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1948 Chevy Truck: Dirt Cheap Rat Rod Or Parts Truck?


You NEED this truck, especially given the $400 asking price! At least that’s what the seller thinks. It’s as rough as all git-out, but this is the stuff rat rods and incredibly ambitious projects are made of. Parts cars too. There is no title. The seller says those are for commies, and that owning it without one will help show the ladies what a rebel you are. He has a few other things to say that are funny, and I’m not going to steal any more of his thunder by repeating them here.


He says the front bumper is not included, which hopefully means he as already furnished the labor to get it out of the way. He says it used to be an old Bell Telephone truck, and from the looks of the vintage utility bed on it, that might be right.


Anyone expecting the interior to be as rough as the outside, won’t be disappointed. He says the drivetrain is “no good”, but presumably that means at least part of it is there, if that matters for a truck like this one.


In most scenarios, the bed will probably be sold for scrap metal anyway. A possible advantage in this case, is the sale of that bed might recoup as much as 10% or better of the entire purchase price. As rough as it is, at $400 this probably will sell quickly. And if that really is a ’63 Impala passenger door laying in the back of it, I’ll buy it from you. Find this super dirt cheap truck, and the seller’s sense of humor here on craigslist in St. Louis.


  1. Avatar photo Gary

    Gone already. No truck, no jokes, humor me.

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  2. Avatar photo OGWagon

    Just missed the listing too.
    Would love to see the ramblings if you saved it.

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  3. Avatar photo packrat

    –And this is why it is wise to cache the listing, including the pictures, with archive.org or similar before you do a write up.

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    • Avatar photo Al8apex

      agreed, nothing worse than hearing how skillful the ad was then nothing …

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  4. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    “Titles are for Commies”? Tell THAT to Patty and Selma.

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  5. Avatar photo Lee H.

    This is the style of service beds I remember on the Bell Telephone trucks.

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      Great example! A lot of work to bring this posting up to the same standard

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  6. Avatar photo G.P.

    I went to read the humor to, gone

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  7. Avatar photo Donnie

    I happen to like titles and I’m not a commie Mr funny man

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  8. Avatar photo Chuck

    Who the heck is Patty & Selma ???

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  9. Avatar photo Brian

    The utility body is what makes this so unique. That would be the attention getter if you restored it.

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    • Avatar photo van

      Why not have it blasted and clear coated and just drive
      Think of all the stuff you can put in the back
      Fishing, hunting, race car trailering, and oh yeah the multiple trips to home depot every month.

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      • Avatar photo Lion

        Your right, Van. This is the kind of hulk that rats and rods should be made of, not some of the pristine stuff they destroy on some of those reality BUILDER shows on TV.

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  10. Avatar photo Ed P

    If titles are for commies, does that make license plates for commies also?

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