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17 Years Of Barn Captivity: Porsche 356C


This 1965 Porsche 356C has been parked in an Orlando, Florida barn for the past 17 years. It has just recently been pulled out and is now listed here on eBay with a BIN of $42k. It appears around 1,101 were produced in 1965, which was the last year for the 356.

BF readers know this story well, “was in running condition when it was put in barn storage 17 years ago”.  The seller states that there is some rust in the typical places of a car this age. There is some on the floor boards, so it would be good to see how much, and the bottom of the doors have some rust, but no detailed images are provided.

There are two interior images provided. The seats could use some attention, but it appears they would work for a “driver” if you couldn’t get around to them right away. The clock and radio are still installed, it’s not known if they will still function when you fire her up. The seller states that this is an original example and the engine and transmission are complete and all original. There are no images of the underside or the engine so you may wish to ask for more images if you are interested in this example. So will you be taking a closer look at this 356C?




  1. Avatar photo Chris A.

    Here we go again, ho hum. Another rust inhabited, overpriced 356 that a late to the game Porsche “collector” may just has to have. On the positive side, at least it appears complete and restorable. On the negative side it has spent years in FL which is notorious for corrosion damage due either to moisture, salt air or both, and shows it. However if it is the Carrera 4 cam model, we would be having a whole different conversation. Wind back that clock 15 year, maybe it will work. With that rust, starting price is way too high. But I would rather have it than the VT 914.

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  2. Avatar photo dj

    I agree Chris. The 914 is making a comback though. People have decided that they want a VW with the Porsche emblem on it. LOL

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  3. Avatar photo redwagon

    i. just. don’t. get. it.

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  4. Avatar photo Cassidy

    Not enough rust, its a reproduction

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  5. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Agree with Chris A, $42K is definitely too high. That money or maybe less would get you a decent driver even now if you were patient and looked country-wide. And this seller is marketing this car country-wide since he says it will need to be trucked or hauled from his zip code area in Orlando. The drivetrain is an unknown since the car doesn’t run.

    These were the last year of the 356, and so were the most civilized, but with the need to have an old or odd 356 that a lot of P-car fans have, this is as far from old and odd as these cars get, so these coupes bring the lowest prices for a 356. A cabrio might be worth close to the asking…maybe.

    So here’s a question for the seller. Since he says the car:

    “has some rust in the typical places of a car this age. The floor boards and the bottom of the doors have some rust.”

    why not include some photos of the floors, even just from the inside with the floor mats taken up? He must have looked at the floors to say that about them. Why not take a picture?

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  6. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    I actually don’t feel this is a bad price for a last year 356 if the numbers match and the floors are in acceptable state. I ran from this deal after asking the seller for pictures of the floors, engine, trunk area, and serial numbers. The response was a copied version of the ebay description and nothing more. That gentleman, is a giant red flag. Leap at your own risk.

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  7. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    I had em’. I don’t get it either. That is why I sold em’

    Next time one of you goes to a all 356 meet, look at the age of the attendees. Next step for them is Pampers and oxygen bottles.
    Young people couldn’t care less. And if they do it’s only cuz grandpa likes it but the kid would really have an Early Bronco

    Now there is the best subject. Early Broncos. There isn’t one old car that brings out the passion in youth than those.

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  8. Avatar photo AXEL CARAVIAS

    This car is literally 2 minutes away from my shop, so if anyone needs a PPI feel free to contact me at caravias1969@hotmail.com.
    Axel Caravias

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    • Avatar photo hhaleblian

      There are a lot of us old farts into old cars for various reasons. I wouldn’t paint with such a broad brush though. I recently attended Ski Roundtop air cooled swap meet. There were plenty of “young” buyers and sellers of 356 and early 911 parts. In fact two of gurus of the 356 world are Adam and Matt Wright. I don’t think they’ve seen 40 candles yet. As far as Bronco’s go, let them young whippersnappers have at it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have have my 20 something nursemaid Bubbles change my depends and find my teeth. “Bubbles! Bubbles! Where are you dear? Oh there you are! My that’s a nice bikini!”

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  9. Avatar photo FLman

    @Chris A above mentioned that with the car being in FL its been exposed to salt air. But Orlando is 60 miles inland of the Atlantic and about 80 miles inland of Tampa to the west. So salt air isn’t nearly much of a concern. Thats less of an issue for an Orlando car than had it been in road salt environments in the northeast and Midwest.

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