1947 Chevy Fleetmaster Convertible

top down

This is the quintessential barn find, unmolested except by mice perhaps. After 50 years of barn storage, it’s back in the Wisconsin sun and listed on craigslist. The owner is claiming it covered only 45,000 miles before being parked in 1963. He’s not naming a price, but taking offers and promoting it as a lowrider. It looks a bit chunky for that role, not low and lean at all. What do you think, can you see it slammed on hydraulics and little bitty wheels? What do you think it might be worth?


There’s not much missing from the dash, but there’s no further word on the state of the floor or the housekeeping habits of the resident rodents. Can you picture this with a chain link steering wheel and a fuzzy dash?

The trunk floor looks solid and there’s no rust showing in the expected places. The top bows appear to all be there.

The trim is there and the engine looks complete and original except for the air cleaner. There is no word if it is free. What do you think this old Chevy could be worth?


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  1. Somer

    I’d wipe it down and get it running. Those 216 sixes were great. Park next to the new Corvette and see who gets the most attention!

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    • Norman Wrensch

      if you look close at the valve cover that is not a 216. The 216 had studs sticking up thru the center of the valve cover. that has to be a 235 or 261. They were the only ones to use four bolts ( two on each side). But that was a better engine then the 216 anyway.

  2. Tim

    “Don’t need to sell, just looking for someone who wants to build the ultimate low rider”

    ….the ultimate low rider does not begin with a 47 Chevy convertible.

    Why are all the best restorable cars owned by complete idiots?

    I hope this car is bought by a restorer who will put this back to original spec.
    It’s a great project, but based on the seller’s request for “high bidders” I suspect he’s just speculating the market.

    Hits the same spot in the heart as seeing a dog with an abusive owner.

    What a moron.

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  3. Tim

    It’s worth around $5500, as is, but it’s disillusioned owner probably wants 10-12 grand

  4. Chris

    Why does every car that’s been sitting around forever have the air cleaner missing?

  5. Jose

    What qualifies it to be called a “cabriolet?” To me it’s just a convertible.

    • Chris

      I thought a cabriolet had full door frames and fixed roof side rails. A true convertible has neither. That’s my defination anyway.

  6. Mark S Member

    The thing about chevy’s is. There are plenty of parts around and fairly cheep. The the thing to do with this is put a newer 6 in it with a full pressure oil system. Secondly front disc brakes, third restore the rest to stock including body. What you end up with is a great car that you can drive anywhere that looks original. After all the goal is too enjoy it.

    • bob

      I think the engine has already been updated to a full pressure type. Check the valve cover and short side cover. Looks to be a ’54 or newer 235 c.i.

  7. KN

    The engine does look like a later model. I’m pretty sure this is what a ’47 looks like.

  8. Duffy

    It’s value as it sits is worth about $0. After putting $28000.00 into it you got a 1947 Chevy Convertible. What say you.

  9. Axeltrap

    Late 40’s Fleetlines are a mainstay of the traditional Lowrider “bomb” style. Being a convertible is just as desirable. Nothing like the sound of a Chevy 6 with splits.

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  10. Mark S Member

    I don’t know about the rest of you guy’s but for me personally I am not in this hobby for the money. I’ m in it for my passion for old cars, the truth be told if your looking to grt rich quick old car is not your game. Very few of us make money in the old car market IMHO the interest from the young guy’s just isn’t there

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    • Matt

      Speaking as a young guy it seems as if the interests of my peers towards classics is null and void, of the 7-800 people in my school i know of about 5 including myself with any sort of interest in old cars, i myself currently am trying to fix my 1987 nissan 300zx my older brother convinced me to buy (not my best choice, too many wires and computerized pieces) but once it is done i plan on either purchasing a 1973 or prior car, or a ton of sheet metal to build my own style vintage racer. Either idea would be thought of as idiotic by the people of my school (as well as my parents but thats beside the point). What you say from my experience seems to hold as accurate

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        That’s why sites are Barn Finds are important. Young people can learn about the hobby here and hopefully gain an appreciation for old cars. I personally know a few young guys who we have converted!

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      • Mark S Member

        Matt I’m glad to here that you have become old carsick

  11. Mark S Member

    Bob I went back to the photo’s for a second look and you are correct the valve cover bolts are on the lip of the cover which would make it a newer engine

  12. jaygryph

    Must have been worth it, ad is already gone.

  13. Oldstuff 1941

    Jose,…. a True ‘Cabriolet was one that had no rear side windows for the rear seat passengers, if it even had a rear seat,… some did not… anyway, the actual convertible top comes around on the sides and covers that area where you see this 47 has rear roll up windows for the rear seat area. The only side windows on a ‘Cabriolet’ are the doors.

    The last year for the Cabriolet in the Chevrolet line was 1941… 42 started the full windowed ‘Convertible’… I’ve owned my 41 ‘Cabriolet’ for 17 yrs… The guys here ran a ‘What’s in your Barn/Garage’ feature on it back about a year ago, when I pulled it out of storage after 10 years to do a resto on it…..

  14. gunningbar

    My family had this in a for door hardtop from 49 to 59…. wonderful memories… turning this into a low rider or ? makes me sick.. but at least it will be saved.

  15. Richard guzman

    That 47 conv. That came outa barn is on face book for 25k..the black one..missing passenger side had light..its had some stuff done but that’s the car

  16. Walt Clary

    This was my first car, even the color. I bought it in 19
    56, paid 75 bucks for it. Took me 3 weeks to pay it off as i only made 30 bucks per week! Sure wish i had this one now! Oh well, memories are still in my 79 year old head anyway.

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