19 Years Stopped: 1975 Porsche 914

1975 Porsche 914

Before I ended up with a Triumph, I spent a year and a half looking for a good but affordable 914. If I had found one, my whole life would be different now—and I wouldn’t know how not to let the magic smoke out of wiring harnesses! This solid-looking baby Porsche is located in San Jose, California and is for sale here on eBay with the opening bid at $2,950 with no reserve. The seller states that it’s been off the road since 1996 when the fuel pump went out. Unusually, it’s the person that stored the car that is selling it. The only rust is in the right hand side of the trunk. If there’s nothing else mechanically wrong (a big supposition, but possible), with less than 57,000 miles a lot of components should still be in nearly new condition. Of course, it doesn’t run at the moment, so I suppose anything could be wrong. The paint is oxidized and, although it’s hard to tell, may have peeling clear coat over the faded paint. The seller has loaded a lot of detail pictures here if you want some more help making a decision. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  1. MacVaugh

    I think eBay ought to make folks selling stuff to reveal their exact location. Person selling a non-running car and won’t tell you where you have to get it from.

    • Aktifspeed

      Reading the ebay ad carefully will show you that the car is located in San Jose, CA.

  2. cory

    A lot of the value of this car depends on the motor. I didn’t see it mentioned. The 1.7 is a completely different car than a 2.0. I’ve driven both, and while the handling is great in both the feeling you get when you stomp on the 2.0 is far more exciting than the 1.7

    • Doug M. (West) Member

      Of course, I know what you mean. I have had both and was very surprised by the greater power in the 2.0. Oh, that would be a 1.8, though, as the 1.7 came in the earlier models and was replaced by the 1.8 in 74-76.

      • Mark E

        The owner states in the ad it’s a 1.8 but I have trouble believing the mileage, if it’s been stored indoors anyway. The body, especially the driver’s side is really rough, the bumpers are all oxidized and the seats are nearly shot. I’d understand if it had sat outside for decades but it was supposedly in a shed…??

        Be interesting to see what this rough but rust free car ends up going for…

  3. JW454

    I know nothing about these cars. My questions are;
    1. Does that top come off?
    2. If so, can you stow it in either the front or rear compartment?

    Idle curiosity.

  4. cal44

    The 1.7 and 1.8 are of VW designs. The 2.0 was of Porsche design. These were going to be the next big thing about five years ago……….and BAM………..didn’t happen.
    The rust in PITA areas is painful to say the least. The stock unibody and transmission can handle lower V8 power.
    All in all was a neat car but as with most it will just fade away into the rust heaps of history

  5. LeprechaunSoCal

    Top comes off as one piece and fits in under front hood. Pre ’75 in CA means you can make it whatever displacement you want, and upgrade, aftermarket VW powerplants are plentiful. (powerplentiful?)
    Crazy low seating position makes 40 seem like 70. Shift linkages were not the most highly thought of, (dogleg pattern?) the racers dropped the wonky first and used it as a 4 speed.
    The less-sought-after (1.7, presmog rules) are starting to be commandeered and Subaru swapped. Love these.

    • StrayHorse

      Sorry to correct, but the top actually fits in the rear trunk, behind the engine. It’s pretty light and pops in and out nicely, but these older tops gets pretty squeaky!
      You’re absolutely right about the crazy low seat—I’m 50 and it does make me feel like 80 getting in. That said, I’m 6’ 2” and once shoehorned in and driving, it’s surprisingly comfortable. I tried to attach a photo of my ’73 (with a rebuilt, carbureted 2.0). To show how small these things really are, I parked it next to our “little” Caliber. Fun car, but very quirky!


    All 914’s have vw type four motors in them, excluding the 914-6, witch had a real porsche motor in them. Well, the 2 liter 914 motor was a stroked type four, that have different cylinder heads. Since this one is a 1975, you can install a couple two barrel down draft weber carbs, mechanical distributor and tuned exhaust system and be legal, no smog has to be done to it. Parts are very cheap for the motor, vw stuff, but the transaxle is a real five speed porsche unit, parts for it can be expensive. Or you can pick one up at a junkyard very cheap.

  7. Dolphin Member

    This one looks OK in ways that lots of other cars on Ebay don’t. Agree that the engine/transmssion are the big question marks, but there’s not much rust to fix—a big plus. The paint looks original and the chassis welds / sheet metal look good. Even the underside looks better than any 40-year old car could be expected to look. The mileage could actually be 57K given all that, and the numbers even line up properly.

    If someone wanted a 914 cheap this could be hard to beat if the engine isn’t kaput. Probably the cheapest entry into P-car ownership this side of a 924.

  8. Mark E

    All this being said, dare I say I know where there is one that was put in the garage about 2001-02 and has not ventured out since. Talked to the owner previously when the car was out in the driveway and he was having the usual ‘cold blooded’ problem so I clued him in to the warm-up thing on the fuel injection. Though I do NOT need another car, maybe I should pay him a visit? I remember back in the ’70s I thought these were nice looking cars when everybody thought they had a ‘frog face’ ^_^

  9. kelly

    …wondering if I should give up my 72 I’ve owned since 78 after reading all the comments?

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