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1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan

Chevrolet released some of their best looking cars in the forties. I always preferred their curves to the Fords of the era. This Fleetline Aerosedan represents the most handsome of Chevy’s lineup in 1947 and that fact also helped it become a best seller. This particular car may appear worse than it really is. Supposedly it was daily driven until sometime in the ’90s when it was parked inside a barn in Washington. It has been dug out and is now listed on eBay with bidding currently at $598.

We are not sure if we would call it patina, but the exterior surface of this old sedan has quite the look. The seller claims that there are few layers of paint including a rust colored one. That would explain how the car can look rusty and solid at the same time. We would be tempted to leave the outside alone while we got her running and cleaned up the interior. Those red rims might need to be toned down a bit though.

Upfront sits a 216 inline six which could put out about 90 horsepower when new. Looks like everything is there and that it could be made to run with some work. The seller does not give many details, so you will want to make sure it is not seized up.

Every surface is rough inside, but it all looks complete. Note the “Fleetweave” fabric on the seats which was exclusive to these cars. Nothing fancy in here, but these were nice cars in their day.

You are going to have to really love this Fleetline to take it on because it is going to need a lot of work just to get running. Although, after doing the job, you will have one of the ugliest best looking fastbacks America has ever made.


  1. Robert Janca

    That could be a very sharp looking ride with after a couple years of earnest tinkering.

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  2. Somer

    Those 216 babbit motors are great! Put on two deuces and a split exhaust manifold and join the bomber brigade. I’d leave the paint as is.

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  3. paul

    Nice & looks to be complete, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat, but the garage is full.

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  4. ED

    I have a 1950 Pontiac fastback which looks about like it and it’s for sale.

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  5. Foxxy

    My parents had one of these but I think it was a pontiac. I can remember sleeping in the back window.

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  6. craZee

    I can’t understnd why the engine has to be so close to the fire wall with that big long hood. More room in my Datsun Z cars than in this engine bay?

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  7. Roller Coaster

    craZee, that 216 weights as much your Datsun Z, thererfore, it can not be placed directly over the front suspension!

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  8. Larry

    Now this is great. It’s all there, to bad it’s so far from Florida.

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  9. FRED


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    • Rob T.

      Really? How incredibly original man! And unless you’re implying that you’re screaming at us, please don’t type in all caps, ok? Thank you & goodnight.😴

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  10. Horse Radish

    I’d do this, that and the other, then some more of that and something else and that, too..
    Then run out of money, get tired of it, change my mind and try to sell a completely disfigured car that was built just for me and nobody else in mind, but I want to sell it and get every PENNY BACK OUT OF IT and be paid for my time too (handsomely).

    I get so tired of these scenarios and the barrage of destruction or, if you will: the field of debris they leave behind……

    on this car: it’s wonderful original and that IS WHAT IT SHOULD STAY : to original specs !

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  11. Bear

    LOVE IT!! :-)

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  12. Pete

    I worked at a shop that we restored a ’47 Fleetline. They are really nice cruisers when complete. Found an old late 40’s .38 Special behind the spare tire……

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  13. gunningbar

    Someone said “ugly.” I say great looking car!

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