1985 Chevrolet S10 With Only 18k Original Miles!

It’s amazing how a once-throwaway truck can become a desirable specimen if it shows up in preserved condition. That’s certainly the case with this low mileage 1985 Chevrolet S10 pickup that has under 20,000 miles from new. It’s a low-spec example with two-wheel drive and a four-cylinder, which in some cases would be considered the least desirable S10 of them all. But considering how few of these 80s icons are left in any condition, it’s no surprise bidding has already exceeded $7,000 here on eBay. Even at that number, the reserve remains unmet, so prepare to pony up if you want one of the best S10 pickups left.

The market for anything 80s is still pretty hot at the moment, and sellers are wise to hawk their wares while they can. A few years ago, even with the low miles, I doubt this S10 would have gotten much in the way of eyeball from passers-by, who would simply have acknowledged that someone did a bang-up job of keeping one in such fine condition – but this alone likely would not have swayed them to spend more than $3,000 on it. The only way I’d see that happening is if it were a four-wheel-drive model equipped with the V6 and a manual gearbox; that’s the sweet spot for an 80s pickup of any make and model. This one doesn’t even have the fun-to-drive factor of a stick, making the current bid amount even more surprising.

The S10 truly is in mint condition, with seemingly perfect details inside and out. The paint looks excellent and the vinyl bench shows no signs of wear-and-tear. Door panels appear to be mint as well, and you better like blue if you’re considering tossing a bid at this survivor S10. The crank windows mean there’s less stuff to break, and the dash shows no signs of cracking. The lack of sun fading inside the truck suggests years of indoor storage, but that didn’t stop a previous owner from repainting it. According to the seller, the S10 suffered from the same plight as many GM products from the 80s, which is that the paint started flaking off, and given how clean the truck was, it was deemed worthy of a respray.

The engine bay is mint as is the exterior trim and vulnerable areas like the grill. The seller reports that the temperature gauge does not work but that he has driven it extensively through hot conditions and confirms the engine does not overheat. For me, this is such a cheap fix that I’d address this before putting the S10 up for sale; just having that extra peace of mind would be a no-brainer if I were the one selling this clean S10. If you’re looking for a runabout that you can take to the hardware store or the farmer’s market every weekend, it’s hard to beat a mint truck like this, but I find it hard to believe its value will increase much more over what the final bid number ends up being. For my money, I’d find a Mazda B200 with the original decals and bed-side graphics still in place. What’s your perfect entry-level pickup?


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  1. alphasud Member

    I remember my dad got one of the first S-10’s as a work truck when he worked for a concrete precast company. Red long bed base truck with a 5-speed and the 2.8 V6. That was a fun truck to drive around. 3 could fit the the middle person became the automatic transmission for the driver. I still get a laugh calling out gear selection to the middle passenger.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Being a FordGuy, I’m a big fan of Fords Ranger. I’ve had three and the first one, an ’88, I bought new and kept it for 25 years. It too was a base model with a 2.3 four but it had a 5-speed stick. It was rusty by the time I sold it but it still ran good. It never let me down in the 25 years I owned but the idiot kid I sold it to wrecked it in 25 days. If the S10s were on par with the Rangers, I’d hardly call them throwaway trucks; they were durable if you took care of them.

    This S10 is a little beauty though performance will be lacking given the little four cylinder with an auto trans. Still, it’s a truck you don’t hardly see anymore up here in New England and considering it has a New York home, it’s probably never been driven in winter. Somebody will end up with a real gem; it will be interesting to see what the top bid will be.

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  3. Dave Painter

    Bought a 85 in 91 with a blown motor. Tubbed it and threw in a 383 stroker. Good times.

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  4. Henry

    I’d take a hardbody anyday over this one. Although it’s extremely nice, I would drive it and use it like a truck since that’s what it is. A trucks meant to be used, bit squirled away.

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  5. Mark

    My uncle had the v6 in his early 80’s S10, engine rebuilt while under warranty, again around 60k by the mechanic at the reservation where it stopped, and ran over 100k flawless miles after that!
    Perfect entry truck: 94-97 s10 2×4, 4 banger 5 speed, base model with cassette player option of course!

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  6. Gary

    Is that an iron duke? Fuel injection? I agree, a 5 speed would be optimal, but just fine for cars and coffee, or getting mulch or lumber at the Home Depot. If it doesn’t get too dear, someone might have a nice little suburban hauler. Not great for towing anything, but nice for those odd small jobs. I wouldn’t mind bidding if I didn’t already have a nice little GMC that is just a little younger than this girl. Great color, pretty truck too.

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  7. Glenn

    Tho’ a repaint may have been deemed necessary, the hood stripes weren’t – bleah. 👅

    I still miss my new, all black ‘92 ext. cab 2.8 5 speed!

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    • Moparman Member

      I still have my ’93 S-10 Tahoe ext. cab 4.3! Never gonna give it up! :-)

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  8. DW

    I had a 1984 base model S-10 that had a 350 V8/TH350 automatic transplant and only weighed 2690 without me in it. (2500 curb with the 4 cylinder) and it was a fast and fun little truck. Also had a base model 1991 that had a 4.3L, 5 speed manual, a manually shifted 4X4 and no other options. And finally a 1993 that had the Tahoe package and a 2.8L/5 speed manual that you couldn’t kill. I’d love to find another clean 1st gen S-10 for a V8 swap, but $7400 and the reserve is not met? Someone’s smoking some good stuff. These trucks don’t break the bank.

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  9. Cadmanls Member

    Clean little truck but bidding is getting stupid. Just short of 7.5 K and reserve not met, come on!

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  10. Jeff Tidwell

    I bought an ’84 with a 2.8L and auto trans, and it had a lot of problems. The pump would go bad in the transmissions, I had mine rebuilt a couple of times. That was the last year for carburetors, they were garbage that couldn’t be tuned. I bought another new one in 2002, and it has been a great vehicle. The 4.3 has 282,000 miles on it and still runs well. No major repairs at all, it has been a reliable vehicle that I gave to my son.

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  11. Dan B

    Still have my little base model truck. Bought it in 1993 for $900. 1989 Toyota, 4 cyl 4spd, carberator ,with no stereo from the factory. Love the little death resistant beast with 393,XXX miles on original drivetrain

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  12. Scott

    I learned to drive in my Dad’s 1985 S10 (bought new). Red(with white sport strips) 4 cylinder/ 4 speed. The engine was the Isuzu 1.9 liter and transmission had long throws between gears. No a/c, no power brakes and no power steering.
    I had a 1995 (new design) S10 with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder/5 speed LS trim. Crimson and quick silver. Pretty truck and fun to drive.

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  13. Howard A Member

    This is really neat, and bound to happen. Jillions were sold, so a few had to be stashed away. I had ’85 S10 Blazer, with a 2.8 V6, that was a miserable vehicle, exwife ruined 2 motors, but had an ’86 ext-cab pickup with a 2.8 that was a great vehicle. Oil changes were the key to those. I also had a ’95 Sonoma, with a 4 cylinder ( not Iron Duke) that was a total POS. By 125K, the frame was rusted and the head gasket was failing.
    This is/was a very important truck. It showed, America could build a small pickup to compete with the influx of Asian trucks, but people quickly found out, the S10 was rushed into production, and had some serious design flaws,( like trying to repair them) and were no match for the Asian trucks. I have no experience with the Iron Duke, but was clearly better than the Vega motor. I think people were still leery of ANY 4 cylinder offered by GM after the Vega, and most went with the V6. Fantastic find here.

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  14. Bradley L DeHaven

    My first new truck was an ’85 with this same 2.5L 4-banger and the 4 speed stick. Just like this one, mine did not have air, or even an AM radio – just a blank dash all the way across. Lots of pep, but not much oomph. Still it was a great little truck to putter around in. I recall getting about 25-28 mpg hwy, and about the same in town. I, however did not pay anywhere near $7k for it new back then… Sold when I left western Nebraska for deep south Texas – ya gotta have ac in Texas!

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  15. MNGUY

    Wow! S-10s. On my third now. All 4.3 with auto. First was a ’92. Gave it to my son at 225,000 miles. Didn’t last long with him. Then a ’98 Sport Side with 100K when I bought it. Retired to rusty plow truck with 224K and still using it as my yard truck. Found a ’96 3 door from ND for my new driver. Only has 219K. Turning it into old school driver.

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  16. Lothar... of the Hill People

    Just a question… Wouldn’t this normally have had the little plastic plate on the front indicating which engine is under the hood, in this case “2.5 Liter” or something? Or maybe it was removed for the repaint.

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  17. PairsNPaint

    Had a ’87 single cab with a modded 350/350 set up when I lived in Missouri. What fun! Would pass everything but a gas station.

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