1950 Dodge Shortbed: A Bargain At $1,400?

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Pickup trucks are the fastest growing segment of classic cars and command crazy prices even for battered remains. The none running truck at our museum sold for $3,500, for example. This old truck listed on craigslist is complete and the asking is only $1,400. It’s not running and the carb is off the engine. The shiny clear coat over the patina doesn’t do it any favors. There’s no rust showing or any ground showing through the cab floor, plus it’s from dry country south of Austin, so perhaps the rust is not bad. The seller is marketing this more a promotional tool than a running truck, but at this price, wouldn’t it be worth making it drivable? One could keep it stock or build a resto-rod.


  1. Matt Tritt

    Why in the ever-lovin world do people do things like spray clear coat over dents and rust? All this does is make it very difficult to restore the vehicle, if not impossible. All this “patina” stuff has gone a bridge too far.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      You might not like it and that’s fine but how would clear coat make it “difficult” or “impossible” to restore?

  2. Rick

    That’s not stock, think the box is from a ’54

  3. Ed P

    I agree Matt. Old, faded paint that is glazed over is patina. Rust is just rust. Shiny rust is still rust.

    • Patrick McC.

      Polish and turd, it’s still a turd…

      • skloon

        No matter how many candles you put in a cow pie you can’t call it a birthday cake- he could have at least used matte clear

  4. Leon

    That clear looks horrible. Surprised he didn’t gloss tires with Tire Wet gloss too.

  5. MIkeG

    Looks like someone oiled it up.

  6. packrat

    To complete the glossy clear-coat-over-body-damage look: gloss the tires as well, paint the rims bright red, wire an animal skull to the front hood: Now, you’re ready to take up space in the front lobby of a establishment somewhere on the Austin/Nashville/Portland hipster circuit. Aw heck, throw in a mannequin with a jackelope head in the driver’s seat and call it done. (Truck thinks: I don’t want to live this way. Please Let Me Die)

  7. Howard A Member

    While I mean no disrespect to the seller, this is just the opposite of leaving it all dusty. Truth be known, this is actually a pretty good deal. Like David sez, these trucks are gaining steam, only because, these are non-existent in rust zones, and there are only so many out West. While I wouldn’t put the stock motor and drive train back, ( horribly inadequate for today’s driving) I wouldn’t put some fire-breathing 700 hp. monster engine in it either. So many ways to make it a good driver. Leave it outside for a few weeks, that patina will come right back.

  8. bonneville 64

    late model slant 6 with disc brakes on front, then enjoy the ride.

    • GOPAR

      Good call.

  9. justin

    I guess the clear coat has taken everyone’s eyes off of what looks like a tree sapling that has grown out of the driver’s door that the owner attached a mirror to. I looked at other ’50 Dodge trucks and did not find one that has this as a rear view mirror.

  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    The old image is sure changing. While Dodge trucks of the 50s once left something to be desired, they’re becoming more popular. I agree with Rick; it’s got a later bed. Now as far as clear coating rust (some prefer to call it patina but I call it like it is) is concerned, clear coating it is the worst thing you can do because it drives the rust inboard. The best way to preserve ‘patina’ is to soak it down with good ol’ WD 40 or equivilant.

  11. pontiactivisit

    The absolute hands down worst clear coating I have ever seen. Yuck! Super high gloss rust! No thanx. I’ve seen a Chevy truck with fake rust airbrushed and cleared that I thought look awesome. This on the other hand turns this painters stomach. On the up side of it I wouldn’t mind having this. The other day someone commented on the flat black grand prix complaining about people flat blacking cars. I honestly think it would have been a better choice than clear.

    • Ed P

      I hate flat black cars. They look like they only have primer on them. However, I agree that shiny rust is worse.

  12. Tony Christe

    Preservation of any old relics comes in many forms. Antiques have actually survived in barns because they were covered in dirt and grime. Anything can be restored to perfect but everyone does not have the time,knowledge or funds to do the job right.

    People still have these treasures in barns and garages. At least they keep them around until the right person steps in and restores them sometimes.

  13. Jack Cash

    I bought this. The clear coat is insanity!!!! Look in the pictures. The dash and gages are coated. The floor was rusted bad. Once again If you look in the pictures he made a horrible wood floor to cover it up. Everything was rusted in place on the inside and the frame and suspension are rusted out. Paid 1,000 with title. I have an old 87 dakota frame that it will now sit on.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Was this all a surprise to you or did you get a chance to see it in person?

      • Jack Cash

        I had a “friend” look at it. I was out of state at the time.

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