1945 English Ford Prefect Project


These little Fords were designed for the roads and taxes in England, as well as the rest of Europe. Many assume it a scaled down copy of the 1933 Ford, but the Prefect actually evolved from the Model Y, which came out in 1932. So you might say the 1933 Ford is actually a scaled up version of the Prefect (yes we know, that’s a bit of a stretch). These were built in one form or another from 1938 to 1961, but there aren’t many left because they made such great dragsters or just rusted away. This Prefect listed on craigslist looks so nice in this picture that the $1,500 asking seems very reasonable. Fortunately, the seller has included several much more revealing photos. It’s all original and looks mostly complete.


The rest of the car looks pretty good, but as nice in other views, especially the side with for sale painted on it. There doesn’t appear to be any windows and there’s no word on the interior or if the engine will turn. There’s no rust showing on the outside of the body, but the floors could be gone if the rust on the firewall is any indication. This little Ford will never be worth very much, but wouldn’t it be a fun little car to run around town in?


  1. Brakeservo

    Appears to be LHD so exceedingly rare, most LHD versions were sold in Canada but even then not too many. Doubt 1945 is correct year though. More like a scaled down Model A Ford except for the more modern body. In once sense the Model A was a bit more advanced – it had a water pump where this is thermosyphon.

    • Mike

      I would say it is a RHD, if you blow up the picture you can see instrument cluster on the right hand side of the car.

  2. Dave

    Nice wheels

  3. John T

    Any fans of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” out there??


    Drag car?

    • john

      Lots of pics. on yahoo

  5. MountainMan

    Yeah John…Ford Prefect

    The price is low enough on this so cant expect too much. It looks pretty decent and would be a fun little car to run around town in.

  6. John Holden

    My first car. Worked during school holidays and bought it for 10 pounds in 1962. Ripped off the rusty boot and replaced it with an aluminium sheet to make it go faster…

  7. rogerowen

    Silicone spray.

  8. AW240Z

    Looks like the Vogons got to it first……….


  9. mark

    If a PT Cruiser was made in 1945 this is what it would have looked like.

    • Wayne S.K.

      I like that, Mark. As they say across the pond, “Spot on…”

      • Doug Towsley

        Good on yah lad!

  10. john

    How weird is it 1945(?) and no patina! Lots of small dents/dings no rust other than unpainted firewall. hmmm.

  11. Doug Towsley

    See a lot of possibilities of that one, from restifying it with modern drive train (Would NOT want to attempt bay area traffic in that with stock drive train) to a wicked street rod-Drag car. Price is very nice.
    Im hoping someone gives it a good home

  12. Alan (Michigan )

    Ask has been “adjusted” to $ 1850.

    I think that we should term such advances so soon after a feature here, as being influenced by the “Barn Finds Effect”

    Sounds good, eh?

  13. rogerowen

    I saw what you did there!

  14. rogerowen

    If it is RHD – it might do well back in the UK, not may survived here and the 1172 Side Valve engine and 3 speed gearbox would be quite at home on our country lanes (less so for the ludicrous vacuum powered wiper mechanism I seem to remember)!

  15. Rich

    Looks like LHD – the rear view shows the steering column, dash is symmetrical.

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