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17K Mile Super Car! 1991 Acura NSX

All right, no, it’s not a barn find, or a garage find, or a project, this 1991 Acura NSX is a low mileage, survivor supercar. But if you like all things automotive, this is a pretty outstanding piece. I have seen only a few of these in the actual aluminum over the years, so I’m always intrigued when one surfaces. Claimed as a 17K mile example with recent service performed, this Acura is located in Indian Trail, Washington and available, here on craigslist for $129,900. Thanks to Pat L for this discovery!

Considered a first-gen NSX (New Sportscar eXperimental) and offered between the model years 1990 and 2005, this example is one of 1,900 assembled in ’91, the NSX’s best sales year. Most notable was the midship location for the 270 HP, 3.0 liter V6 V-Tech engine. The seller assures prospective buyers that this NSX drives “like new” and adds, “New timing belt/water pump kit ordered and arriving next week. Larry Miller Honda will install“.  The Service Manager at that said Honda dealership also invites interested parties to give him a call if more information regarding this car is desired – that’s a different twist! A five-speed manual transaxle puts the power to the rear wheels.

As hinted at earlier, the bodywork of an NSX is aluminum and the entire package is probably understated, at least for what one would expect to find on what was originally a $62K car. While that was a substantial outlay in ’91 dollars, it was considered a reasonable price owing to the NSX’s design and capabilities. And now, 30 years later, the NSX still looks fresh and modern to my eyes. As far as any sort of external issues, non are mentioned and there is no visual evidence.

The interior still shows like new in what appears to be a comfortable and enveloping black leather-clad environment. The door panels are showing some wrinkling or bunching but it’s a minor distraction. While the mileage is not validated, though Larry Miller Honda can probably help on that front, it’s not hard to imagine that the mileage is genuine. Both the engine compartment and interior attest to limited usage.

The NSX always seemed to be beyond the marketing boundary for what Honda, and even Acura, have tried to represent. Honda’s direction has traditionally been well-engineered, reasonably priced small cars known for exceptional reliability while Acura’s wasn’t much different – more upscale models, some with greater dimensions and features, but still a pretty buttoned-down approach to motoring. There have been Hondas with sporting intentions over the years, the Honda CRX Si comes to mind, but the NSX’s goal seemed to be Ferrari power and panache at a non-Ferrari price. Did they pull it off? Some will say yes and others will say a Ferarri is a Ferrari and nothing else, period. I’m not in a position to judge but this vintage NSX was, and still is, an impressive piece of machinery.

Let’s talk about that price, $129,900 is a bit out there for an early first-gen NSX, but our subject does have condition and low mileage going for it. This example is a bit of an anomaly that way so it’s hard to compare it to others that are currently in the marketplace (and it’s not red as are so many). We can debate all day if this Acura is say, $30K high in its ask but the seller has a pretty special example and probably a good idea of what he can ultimately fetch for this gently used and well cared for two-seater. It won’t be cheap but someone will end up with a heck of a fine first-gen NSX, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Avatar photo Cadmanls Member

    Nice cars and this one looks exceptional and the prices today show how people now appreciate this car. They didn’t get a whole lot of love earlier but that seems to be changing.

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  2. Avatar photo CCFisher

    Low mileage on one of these is almost a crime. This was the first, and perhaps the only, supercar that could easily handle ten times the 17K on this one. Someone missed out on a lot of driving fun.

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  3. Avatar photo Jason

    As a teenager, I can remember thinking that these were so boring when they were new. 30 years on, I’m beginning to appreciate the reserved styling. It looks vastly more attractive to me than the products of Acura’s current design language!

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  4. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    When I worked back at the Saab/ Alfa dealer we had a high line wholesaler that bought a 1990 NSX. Being the car nerd that I was we struck a deal that I would work on his NSX in exchange for a weekend cruise in it. I put like 300 miles on it cruising the local scenes. To say it was a blast to a guy in his early 20’s was an understatement! It may have not been a Ferrari but to the public it was something definitely special and desirable. I still laugh when I opened the door to hear the unmistakable Honda key chime. Later on in my career I worked on a 99 with the 3.2. That car was a real blast to drive.

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  5. Avatar photo Jay E. Member

    I owned an NSXT and it was a wonderful car. But this is a really eye popping asking price! While a stellar car in its day, there are too many better new cars available for far less. Paying that much for one would take all the fun out of it. I agree with CCFisher, someone missed out.

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  6. Avatar photo Eric_13cars Member

    Given that you can get a decent one for around $60K or so, I think we can all agree that this dealer/flipper is OTT on this one. Not that long ago they could be had in the $35K range.

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  7. Avatar photo Bob McK

    I will admit I know nothing about this car… Is it really worth 130K? If so why?

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    • Avatar photo Motorcityman

      They’re rarely worth the asking price, if it is, they’re asking too little.

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  8. Avatar photo Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    Awesome looking car! I remember when the Acura NSX was intro’d back in 1990. I thought “What an awesome car! Acura could use a sports car in its lineup. I was beyond disappointed when Acura discontinued the NSX. I was like “What?! Why?!”

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  9. Avatar photo Howie

    Seller says this is a rare NSX, what makes this one rare?

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    • Avatar photo Stan

      Good question.. haha they were only 3 colors i remember seeing red ,silver or black

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  10. Avatar photo Greg

    Didn’t one of these cars when the 24-hour Daytona.

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  11. Avatar photo Sam61

    Cool car. $100m would seem fair (relatively speaking) if you are ok not NSX. Our local Acura dealer had an NSX in Sundance gold. I had a 2001 CL S Type in Sundance gold…I wanted to get Acura performance parts to up the HP to 300 but never did it. I still regret selling the cl.

    It seems like entry for a decent NSX is $40 ish.

    Last side note to Buick Reatta “haters”. Take a hard look at the NSX side profile and compare.

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  12. Avatar photo Motorcityman

    Nice car and I know fun to drive but IMOP anything less than 300hp isn’t worth more than about 50K.

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  13. Avatar photo Lando

    If I’m remembering correctly – and of course we’re talking about 30 years ago – part of the problem with the 1st gen early NSXs was excessive tire wear which required the owners to have to replace the tires (I believe every 5,000 -10,000 miles). When owners complained, Honda’s attitude was if they can afford the car, they can afford to replace the tires. However, enough people complained that it forced Honda to redo elements of the NSX so that tire wear wasn’t such an issue. I think they changed around ’93 – could’ve been 94. I know the rims changed around that time, so I believe it was done around then. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m trying to remember something from 30+ years ago

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  14. Avatar photo 19sixty5 Member

    These certainly are cool cars, but that first photo makes it look rather blah. The wheels make this look like a Firebird to me rather than the super cool car it is. I’m not a bling/chrome/rubber band tire kind of guy, but this needs a better looking wheel/tire package to show it off.

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  15. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Saw one of these just the other day driving by. Still looks great and I followed it for awhile to listen to the custom exhaust tones.

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