15k Original Miles: 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Deluxe

It isn’t unknown for some pretty rare and unusual cars to pop up at deceased estate sales, and while this 1973 Chevelle is neither rare or unusual, it is a car that is worth more than a passing glance. This is a neat and tidy car that was parked in a garage in 2010, and only emerged recently following the passing of the car’s original owner. It is located in Randolph, New York, and is listed for sale here on eBay. It appears that the opening bid was set as the reserve, so with one bid of $8,000 on the books, the Chevelle is set to go to a new home.

The Light Green Metallic paint on the Chevelle looks quite good, especially considering the car sits exactly as it was when removed from the garage recently. It hasn’t even been given a wash, which suggests that the storage conditions were pretty good. Looking the car over from top to bottom, there isn’t really anything that you could criticize, because there are no signs of rust, or any obvious dents or dings. The trim and chrome look good, and the glass all looks to be flawless.

If it wasn’t for some stretching of the upholstery on the driver’s seat, I would question whether this car has ever been used. Certainly, I have my doubts that the back seat has ever seen a rear end, while the rest of the upholstery in the car follows the ongoing theme of a flawless presentation. If the mileage claims for the Chevelle are accurate, then this is entirely understandable. The seller claims that the car has covered a genuine 15,845 miles, but doesn’t indicate whether he has any solid evidence to back this claim. The fact is that if the owner was an elderly person, and the car has really been parked since 2010, these are two factors that would tend to make the claim believable.

Even peaking and poking around under the hood tends to back the mileage claims. This engine bay is about as clean as you are ever likely to find in a car that is 46-years-old. This is the 307ci V8, while the Chevelle is also fitted with an automatic transmission and power steering. The great news here is that the car actually runs. The seller says that the motor does run a bit rough, but this could easily be attributed to the 9-year-old fuel, and the fact that the fuel system could probably do with a flush and clean. He also noted that there is a leak in either one of the brake lines or wheel cylinders, so the brakes will need to come in for some attention before the Chevelle hits the road again.

Maybe this isn’t the most exciting Chevelle that ever rolled off the line at Chevrolet, but it really has to be one of the nicest ’73 models in existence today. It is original and unmolested, and while it isn’t the most exciting cars on the planet, its overall condition will virtually guarantee that this is a car that will attract attention wherever it goes.


  1. Ken Carney

    These cars got you to and from work, and
    to church on time every Sunday. Nothing
    more, nothing less. Nice to see one in
    nearly unmolested condition. If you wanted to remain anonymous, this would
    be the car you’d want. In fact, it’s so plain
    I thought it would have a 250 straight 6
    in it instead of a 307. Nice find though.

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    • Boatman Member

      And dog dishes.

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      What is this “church” you speak of?

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  2. Ron H

    Great looking car. Is it too nice to add an aftermarket a/c system?

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  3. Tim S. Member

    Looks like a coachbuilt classic next to today’s monochrome jellybeans. In its day, no, it was neither rare nor unusual. Nowever, I’d wager that there are fewer of these left today than ’70 models.

  4. Old Car Guy

    These cars do exist although not as many as in the past. I have personally bought in the past 3 low mile cars although not this low and had been provided the paperwork. The last had a file folder over 4 inches thick with every receipt for what had been done to the car. Most were for oil changes, tuneups, batteries, wipers, light bulbs and tires including rotations. It is rather interesting to sit back and read it all. I still have this car and it is now 29 years old and still has less than 100,000 miles

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  5. Butch

    If only…I’d have to remove my sox to count the number of these unmolested beauties I striped to race the dirt oval…What I wouldn’t give for the 73 Laguna, DANG! It WAS a pretty car…swivel buckets, power every thing…OH Well, I did have fun 😎

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    • grant

      I had a 73 Laguna in high school, even rusted half to death it was a fun car.

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    • don

      I raced a ’73 Malibu on the paved oval – what a beast ! They could really take a lot of abuse , they were wide enough to handle the banked turns well and the big bumper up front protected the front end beautifully – I never lost a radiator . It wasn’t hard to find one then, but I’d sure love to have one now !

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    • Papa Jay

      These are getting some what hard to find. With the older model Chevelle’s and Monte Carlos disappearing this has become the best choice for building a street stock or charger oval track
      race car. Before retirement I built 4-5 of them.

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  6. Rock On

    Well you could always hop up the car to look like the one in this movie.

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  7. Matt steele

    $8000 lol

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Nice plain jane car!! Keep it on a salt free diet or it will rust up to the gunwales before your eyes!! Good luck to the new owner.


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  9. Bob C.

    I know 1973 was the last year for the 307, but figured it would likely end up in a Nova. Didn’t expect to see one in this car, with a whopping 115 HP ( SAE net of course).

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    • don

      I had a 307 powered one as a parts car when I raced a 73 back in the 80’s . Not being a 350 , we never even bothered to see if it ran .

  10. TimM

    Not super desirable but it would make a good daily driver I bet!! SB Chevy would probably do pretty go on the highway to I bet!!! Drive the tires off it when you get it!!

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  11. Matt steele

    I said lol earlier but I had a 74 Malibu classic with a 400 in 79..these cars were not bad with slots and a little lift in the back..nothing extra special but decent. Average guy could work on em at least

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  12. Ralph

    Anyone else curious about the Chevette and Citation in the photos?

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    • Chris In Australia

      You bet!

    • karl

      set the wayback machine for 1982…..

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  13. MrBZ

    Like being curious about a dumpster and a dumpster fire. And, sadly, yes I am!

  14. JOHN Member

    Those bumpers are even bigger than I remember…

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  15. W9BAG

    I would like it more if it had the 3 on the tree and a six banger. Really clean car. Take it to a “Cars & Coffee” event, and park it next to a big block, for the before & after effect. Surprising it has the vents in the dash, with no A/C. Must be for the “Astro” ventilation.

  16. George mattar

    Blame the bumpers on stupid government. I would rather drive this carvthan today’s computer driven garbage. The aftermarket has totally ignored the great 73 to 77 GM Colonnade cars. I have owned a 76 Monte Carlo with the awesome swivel buckets and two t top cars, a 76 Cutlass Salon and 77 Grand Prix. In fact, I traded in my near NCRS quality 1971 454 Corvette for the Cutlass in 1978. Loved that car. The original owner, a lawyer, traded my Salon on a then new Silver Anniversary Corvette. Dumb.

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  17. Eric

    Yeah, they don’t seem to fit with style of the body!

  18. Willte

    I had a ’73 Malibu, hunter green, Torque Thrust wheels, L60’s in the back and a 1966 327 under the hood. Loved that car, wish I had it today. You don’t see a ’73 too often I would love to pick this one up. Too bad I didn’t see this til a day after the auction ended.

  19. Noel Amick

    Low mileage 73 chevelles are still out there. Just got to look hard. I bought a beautiful 15.400 mile chevelle in Nov. Of 2019. A/c 350 v8 auto. All original. Even has the factory bias ply tires on it. Original paint and vinyl top. Winter frost green. Super shiny. Flew from Ca to Idaho and drove it home. Love this car. I had one in the early 80s.

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