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1982 Dodge Ram Pickup With Only 15k Miles!

The seller of this 1982 Dodge Ram concludes their ad with this simple phrase: “No disappointments.” I can’t disagree as I’ve never seen a more original, low-mileage 1982 Dodge Ram. It’s available here on craigslist in Santa Cruz, California. The seller is asking $11,500.

This 1982 example comes from the second model year of Dodge’s D-series trucks officially being named “Ram.” I don’t know if the survival rate was low or they were less popular at the time, but I find the Dodge trucks of this era to be far less common than their Ford and GM counterparts, especially in this condition. I’ll cast my vote for this regular cab stepside combination being my favorite of the cab/bed combinations.

This color combination is one I’d expect to see on a 1992 Dodge Ram more than 1982, but it works regardless. The exterior of this Ram looks like it’s in very good condition. I’m sure we can attribute that to life in California, but probably more so the fact that it’s covered just 15k miles since new. The dark green paint is original and appears to be in good shape but would benefit from a careful buffing. The seller says this Ram is rust-free and still has the factory chalk marks on the frame.

The interior is simple and well-preserved. The tan cloth bench seat looks new. It is the Royal SE trim level, which was top-of-the-line in 1982, but I can’t find any detail on exactly what that included. I’ll say the interior feels on-point for what Chrysler considered “luxury” in 1982. You’ll be giving up few modern conveniences in the 38-year old truck, as this Ram is equipped with power steering, power brakes, power windows, air-conditioning.

Under the hood is a 318 cubic-inch V8. Power is sent to the rear wheels by a column-shifted automatic transmission. The seller says it “runs and drives great.” With just 15k miles you’d anticipate some minor wear items needing to be replaced, but the seller has taken care of a couple that first come to mind – recently installed new brakes and new tires make this truck “ready to roll.”

At the least, I think we can agree the originality of this Ram is impressive. I can’t recall ever seeing a cleaner, more original, lower-mileage example. I’d expect a similar vintage Ford or Chevy in this same condition and with equally low mileage to fetch considerably more. Do you think this one is a bargain?


  1. Leland

    I’m guessing some old cooter like me bought this new and drove if little. May he rest in peace. Hope his family knows what they are giving up, and I don’t mean the truck, I mean the man and his dreams. A little piece of his memory goes with this truck. Isn’t there anyone in the family who could love it like he did? Do it in his honor. Funny the things you think about when you get to be my age.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Leland, I think you may be kind of new, I don’t recall seeing your name, welcome aboard. You know, I’ve been here several years, and have seen a lot of these types of vehicles come through here. They were clearly a cherished part of the family, yet no one wants it today. I’d certainly want it, but people hold different things dear today, part of what upsets me about this current era we are in today. Not enough “power ports”, I suppose. I’m glad someone still thinks like me. We’re a vanishing breed, my friend.
      Btw, I think it was 115K, not 15K. Engine not clean enough and brakes don’t wear out in 15K miles. Still a nice find, when they were still called Dodges!

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      • Stevieg

        Hey Howard, I’m about 2 decades behind you in age & I have a lot of the same values. We aren’t a vanishing breed. My sons, especially the older one, is the same way too. It’s just a matter of upbringing.

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  2. Skorzeny

    This is a steal, and you get ps, pb, and a/c. I could do without the power windows but this truck can be driven and enjoyed for many, many years. The only thing I would change is the wheels and tires.

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    • Eric B

      Indeed. Some white wagon wheels with a bit bigger tire would look choice.

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  3. Robert May

    What a deal. It’s a nice looking, practically new truck. A new rear bumper couldn’t cost much. Maybe a factory step bumper (never understood why getting a decent truck bumper back then was an expensive factory or dealer option) turn the whitewalls around and drive this truck. Someone should be proud to have this one.

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  4. Eric B

    It says the posting has expired? Which means it had been listed for a long time and wasn’t deleted by the seller.

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  5. Bill

    That’d be 38 not 28 year old truck

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  6. Brian F

    I would keep it close to “as is” and enjoy it. It’s too bad we cannot chase it down due to the ad expiring. I would love to get in touch with the seller.

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  7. George Louis

    Rear bumper was not that expensive in 1982. Put some chrome wheels from a 78/79 Little Red Express Truck on it and you will have he LOOK. Add Raised White letter Tires as well.

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  8. Bill

    This is a 38 year old truck, not 28.

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  9. Russell Ashley

    I don’t see anything about the looks of the engine or the rest of the truck that would make me doubt the 15K mile claim. It has new tires and my bet is that the tire shop convinced them that they should do a brake job due to it having sat so long, which might have not been a bad idea depending on how long it was since it’s last use.

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  10. Leland

    New tires? Where do you buy whitewalls these days? I myself like them a lot, but I am in the minority. Is this 2 or 4 wheel drive? With the name Ram, I assume it is 4 wheel drive, but who knows. 11500 dollars is a steal for a truck in this condition. How cheap is the lowest price brand new truck? 25, maybe 30 grand (and up) To use this as a work truck, might be bad, because it is a time capsule, but it sure might be great as a light duty hauler. 11K gets you normally a very rusty 4×4 with high miles. If the mechanicals are solid and a man could work on it himself, this is a steal. I see this being bought and lovingly cared for with the occasion trip to the Home Depot, things like that.

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  11. Jstollfu

    Actually that bumper is more desirable then the step bumper. That bumper could be repaired.

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  12. Jstollfu

    I have owned several Dogde trucks over the years from 1954 to a 2016. Including a 1984 short bed. And a 1985 long bed. I currently have a 1976 short bed. I paid $1500 for the 76 short bdd just 5 years ago and it also came from the original owner. Never cared for the step side beds. My 1954 had the exact same rear fenders and tailgate as this 82 step side. You would have to really-really want a mid 80’s dodge truck to pay 11k plus for it. Even with 15k orig miles. I have seen many examples that are just as nice for less then half that asking price.

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  13. Miguel

    I don’t think these ’80’s Dodge’s command this kind of price.

    Chevrolet’s are a different story.

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