1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Barn Find

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Like a fine jewel tucked away in a barn, this 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe looks like a cherry find! With absolutely no information provided about the car, the photos certainly offer an enticing view. The only concerns about this classic is the lack of information and the price! Offered for an opening bid of $7,000, or a buy it now price of $9,000 this Chevy does appear nice, but may be a gamble at that price range. Check it out here on eBay out of Hot Springs, South Dakota.

From the clear photos in the listing we can see this Chevrolet appears to be quite original inside. The bench is ripped, and the steering wheel has been wrapped. Overall the interior appears to be complete and in very reasonable condition. There are no photos of the engine compartment, but I would assume this car to be complete.

Despite being well wedged into this barn, this Chevrolet looks like a promising find. The paint and body work look great, with only minor paint wear visible on the roof. Rust appears to be nonexistent, and the bright work looks to be in its place. There is no evidence of any substantial damage, really making this Chevrolet a great project to revive. Would you take a chance on this sweet barn find?

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    This one looks like it will clean up well. I have a special place for a Styleline Deluxe. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a ’49 that got hauled out of a barn. From what I see here, clean it up, get it running and enjoy it. The top looks like the only part that hasn’t aged well…

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  2. canadainmarkseh

    If this were mine I’d paint the roof, fix the seat make it safe and drive it. these are great old reliable cars that would be a pleasure to own.

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  3. Bob

    9 Grand for a pig in a poke. What could go wrong?

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  4. Christian

    Very beauitiful car from what I see! Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be unrestored. The delaminating clearcoat on the roof tells me it’s probably a ’90s or later restoration. I’m only worried about what could be hiding under that paint…

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    • Chuck

      I was going to comment on the clear coat delamination but you beat me to it.

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      • geomechs geomechsMember

        And here I didn’t consider the possibility of it being clear-coated. I thought of a car I once knew of that sat partially under a tree; it ended up looking similar to this one….

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    • Tom H

      No clear coat used during that year😇

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  5. Djs

    It’s nice not my thing I like the 60 s on to 70s but go for it and 4 doors no way have at it

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  6. daCabbie

    Finally! A true ‘barn find’!…. sometimes it seems like the barn is the hardest thing to find.

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  7. Wheels

    Looks like a shade tree 80’s paint over . Chrome is quite pitted and peeling under the shelving, and i suspect the lack of driver side photos lends to more suspension. It’s a $4500.00 at best wishful thinking. Representations such as this one ( steer) me away from the site. No pun intended.

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  8. Suttree

    Love the visor.

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  9. Ian McLennan

    Hate the visor.

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  10. Don Albershardt

    The Visor isn’t Original

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  11. Eric

    For that price it should be a two door.

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  12. Steve kesler

    Give me a call when you find a 55 Chevy 2 door hardtop. 4 door 51, not that desirable.

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    • Arty

      I used to agree with that opinion. But now, between owning a few antique four door sedans & the craziness of the prices for nearly every type of two door, we’ll, four doors are looking better all the time.

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  13. Fred w

    Listed for the price of a driver quality , ready to go restored 4 door.

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  14. Bellingham Fred

    It is listed for sale. The new owner will want to take it home. So why not remove it from the barn now? Maybe too much work to extricate it, then put it back when it doesn’t sell? We could all add paragraphs about marketing strategy and common sense and common courtesy, but we’ve heard and seen it all too often.
    My point is take it out now, clean it, access its condition, take more pics etc,etc. Then you increase your chances of making a sale, and you won’t have to return it to the barn.

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  15. D.Meister

    That Fulton Sunvisor would be right at home on my 49 DeSoto.

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