16k Mile Hot Rod: 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

The seller of this 1962 Corvette claims that it’s a 70’s hot rod. They also claim that it is a two-owner car with only 16k miles on the clock! Well, I don’t know if all that is true, but there is one thing they do have right and that’s the fact that barn find Corvettes are hot commodities right now. We have watched many sell for massive amounts of money recently and I have a feeling this one won’t be any different. This is the last of solid axle Corvettes and it has a 327 under the hood with a four-speed on the floor, so it is one desirable Chevrolet! Very active bidding here on eBay proves that point, but I think it deserves further investigation before anyone here throws money at it. Thanks goes to Jim S. for sending in the tip!

Fuel tank location

The seller (who would now be at least the 3rd owner) purchased the car from a gentleman who is in their seventies. He apparently bought it from a family member in 1975, but didn’t drive it much. He had planned on leaving it to his son, but supposedly he isn’t interested. I bet they will be kicking themselves after this is all said and done though. Anyway, the last owner was going attempt a minor restoration, but didn’t get much further than pulling off the hood, removing the carb, and sending the fuel tank off to get coated. Supposedly many people have tried to wrangle the car away from the owner’s grasp over the years, but somehow the current seller was the only one able to pry it out of his hands. Not surprisingly, it was thrown on eBay immediately after doing so.

Corvette interior

The seller mentions that they are not a “Vette guru”, but that’s okay because it doesn’t take a guru to see dollar signs here. The seller has a long list of toys they would consider trading the car for, but I have a feeling they will end up walking away with a big wad of cash instead. Don’t get me wrong. I buy cars and on occasion I sell them, but this whole scenario just seems fishy to me. The seller could have at least taken the time to straighten out that hood and given the car a quick cleaning. I understand that “as-found” photos are exciting to look at, but when it comes time to buy, most of us would rather see we are actually getting. That doesn’t seem to have deterred everyone though.

Side pipes and mags

Even covered in grime, there are at least a handful of people who believe there is something well worth getting here. Supposedly the engine was balanced and blueprinted by the first owner and has a few bolt-on speed parts. Unfortunately, the photos provided of the engine bay are too dark and blurry to make out much. Other than that, it looks like the upgrades are limited to Thrush side pipes and a set of mags. Period modifications are cool and all, but I bet that most of the fellas bidding are more interested in restoring it to stock specs anyway. The low mileage claim does make it worthy for that kind of thing, but unless the seller can provide some documentation, that’s hard to swallow…


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  1. MH

    One of my dream cars. The best barn find ever!!!!
    Im sure it will get big money!!!

  2. francisco

    I would love to have one of these and go to the drive-in for a hamburger and shake. Just like I used to do 50 years ago.

  3. DON

    agree it will probably bring some big bucks even as is, but NO WAY 16k miles!

  4. Dolphin Member

    In comparison with lots of other listings on Ebay or CL this is one I could deal with if I wanted a ’62 Corvette. But a ’62 was the first one I ever drove, and altho I really like the look, the driving and handling are just not for me.

    The seller tells a story, and it’s one that seems like it might actually be true. But the story doesn’t really matter. The car has been sitting and has accumulated so much dirt, cobwebs, bumps, and underside surface rust that it could actually have less than 16K miles and yet everything will still need to be gone through, both for mechanical and cosmetics. So you are buying what you see and the story doesn’t change a thing.

    He is up front about how the sale is going to happen, or not happen, and also about possible trades or offers, and to me that’s much better than the guys who assume they have a terrific, rare collector car that they are going to get a lot of money for, when they don’t, and aren’t. I’d way rather deal with this guy.

  5. Rob

    I’ll agree with Don, probably more like 116K miles, as the rust, top and interior backs that up.

  6. andrew

    Was this car on gas monkey garage? I remember them buying a corvette and having the guys nephew buy it back.

    • Billy Speed

      I think you’re right on Andrew….that ’62 was tucked away in a warehouse for a long time and was in pretty sad shape. Having said that, I’d still love to have it, if the frame isn’t rotted away. Maybe the nephew found a bigger job than he bargained for…

  7. jordan

    Had a 62 for years but was a little too velvet Elvis for me so I sold it and bought 66 (beach boys).

    The bias ply tires tell the story .This things been sitting since Jesus was an alter boy and will need a ton of work to be roadworthy and fun to drive.Having said that the buyer won’t be in bad shape when he’s done.He may have a little more in it than its worth but won’t get hurt too bad (if at all?)and will have had a blast on the way……

  8. PaulG

    Cool find, not sure about the mileage claims, but like Dolphin said, it’s going to need a restoration either way.
    The Thrush side pipes are cool, my brother had them in the 70’s. They were aluminum, and looked well built. They were called Thrush “Outsiders”

  9. RIC Parrish

    I just left the shop, working on our red ’62, factory fuelie. Decided to pull the engine and freshen everything up. This was also the time to freshen up another Rochester injected 327 that has been laying around here for 20 years. Kind of fun, two 360 horse engines on stands, both with Rochester injectors. But enough of that, my observations on this car. Wrong headlight rims, not chrome in 62, no badge bar in the grill, all signs of a front end wreck at some time. Red steering wheel in a black interior, Wrong; of course the side pipes are cool, but not stock. Whats with the hood? This would be an excellent candidate for a frame off, but I wouldn’t attempt it any other way. There’s an enormous amount wrong for a 16k car, I’d say no way.

  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    ’60-’62 is by far my favorite Vette. I’d be willing to put up with a few non-original things just to have one to enjoy.

  11. Michael

    uh hu, Right, 15 k miles. So, brand new car and its repainted, motor rebuilt and the amount of gunk on the rear end tells me that the clock turned over and was then parked.
    Yep, so much sounds fishy to me as well

  12. AMCFAN

    Dolphin, I have to agree with you. It is a nice presentation with no fluff. It is refreshing to see the car as it is. Dirt and all. Not cleaned with tire shine dripping off making it appear nicer then what it is. Although is cool the way it is. Car is pretty straight forward. It is what it is take it or leave it. I would leave it alone and get it mechanical if it were mine. I beleve someone would have more fun with it as compaired to a nut and bolt resto one. Just the kind of car you could drive it like you stole it.

    The interesting thing to me is he must have known before hand listing such a car you would have everyone wanting to trade. My WHOLE reason for posting. He is my kind of person for considering a trade for an AMC anything! I have to give a thumbs up for that. The likelyhood of anyone looking for a Corvette that would just have parked in their garage a 1 of 100 1970 Red White and Blue T/A Javelin wanting to trade? No way that happen.

    Looking at the motorcycle trade consideration is off the wall as well. Doing some looking around are just as obscure. That tells me that in a nice way he is really heading off all those emails for goofball trade offers. He is a guy I could deal with too.,,, If I only had a 70 T/A Javelin! Ha ha well done.

  13. FRED

    my favorite year corvette but this one is not my style with the wheels and sidepipes.

  14. Rancho Bella

    I’ve sat in em’………….no thanks to a steering wheel that is inches from my chest cavity

  15. RoughDiamond

    The Vette is so cool. The story is questionable.

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