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1930 Model A Speedster

1930 Model A Speedster

This 1930 Model A Speedster was constructed in 2014 and is claimed to not be a replica. It was built from a Model A and it is listed here on craigslist out of St. Louis, Missouri with an asking price of $7,800.

4 Cylinder

The owner says the engine, a rebuilt Model B, starts fast with no smoke and that it runs cool with a new Berg Radiator. It is also been converted to 12 volt with an electric fuel pump.


The underside looks clean and you can see the new fuel filter and new exhaust pipe in this picture.

Model A Dash

There is a nice looking dash and the seats are hinged so you have some lockable storage space under them.

Speedster body

There are five new tires with this ride and the body features hand-painted pin-striping. There are more images with the craigslist ad along with a phone number contact in order to get your questions answered post-hast.



  1. Avatar photo Cassidy

    What a cool ride! I’m pretty sure the builder has a lot more in it than the asking price. It looks like a well built and fun car! All I need is space in the garage and $8K!

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  2. Avatar photo Mark E

    Wow, constructed in 2014 but not a replica? Oh, and that’s the first 1930s alternator I ever recall seeing…

    Wouldn’t annoy me as much if sellers just admitted that yeah I did a speedster out of MOSTLY period parts with a few modern improvements… >_<

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    • Avatar photo Jug

      Ironically, everything you said to put down this project is actually true to what a Speedster actually was (except the 12 volt conversion and alternator, which I agree with you on).
      Speedster was not a FORD Model, it was the hot rod of it’s day which by definition is something that’s cobbled together with whatever you could find at the time. You cannot tell what body or truck style this was originally because all that’s left is the running gear and everything from the firewall to the dash board–even the windshield is not a FORD, but that’s exactly what makes it a Speedster.
      I do not agree with the 12 volt conversion and see no need for it, but if that’s what the builder wanted for convenience, good for him, it’s his car and easily changed back to 6 volts.
      I think he did a nice job and has himself a fun ride that I don’t think he’ll have a problem selling.

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  3. Avatar photo Don S.

    Barn Finds is a great website and I love the treasures you post each day but there needs to be someone proofing these articles for proper spelling, punctuation etc.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      We do proofread everything, but we feature so much stuff everyday that some errors are bound to slip through. Let us know if we make a mistake and we will fix it. Thanks for your support!

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  4. Avatar photo Colin Hancock

    I would love this and would take it on Pendin sands Wales.

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  5. Avatar photo jim s

    this would feel fast at any speed. the brake system would be an issue for me. interesting find.

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  6. Avatar photo Fred

    I’ll bet even the mechanical brakes could stop something this light fairly quickly.

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  7. Avatar photo Dan

    Looks like it would be a fun toy. Check out the cars in the backround, Ferrari, Cobra and old Toranado. This is a car guy. I bet he is just making room for his next project.

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  8. Avatar photo francisco

    Is that a tank behind the seats? Could that be the fuel tank? Original Model A fuel tank was incorporated in the cowl and fuel was gravity fed. Could be why the restorer added a 12v fuel pump.

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    • Avatar photo Jug


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  9. Avatar photo Donnie

    nice glass pack muffler

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  10. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Looks like a lot of fun could be had in this car. I tend to think that it’s more of a hodge-podge of parts though. The rad and wheels are ’28-’29. The cowl could be a ’30 but I thought the dash was more like the earlier ones. Definitely a B engine as it uses a mechanical fuel pump. Having an electric fuel pump along with a mechanical one and semi-gravity feed, that strikes me as wearing suspenders and a belt. Regardless, the price is right and I sure could enjoy it.

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  11. Avatar photo roundhouse

    Seems he could have cleaned and painted the rear end. Highly visible on this car and makes me wonder about other shortcuts.

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  12. Avatar photo Mark S

    How can this be street legal? I’d like this more if had some cool little fenders on it.

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  13. Avatar photo Jug

    Wow, real actual ‘ hand painted ‘ pin striping! The ride is certainly better than the copy. Pretty much everything is period correct except for alternator and 12volt system w electric fuel pump. Won’t get you into TROG, but easy enough to change back. Don’t understand need for 12v system on a ’32 four cylinder motor that only had 40hp. Nothing in description says anything about high compression heads sooooo? Built by owner to have fun with and I think he did a nice job with it. A little dirt and lack of paint on rear end is a positive sign for me, it shows the car’s a runner.

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  14. Avatar photo Duffy

    $8000.00 for what? It is a lot easier to cut metal off of a vehicle than it is to put back on. The more you take off or cut off the more the price goes up on a vehicle? JUNK

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  15. Avatar photo DrSnow

    The seats remind me of something from an airport or bowling alley and the cherry bomb is anything but a tasteful upgrade.
    Regardless, best of luck to the seller.

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  16. Avatar photo Steve Henderson

    does anyone know what happened to this car, I would be very interested in finding it.

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