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16k Mile: 2006 Hertz Shelby GT-H

It is hard to believe that it has been 15 years since this car was produced by Ford for the Hertz Rental Car Company. A lot has changed in those 15 years. Hertz has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after being an industry leader for the past 103 years. Carroll Shelby has passed away but his company is still in the business of making performance cars. This Shelby Hertz Rental Mustang is in exceptional condition and has only 16,240 miles on the odometer. The Shelby is listed for sale here on Craigslist for $33,000 and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. We appreciate Matt Birmingham suggesting this tip.

There are not pictures of the engine or interior in the ad but this is a cool picture of the rear of the car. I rented one of these cars in Denver, Colorado back in 2006 with my brother. We took it up into the Rocky Mountains to Bar Lazy J Ranch to fly fish in September. It performed flawlessly and we got 27 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Shelby has obviously been well taken care of over its lifetime. When purchased from Hertz, the car had already traveled 11,000 miles. The Mustang has been ceramic coated and the black and gold paint looks deep and shiny. The seller states that an abundance of Ford and Hertz paperwork is included with the sale of the car.

I was never a big fan of the grill on these cars or the hood pins. Looking back, it doesn’t bother me as much but you would think that Ford could have styled a more aggressive beak for the Hertz Shelby. The 4.6 liter V-8 under the hood was boosted from 300 horsepower to 325 horsepower with the addition of a 90mm cold air intake, X Pipe exhaust, freer flowing mufflers and a more aggressive timing curve. The rear gear ratio was bumped to 3.55 and all Shelby GT-H’s were equipped with automatic transmissions. This is a nice example and, if you are a Mustang enthusiast, this looks to be an excellent car to add to your stable.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    From what I am observing, I think this generation of Mustangs will prove to be very popular going forward. They haven’t reached the bottom of their depreciation curves, but that is in sight. The older ones, now 16 years sold, already seem like they are holding their values pretty well. Pick up a nice one soon, and watch them start to appreciate in a few years.

    Why? The Mustang formula still works: sporty looks, lots of them built, good performance, common drivetrain, not overly expensive, high level of interest and support, readily modifiable. Plus, they are more modern cars, and as such are more comfortable, reliable, etc. They make for a no-stress collector car.

    This very nice GT-H is a good alternative to the more common Shelby GT500 versions, but does seem a bit pricey.

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  2. Superdessucke

    I rented one in Vegas back in 2007. It was a lot of fun. Sounded great and it was quick. For bleeps and grins I kept track of the one I rented and it end up getting totaled by a private owner years later.

    Anyway, I like this generation GT. Would I pay 33 grand for one though? Considering a new one isn’t much more but vastly superior in performance, and a regular ’06 GT would cost less than half this, probably not. But it’s definitely an interesting piece of Ford Mustang history.

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  3. mike henry

    I’ve got a red 2005 with 70k sitting in my garage. I’m the second owner, and it’s never seen the winter driving season. It’s the 4.0 V6 with a 5-speed tranny. Just gonna hang on to it and drive it a couple thousand miles every summer. It is a pretty car.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      If it was a ’65-70 stang(or anything) back in the day, in the snow belt your stang would have been used in bad weather including snow. & a 50% chance it would be parked outside in the driveway or the street all the time – because new/used models came out often back then with a ton of color & option choices & were affordable by even a teenager with a crap job & maybe a loan from dad – because many were ordered dirt cheap with few options – impossible today.
      Back in the day stangs, etc. were found all over the place in all sorts of condition – even dented & abused & falling apart after just a few years. lol Today i rarely see em & when i do, they all look like garage queens. Only a good burglar can find them after 11pm.

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  4. Ralph

    A very nice looking car. Actually prefer this body style (front and rear), over the looks of the last few years. Two thoughts here though…I know if I had rented one of these, the car would have been pushed to the limits as the various aspects of it’s performance capabilities were tested. And I assume that would have been the same with at least 50% of those who did rent one. At 16K how well was it maintained by Hertz? And are any monsters waiting to show themselves should the new and future owners decide to put some real miles on it? Not to be negative, but it is food for thought.
    At 33K? That seems pretty steep especially without decent engine and interior photos. Don’t have any idea what to value this at, the Shelby edition equals a plus but the Hertz Rent a Racer part equals a slight negative. To me it’s just another sweet Shelby with a great appearance.
    Now if it had Carrol’s autograph on the glovebox door, then 33K no problem.
    Either way someone may end up with a special and sharp looking ride.

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    • Rik

      The joke among Shelby owners is that if it DOESN’T have his autograph on the glovebox, it’s worth more……

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  5. Ralph

    Mike, what town was the fishing place near please? Seem to recall the name of the place from a time long ago. Thanks.

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  6. Chester

    MY BIL has a 2012 Convertible Stang, in red with the 300 HP V6 and a six speed. A very sweet ride that today can be bought on the cheap (for something like it). I think that is the way i would go at this point vs this car. I love the idea of the Hertz heritage, just don’t want to pay for it, esp for a car I want to drive.

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    • MarveH

      That’s where I’m at with these. The striping and package doesn’t make much difference behind the wheel. As for the extra performance, you could add well more than that on a used GT and still put keep $10K in your pocket.

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  7. Joe

    Nice car for sure. $33k? Not long ago, I parted with an immaculate 2005 GT Premium with 36k miles – nothing but low ball offers from kids ($5k to $8k). Ended up trading it towards my 2020 Chrysler 300s 5.7L Alloy Edition. Chrysler listed for $49K and I bought it for $39K before trade and cash down. My modern replacement for my previous 2004 Mercury Marauder. Had Mustang insured through Hagerty for $15.5k replacement value. Very pleased with the Mustang but hardly drove it.

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  8. Andy

    ALL of them have the signature on the dash and for those of you who don’t realize what a collectible car is this is one of them. Not because it’s the fastest but because they made them in very limited production numbers. The price he’s asking is a fair price even though I’m selling one of these at the Carlisle auction in Lakeland Florida next weekend and it’s an 07 GT-H convertible that only 500 were made and I’ll accept any offer that puts 30k in my pocket. Anyone interested can see on Tampa Craigslist

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  9. Daniel Gavin

    I have a 2008 Shelby GTC. The “C” stands for California. All the GTCs were in Grabber Orange and shipped to dealers in California. I purchased mine new from a Calf. dealer and had it shipped to NY. In 13 years, I have logged about 20k miles. I added a Borla Attak and 20′ Shelby wheels. I love the car and at age 74 never plan to sell it…..my kids will hopefully make some $$ on it as there were only 219 produced……and yes, C. Shelby did sigh the passenger sun visor.
    PS: I also have a 2016 GT350 but I get more thumbs up diving the GTC.

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  10. JoeNYWF64

    I would think it would be very easy to create an ’06(for ex) Shelby clone from any v8 stang – visually. Unlike the ’67-70s, here there are no unique tail lites, or rollbar, or fiberglass hood, let alone glass fenders & decklid!
    I STILL can believe even after 15 years, Ford has still not fitted shelby tailites like they did in 2003 on the concept car …

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    • Bill W

      2006 GTH did have an aftermarket fiberglass hood. O7 had an OE hood with an added scoop.

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  11. James Willard

    These were the absolute stupidest cars ever and all the morons that were so in love with the past that they tried to recreate it by buying these automatic Mustang GT rental cars for insane money got what they deserved. This car had nothing special going for it like the original ones did and taking the on the track
    is about as rewarding and enjoyable as trying
    to push a greased pig up a tight stairwell.

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    • David Ulrey

      Wow. Don’t hold back your true feelings.

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    • Jeffro

      I thought I was only one who enjoyed pushing greased pigs up tight stairwells. Should be an Olympic sport.

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  12. JBD

    I was test driving one of these in AZ, drove back to sign paperwork for about the same price. When I got back to the dealer, we found it had sold on the internet to Someone in the state of LA. Evidently they had none and this guy wanted to be the first in the state to have one. Saved me some money!

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  13. Don-L

    There was a rumor that guy’s would rent this car from Hertz, take it home and remove the engine, and replace it with a smaller V-8, then return it. not sure just a rumor.

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