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15,092 Miles! 1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am


I tend to be very skeptical of extremely low mileage claims. We’re talking about a car that has only accumulated 15,092 miles in 37 years–that’s just under 414 miles per year! Nevertheless, after looking this one over closely I’m willing to concede that the odometer is probably correct. It’s located just down the road from me in Apex, North Carolina and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has just crested $15,000 but the buy it now is considerably higher at $34,500.


This car really does look immaculate from every angle of the exterior. Even the decals look as new. It’s obvious the anniversary meant a lot to Pontiac as they put a lot of special items into these cars.


You may not like the nose quite as much as the earlier Trans Am noses, but to me being one of the 5,683 automatic 10th Anniversary cars outweighs that. These cars were not for introverts! All the 10th Anniversary models had the same color scheme which I find really attractive.


Here’s where it’s really telling how low mileage this car actually is. Based on other cars I looked at online, this silver leather upholstery didn’t hold up that well under use, but this one really looks nice. There were other unique features inside these cars including the embroidered door panels that are both intact and as new. Even the hang tags are in place!


Under the hood there are only a few items that show even the mileage this car has accumulated; for example, the insulation around the air conditioning hoses. However, I’d want to keep those original as well, considering the outstanding condition of the rest of the car. One interesting trivia note from this page: only the four speed cars still had the Pontiac 400 cubic inch engine, and those were actually 1978 engines that were produced and stored specifically for this model. The automatics like this one actually got an Oldsmobile 403 cubic inch V8! Another note on price; while a 7.9 (!) mile four speed car went for $187,000 here earlier this year, that was a rather unique car due to the incredibly low mileage and complete history–so while this price may be reasonable, I don’t think it’s a bargain, as many of these cars were purchased as collectables out of the showroom and have been stored. On the other hand, here’s a decent, 85,000 mile example for $22,500, so maybe this price isn’t too bad after all! Let us know what you think!



  1. Rick Gaskill!!

    The price is reasonable, just below the Hagerty #2 condition of $35,800.
    Personally I can’t see paying more money for a low mileage car in showroom condition unless it is rare with historical value. I prefer drivers and would be putting more miles on a car I purchased.

    • DonK

      Yeah, but it is probably the second most ugly Trans-Ams ever produced. Second only to the whale nosed models to follow, with that ugly mid nose scoop.

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  2. piper62j

    I had one of these on the lot and sold it to my lawyers son.. I can still hear him screaming out the window with excitement all the way down the street. I wish I hadn’t sold it back then..
    Great car and a great find..

  3. 68 custom

    While it is in great condition it really does not appeal to me at all. it can be blamed on three items on the option sheet, which are Turbo 350 Auto, 403 Olds, and Glass T-tops. others would consider this car differently…
    was WS6 option available on auto tranny T/A’s? specifically 4 wheel disc brakes?

  4. dirtyharry

    I have my doubts, when have you seen an odometer that looks like this one. Yes, it is a nice car and if the “low mileage” claim is accurate, I would think there is a document file, to back it up. The odometer is just one record and I would expect to see more records, since I would be paying for a low mileage car.

  5. John

    2016-1979 = 37 years, not 27

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thanks, John–fixed 😎

  6. Mark S

    The problem with cars like this is in order to maintain your investment you have to put them away in a climate controlled building and never drive them. I’m in no position to by a car like this but if I was I’d want one with more miles and a few chips and dings on it so I wouldn’t feel bad about driving it. This car needs to sit for another 30 years to really be valuable. And the cost of doing that won’t be cheep. So I say to the buyer get in it and drive it and enjoy it the way it was intended to be enjoyed.

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  7. Chebby

    Drive it!!

    It’s not a Ming vase and there’s only about a 10-year span in your life when you can look cool in one of these. If you get your hands on one, enjoy it!

  8. Mallory

    I dont accept the stated mileage
    The carpet, seat bolsterand door sill screames 135K.
    The numbers on the odo are crooked
    I would need more documentary evidence too.
    Yes, on the availability of the WS6 suspension pkg on the Formula and T/A Firebirds.

  9. Mepo

    Sorry but it’s just plain ugly. Way over the top. We laughed at guys who drove the back when they were new and still would laugh. Time to get the perm, gold chain with spoon and let the chest hair fly….

  10. Duane Boda

    Speedometer tops out at only 100?

    At best these look like a tremendous engineering and marketing mistake by

    Pontiac. Silver is a mere whisker away from a Northern Winter and road salt rust

  11. Car Guy

    All Tenth Anniversary T/A’s were WS-6 cars no matter which engine they came with. The drivers side carpeting looks rough to me, especially around the heel pad, considering the stated mileage. Most owners of these cars tried to baby the interiors because of the light color carpeting and silver leather seats.

    I’d rather have a regular WS6 T/A with the Pontiac 400, 4-speed, and no T-tops. They were a great handling car for their day..

  12. prowler

    I think the miles are legit
    I had one of these and that silver interior looked worn out after 2 years of service
    The drivers sill plate is pretty scuffed but maybe he was lazy and didn’t lift his feet up when he got in
    Seems odd the clamps were changed on the top radiator hose and where are the floor mats
    I always liked the screamin chicken decal on the 79’s the way it went out onto the fenders
    Party on Garth…..

  13. Andrew

    All my life I wanted one, but couldn’t afford the price of even a second hand one. Now I’m older and can afford one, I have lost all interest in them. The times have changed, I have changed, and I will look far from cool in one, more like a middle aged wannabe, which isn’t like me at all. They do bring a smile though, as I was 16 years old when “Smokey & Bandit” was popular. I hope it goes to a good home.

  14. Rando

    Couple notes – speedo probably only tops at out 100 because back then a lady named Joan Claybrook (I think) pushed through a policy that limited speedos to around 85 mph. I assume the thinking was that people would SLOW down if there wasn’t a speedo that went faster? IDK. My mom’s 78 Granada had an 85 mph speedo. Square. 85 was in lower right corner. I did look down one day and the needle was poiinting straight down… oops…. lol. At that speed, with both windows down, a vortex in the center of car would suck the ashes out of the ash tray.

    Second story – a dealer I know had a 65 Impala convertible with GREAT miles on it. He let me drive it for a day. Said drive all I wanted – I couldn’t hurt the miles on it by driving it. That’s a good dude. Probably wouldn’t happen today when every mile costs the seller….

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