1930 Ford Model A Taxi

1930 Ford Model A Taxi

I’d love to own a pre-war car. Something fancy like a Duesenberg or a Bentley would be great, but I know that the most economical choice would be a Model A. There were lots built and parts are readily available. Also, unlike the Model T, their controls would be more familiar to anyone who knows how to drive a modern car. This 1930 example isn’t going to get you anywhere fast, but I bet you will enjoy the journey more than you would in anything built today. The seller claims that it is mostly original, but that it runs and drives well on new tires. The taxi sign and spotlight were added recently, but they are period items. Find it here on eBay where bidding starts at $10k with the option to buy it now for $15k $12.5k. Seems steep, but that does include free shipping. So, do you think this is Uber approved?


  1. Tirefriar

    Wow, now this is cool. Interesting to know what city it was operated in and when and then just peruse the old black and whites of those street scenes to hopefully catch a glimpse of it… This is not something an average collector would consider – today’s collectors like to be able drive what they own. Yeah, it’s driveable but maybe to and from a small town parade… Still IMO, if as described, this is not a bad deal at all. If budget and space allowed, it would be a pretty neat car to own…

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  2. Charles

    There is a Model A club here in Western NC. Those owners drive thier stock Model A’s all over the place. A couple of hundred mile trip on a weekend cruise is not uncommon. From the owners I have spoke to at various shows the cars are fairly streetable, although not fast. We see them up on the Blueridge Parkway and everywhere else. Aftermarket support for OEM style parts is awesome for these cars. You can buy anything mechanical and almost any part of the car. I’d love to own a Model A, however with the number of toys that I own currently my wife will shoot me if I bring home anything else.

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    • Tirefriar

      Yep, saw my wife cleaning the breech on our old bolt action…))

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  3. Mark E

    I’ll echo Charles’ comments. My friend’s brother has an ‘A’ that he used to commute 30 miles each way to and from work all summer in. Definitely stay off the interstates though. They’ll be pressed to make the 45mph minimum speed! ^_^

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  4. Rancho Bella

    Sadly as time goes on there is less interest in these old beauties as the keepers are passing on.

    The younger folk don’t have a connection to these types of cars, or to the times they were built. The depression, oil in bottles displayed at the gas station, eking out a living, men wearing fedoras. I’m lucky, I grew up around people from the era.
    I do indeed like the car.

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  5. Chas

    No photos. Scant details. Delivery included? This does not sound good.
    I am not saying that this is a scam, but I would be sure to get more info before paying for the winning bid.
    How did Barn Finds get the photo? Why does Barn Finds think that shipping is included. I didn’t see that in the auction anywhere. Perhaps I missed it.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The seller edited the listing after we featured it here. They removed the bit about free shipping, pulled down the images, and lowered the price. Seems odd to me too.

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  6. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    The photos are back up, but I cant find any mention of the “free shipping”. Looks like they decided that was a bad idea so they just lowered the BIN price a couple grand.

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Actually, I’m finding that a lot of young people are taking an interest in Model A’s and even T’s. The best way to keep kids interested in cars like this is to do things with them that involve the cars. While I don’t own a Model A at this time, I’ve still got grandkids that enjoy the old cars my wife and I do have. I might add that my son-in-law has taken quite an interest in a couple of relics as well.

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  8. Jeff Hamilton

    I wasn’t aware that Ford had an automatic transmission, in those days, and a Google search hasn’t been of any assistance. Does anyone have any info regarding this ?
    Also would this “taxi” have had an in-car heater heater, back in 1930, and does anyone one know they (a heater) would first, have become available ?

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  9. Tara P

    WHY! OH WHY! Is this car still for sale, wake up people and buy it, its most likely if you found one like this the engine could be seized or something like that, this car is for sale and ready to be used, the new Fords have nothing on this.

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