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1931 Ford Model A Truck: Where To Start?

1931 Ford Model A

From David F – There are so many possibilities for a completely Model A pickup, where does one start? Stock would be really nice, but others might think custom. This pickup has been in a barn for 30 years. If it’s as good as it looks, this would seem like an amazing find. $12,500 seems pricey to me, but you don’t find many complete original Model A Pickups. The owner says it is out of a California barn, so it could be rust free. The sale includes “lots of new parts”. I wonder what they might be. Because it’s not running, there could be lots of problems starting with the engine, which could be seized, and the transmission and more. At least parts are plentiful and cheap. The question is, though, after buying this in California and having it shipped to Florida, why is the owner selling it? The prospect of this pickup being what it is is tantalizing, though, isn’t it? Then, one has to consider how much this would be worth running or restored. Model A cars are pretty cheap these days. Have a look at the pictures. What do you think? Find this Model A here on craigslist in Orlando, Florida.


  1. kenzo

    Nice truck. could be a fun project either way. Wonder if he is selling it / flipping it to pay for some of the other projects? In the pic of the front end there is at least 3 projects in the background. in another pic there is one on a hoist and a partial hot rod.

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  2. L.M.K.

    84 years old and still in original condition….I’d let it remain stock and spruce it up .

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  3. MikeH

    That’s a nice truck, but 12.5K for a non running model A that needs everything? I don’t keep up with A prices, but that seems exorbitant.

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  4. Mark E

    I agree with MikeH. It’s pricey just for a solid unrestored body and a non-running, possibly siezed engine. As for what I’d do with it, to my mind, the “patina” is good with this one. No actual rust to speak of and it doesn’t look like it’s sat outside for decades. If you gave it to me, I’d either get the original engine running or transplant a V-8 flatty and drive it as is and enjoy the envious stares when you’re picking up stuff at the Home Depot next weekend! ^_^

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  5. Blindmarc

    289 with a C4 and drive it……

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  6. don

    12k or 1200.oo is more reasonable. cool truck but for 12k

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I think the vendor is doing a little wishing on this one. However, to find one that is complete is rare for this vintage. Here’s one that started out with a frame, a cab without doors, half the hood, a few wheels and most of the bed. About four years in the making and it’s complete, and run…

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  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    Hmmm, that photo doesn’t seem to want to load. Let’s try it again…

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  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    Having some problems uploading this photo. One more time…

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  10. Chris

    I have restored two classic cars now. I can tell you from experience you will have $10-$20,000 restoring that truck. At the end of the day the truck is worth about $15 to $20k. I think you can do the math. In the words of my grandfather, “you can never buy them cheap enough“. I wouldn’t give any more than $5000 for that truck and that would be generous.

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