1941 Cadillac Project

It would be very interesting to know the story behind this car and it is sad that there is not more information about it. This 1941 Cadillac 4 door Fastback is has a buy it now price of $2,550 or the ability to make an offer. The seller will either sell it completely and if unable, they will part it out. If you buy it, you will be heading to Santa Teresa, New Mexico to pick it up. You can view the eBay listing here.

This listing is as bland and useless as it could possibly be. It has no information about any engine or mechanical components. From what you can see from the pictures, this car’s V8 has seen much better days. It doesn’t even look like most of the engine is connected to itself as it should be. One of the photos shows the radiator is out of the car.

As weird as it sounds, it looks like the interior is melting or shedding. The seats do have some covers on them in places, but the rest of it seems to be literally bursting apart at the seams. In a few of the photos, it shows that a few things are missing from the dashboard. You can see that the passenger side door has some interior peeling as well. The carpets do not look stock, but the car does have a steering wheel and column and it doesn’t look like the headliner is falling.

The car does have a large amount of rust with the most prime example being in the trunk. There are no photos of the underside of the car, but the surface does not look too bad. Even the engine bay doesn’t really have that much rust. Since it is unknown underneath, you would have to find out more whether this car is salvable or not. For the price it might be worth taking it in. If anything, you could part it out.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Looks like something out of Russia,,,

    • Bun Thomas

      This is actually a southern New Mexico car, was used as a parts car to restore two other similar cars. I believe the owner has some of the missing trim pieces, probably selling separately on another website.

  2. grant

    Seems reasonable, it’s mostly complete. Finding the taillight lenses and filling the holes in the dash might be challenging. Be a nice ride done out.

  3. geomechs Member

    I helped a good friend of mine restore a ’41 Fleetwood around 30 years ago. I would have to say that it started out in similar condition to the one featured here. I have to say that when we just got the car cleaned up inside and out, it was a different scene completely. But it was a lot of work. I wanted to pull the body off and do it from the frame up, but Ronnie wouldn’t, so we performed a body-on restoration which eventually turned out quite well. Ronnie was asked to chauffer the car in probably 15 weddings over the years…

  4. Bellingham Fred

    A picture is worth a 1000 words is obviously the sellers marketing strategy. When it comes to the engine and the interior the majority of those words appear to be profanities.

  5. waynard

    I know the irascible guy that is selling this and have had some contact with him in the past on another car. He doesn’t seem to really know anything about the stuff he sells, he just thinks it’s worth crazy money. And he’s got a lotta automotive s*** out there on his property he sells when I guess he needs money.
    Pic is of another ’41 in New Mexico. Same condition but a little more complete.

  6. Gay Car Nut Tacoma, Washington

    I hope whoever buys this Cadillac restores it enough that it’s safe to drive. Restore the seats enough that it’s comfortable.

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