this photo, it looks like there’s still some rust lurking in the lower quarters in front of the rear wheel well, but perhaps this is a before photo. The listing doesn’t mention that the rotisserie is included, so be sure you have some means of transporting it home.

The engine was supposedly rebuilt some time ago, but there’s no paper trail to support this claim. The seller notes “….it’s a dual relief case and was set up with a full-flow oil system along with counter-weighted eight dowel crank 69 mm stroke.” While all other components are included – transmission, brakes, front suspension – the seller acknowledges these areas will need service and attention as they’ve not been serviced while in his care. The seller mentions that you can see more photos of the work on Instagram under @daviscustoms, so give him a follow if you want to see more. How would you finish it?


  1. Evan

    $15k with reserve not met. No thanks.

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  2. Phlathead Phil

    Eh, hang on here a minute. A “Barn Doors” VW Bus on Barn Finds??

    I’m surprised it’s not on the “Samba.”?

    The rear quarters have been ‘radiused’ to add Baja tires. That’s points off.

    Thus means new quarter sides. Expensive in any playbook.

    If that is corrected it’s worth big bucks, if not, it’s a “Ho-hum” bus..

    “All-Aboard,” bus is now boarding for Kankakee, New Orleans & Haight Ashbury if ‘ya know what I mean??

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    • Skorzeny

      The rear fenders being radiused is points on for me. Those factory rear quarters looked awful to me. They should be the same as the front.

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      • Phlathead Phil

        Maybe phor ewe, but I know VW purists that say: “No.”

        In their humble opinion of course!

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      • JMB#7

        The Baja wheels/tires is why I even looked at this posting. I like the way it looks in the first two pictures. Sure it needs to be “preserved” but I love the stance with the arched wells, and baja wheels. I would go as far as to call it “Groovy”.

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  3. Mark P

    The Windows look like the “smoked” out windows of the van Spicoli and friends rolled out at the prom!

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  4. 66FB

    Pictures on the auction shows new the rear quarters welded in place.

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    • bone

      Yep, it does- the seller should have put the pics in order of repair ; it jumps all over the place !

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  5. SGH

    No shots of the underside “pan” makes me wonder how rusted it is. Most are

  6. Charles Sawka

    Having restored 2 of these myself,years ago, I find the prices are way over inflated. There is a “ cuteness” factor to them,true,but, unless you give em over a hundred hp.they’re not able to keep up with modern traffic. They don’t steer well, and with restored stock brakes they don’t stop. Parts are getting hard to find and sellers are ripping people off.

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