1937 Chrysler Royal: Almost Finished?

royal front

This promising Chrysler can be found here on craigslist in Carson City for a very reasonable $7,900. It looks like the restoration has come a long way and it just needs the interior (including the steering wheel) to be complete. The owner reports  that it runs well, but needs brake work – the parts are included. What’s that sitting behind it though?

Compare this Chrysler to the one I wrote up a few months ago. The asking for this partially restored Chrysler is only $2,900 more than for the $5,000 asking for the unrestored car! No doubt, the asking price was rather optimistic on the other one, but it makes this Chrysler look like a great deal!

The engine and other components were rebuilt. In the picture showing the frame rail and suspension it looks like a lot of work has been done there. I can’t imagine the buyer chopping this up to make a street rod. It’s got a 3 speed with overdrive which should make it very driveable at highway speeds. Wouldn’t this make a a grand old driver?


  1. jim s

    looks like a hemi on the left side of 1st photo.

    • dave

      That was an option.

      • Brad

        Wasn’t an option until 14 years later, in 1951.

  2. Mark E

    Maybe missing the passenger side tail light? For a car that supposedly out-sold the Chrysler Airflow you don’t see these very often. If I was twenty years younger I’d love to take this one on! The steering wheel would be a bit difficult to source but the interior looks like it could be gently cleaned and carefully used, at least for awhile…that would be on the back burner until after I replaced the driving lights with more period ones.

  3. Mark E

    Oh and in the photo of the engine with the air cleaner, the car in the background appears to have Packard hubcaps.

  4. Ed P

    What a beautiful car and the price seems very reasonable. The big work seems to be done.

  5. dave

    That is a real good price. We sell 30s Mopar for a living. (Dodge City Vintage} Jamestown CA.
    The engine alone to rebuild is 2500 to 4000
    Overdrive trans, just sold one for 3000
    These are beautiful driving cars.

    • David Frank David Member

      Dodge City Vintage? You do? Wow, can I drop by sometime? Looks like a really cool place!

    • Mark S

      Hi Dave I have a tech question. I’m currently restoring a 1951 dodge Mayfair two door hard top Canadian car only. The car state side closest to it would be a 1951 Plymouth Belvidere (I my not have spelled that right) the two main differences are first of all the Mayfair is mainly a Plymouth body with say a dodge cornet front clip. The second thing is the Plymouth uses a 217cid engine 23″ long and my dodge uses a 218cid engine 25″ long more common to Chrysler cars of that time period. My question to you Dave is how do I know with certainty weather my car is 6v neg. or 6v pos. Also what hurdles are in my way to go to 12v. Thanks in advance

    • Wayne Thorpe

      Dave, it has been 18 months since you wrote the above response. I have a 1941 Chrysler Royal with the straight 6 and fluid drive transmission. I just changed the oil and used straight 30 weight oil. When I start the car, within 5-10 seconds, the oil leaks out of the bottom fitting. Seems like an excessive pressure issue. I am going to drain the oil and put straight 20 weight oil. I also installed a new NAPA 1076 oil filter. Do you have any other ideas that I should try. You can email me or call/text me at 8602808457. Duke

      • Ed P

        20w oil is thinner and will leak more. 40w is thicker but I don’t know if it would flow and lube this engine properly. The best bet is to find and fix the leak.

  6. DREW V.

    An excellent find for the newbie or neophyte, It can be driven as work progresses, even the experienced vintage auto enthusiast could enjoy this car…

  7. Birdman

    What happened to that poor steering wheel? But beyond that, it’s a really nice car.

  8. dave

    If it had a banjo steering wheel, he probably sold it. We sold one for 1500.00 in good shape

  9. 64 bonneville

    I’m thinking LeBarren-Bonney or Hampton coach has reproduction interiors f this. you will probably give as much for the interior kit as the asking price for this car, but it would be fantastic cross country cruiser when done. I think it is worth the money.

  10. Jason Houston

    That car to the left is a late 30’s pillared Convertible Sedan, perhaps a Chrysler product or ?

  11. Kem Jones

    It would make a great companion car to my 38 Imperial convert sedan . This car has been on the Cannadian Coast to Coast tours in 1992 and 2010 . We will be taking it on the 2017 tour and will be pulling a 1947 Fleetwood tear drop trailer

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