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17K Mile Survivor: 1984 Ford Mustang GT-350

This 1984 Ford Mustang GT350 20th Anniversary Edition is a low mileage survivor, with 17,091 original miles. This was an interesting offering from Ford, with a namesake that might conjure up a collaboration with the legendary Carroll Shelby, but it actually was produced without his involvement. In fact, the GT350 was largely a cosmetic package with no real performance tweaks, so it’s not exactly the collectible you might think it is at first glance. Still, production was limited, and no matter which way you slice it, it’s a limited edition Mustang with under 20,000 miles. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $9,500.

The seller has included the option to submit a best offer as well. The interior looks quite tidy, as a car with this sort of low mileage should appear. The 20th Anniversary package featured the combo of Oxford White paint with a deep red interior, and production was limited to a 35 day run in which just over 5,000 cars were produced. They came in hatchback and convertible form, and with the choice of the 5.0L V8 or the turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder. This one is equipped with the latter and the preferred manual transmission. This color combo will never not look good, and aside from wondering if the A/C still works, there’s little to worry about inside.

The 2.3L turbo had to have been a major turn-off to the diehard Mustang fans who were already spurned by the fact that anything with the GT350 nameplate didn’t have an upgraded V8 under the hood. Seeing this tiny four-cylinder had to have been a punch to the gut for the Mustang faithful, and it certainly didn’t help with the name being so closely tied to the most significant cars in Mustang history. That being said, these turbocharged engines were decent performers, especially when paired to a manual gearbox like this one is. Still, I doubt it does much to stir most Fox body enthusiasts from wanting to part with $10K for a four cylinder model.

Still, the price seems more than fair to me for a low mileage example like this, and the seller is open to a lower offer. The only alterations from stock are the rear window louvers, tires, fuel pump, spark plugs, and air filter, all good parts to swap out regardless. The tires being changed likely means the Mustang has lost its TRX wheel setup, also an improvement. The suspension was the only part of the driveline that was upgraded as part of the GT350 package, with firmer suspension components – so if nothing else, this should be a fun car to hustle. I wouldn’t worry too much about driving it often, as the value likely won’t fluctuate that much given its non-collector status in the eyes of some Mustang enthusiasts.


  1. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    This car looks like it has had pretty good care for decades, though a weekend spent detailing under the hood would do wonders. Jeff is right, being a four-eye Fox with the turbo 4 drops it down the desirability scale somewhat. That said, clean Fox Bodies are steadily increasing in value. This would be a perfectly fine car to drive and have fun with and not worry about, yet have something not commonly seen.

    Memory tells me that these 16-slot aluminum wheels were standard with the TRX’s optional.

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    • Avatar photo Blueprint

      Your memory is right.

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  2. Avatar photo FordGuy1972 Member

    This little Mustang looks really clean in and out. It’s seems to be in great shape. It’s reasonably priced and it sounds like there’s the possibility of getting it for less. I wonder if it would be worth it to pull the motor and put something a little more potent under the hood? It has everything going for it except the engine. That’s what I’d do anyway.

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    • Avatar photo Sean

      Swap in the new ecoboost 2.3 liter from the focus RS. 350 horses is more than the 5.0 had in that day.

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  3. Avatar photo AZVanMan

    Ford had already watered down the original GT350 at the end of its run, so no surprise that this ’84 isn’t particularly special. I’m actually shocked they had the brains to eliminate the gutless V6 and NA 4 cyl. as options.

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  4. Avatar photo Argy

    According to 20th Anniversary Registry they produced 5,260 GT 350s in 1984. Just 350 were turbo hatchbacks like this one, while they built nearly 10 times that number with the V8. I’d say as collectible Fox bodies go this is a pretty rare car that is worth the ask, especially given the condition and mileage.

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  5. Avatar photo Troy s

    The turbo 4 blows as far as I’m concerned, the 5.0 was making a steady march at this point, a little improvement each year from ’82, but it seemed like the days of powerful V8’s were shortly numbered. Man, I’m glad speculators were wrong.
    I like the car and wouldn’t mind a bit if someone were to swap in a 302, or stroker whatever really. It was 1984, just getting started again.

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  6. Avatar photo Arthur

    With a few modifications to strengthen the chassis and the installation of a beefed up transmission, this GT-350 would be a perfect candidate for the new Predator crate engine that Ford is offering. Detroit Speed and American Powertrain, anyone?

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  7. Avatar photo Alec

    Ford themselves have shown, the 2.3 Turbo blows the 5.0 out of the water. Absolutely the better motor.

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  8. Avatar photo Tiberius1701

    Don’t sell the lil’ old 2.3 turbo short. It has an incredibly stout bottom end with forged pistons, rods and crankshaft. It can easily handle up to 400 crank HP mods and there are still quite a few aftermarket suppliers to help you do so. They are a bit harsh in the NVH arena but can be made to pull like a freight train!

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  9. Avatar photo Lc

    I just drove my turbo swap 2.3 1990 Mustang round trip from Colorado Springs to Denver, and the motor runs with ease at high rpms. It has about 90k on the motor. I run full synthetic oil and premium gas only on it.

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  10. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    The way the prices have been heading, this seems like a great deal for a manual Fox body. Maybe not the most preferred year or engine for most.

    I had the same engine in a Merkur, and it wasn’t a slouch by any means. That’s why I am choosing the 2.3L Turbo for my new Bronco build. 30+ years of sticking with the same basic engine configuration and development have really paid off for Ford.

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  11. Avatar photo FrankY

    There’s one for sale just down the road from me in Evans City, Pa ( not sure what motor or the price.) It’s in a car lot with a few other classics the guy has for sale

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  12. Avatar photo CJinSD

    For this money, I’d buy some speculator’s preserved SVO and stick a Windsor in that instead.

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  13. Avatar photo Rob S

    Ford used the GT350 nomenclature without shelbys permission. Shelby sold the cobra name to Ford for a dollar but did not allow the use of the GT350 badging. Shelby sued and ford payed out.
    Very clean car. Would be nice to put this in my collection.

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  14. Avatar photo Philip Lepel

    Having lived with a GT Turbo 27 years I can tell you these cars are under appreciated and this one is a bargain at this price. These engines were rated at 145 hp. Which was exactly the same as the chevy 305 in the camaro the same year. In 84 the SVO was 195 hp. 5 down from the new corvette with a 350 cross fire engine. And building these engines is no different to building a V8. Driven mine at Watkins Glen a dozen times and I can tell you it loves living in it’s 3500-5500 rev zone on the boost 2nd and 3rd gear around most of the track.

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    • Avatar photo robert ruggieri

      The 84 was the first year for the SVO. Horsepower was 175hp. Not bad considering the GT -V8 made the same hp that year. 1985 was the same hp 175, until mid year when the 85.5 SVO came out with 205 hp. Only 5 hp less then the GT- V8 210hp. And the last year 86 SVO had the same hp as GT-V8 200hp.

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  15. Avatar photo kevin cross

    These cars were great for the time. Those that look down on these cars don’t know h ow lucky they were around. Ford was a year or two from deleting the 8 and maybe even the mustang.

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