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1952 Ford Mainline: The First On Barn Finds

'52 Mainline

We’ve featured a huge variety of cars here on Barn Finds and finding something we haven’t ever featured before is rather rare these days. Up until now, we haven’t ever featured a Ford Mainline, making this the first in Barn Finds history! Listed here on craigslist in Omaha, Nebraska, this 1952 Mainline is listed for $2,700. It is barn fresh and is wearing plenty of dust to prove it!

'52 Mainline left side

The body and glass is all there, along with the original 6 cylinder engine and 3 speed. There is no mention if the engine runs or spins.

'52 Mainline front seat

Some cleaning and seat repair might be in order, that is unless you are going to a car show that has a “Barn Find” class. A 1st in Class is always good.

'52 Mainline back seat

How about, what appears to be, the original rear seat cover. How cool is that?

1952 Ford Mainline

We don’t know if the engine turns over, the history of ownership, the mileage, or how long the car has been in the barn, but you can call Randy the owner and he may have all the answers you are looking for. They are only original and fresh out of the barn once.



  1. Donnie

    Is so hard to get a garden hose to clean it .wtf

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    • jaygryph

      Leave it dirty, people fuss. Wash it off, people fuss. Leave it in a barn buried in stuff, people fuss there aren’t more detailed pictures of every angle. Drag it out on a car trailer where you can see it all around, people fuss that the buyer is lazy. If it’s a common brand or muscle car, people fuss that it’s not more quirky or a dime a dozen. If it’s a quirky off brand or more door model, people fuss that it’s not worth their time. Surface or body rust? Not worth your time, better scrap it! Perfect paint and absurdly low miles? Clearly a fake, gotta be some hidden shenanigans!

      What magical open-to-every-angle-of-photos, with just the right layer of collected dirt and rats nests, the perfect number of miles and rust free mint interior rare and unusual but popular model barn find do you folks want?

      Hey BF guys, you’re doing a great job. Love this site. Keep up the good work!

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      • Rocco


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      • Robert Member


        Thanks for the incite and your positive thoughts on BF. We thank you for your time and comment.

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      • Bruce E

        I like your thinking ! I could not have said it better myself !!! ” People will bitch if you hang them with a new rope ” !!!!
        Love the site with all the different vehicles in every sort of condition, dug out of who knows where !!!

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  2. jeff

    I can actually smell the mouse poop all the way through the internet. That being said, the price is about right if the engine actually spins and the frame is still OK and the floor pans aren’t bad. I guess there’s a lot of ‘ifs’ there.

    I guess the engine may not need to spin. It’s just the six in there, so a large percentage of buyers would consider upgrading the the flathead anyway.

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    • RayT Member

      I wouldn’t change the engine. Assuming the one in there can be made to run well, that is. The Ford “six” of that time was a decent performer by the standards of the day. Some people say the six-cylinder cars were a bit quicker than those with flatties.

      Once cleaned, deodorized and brought up to snuff mechanically, this could be a nice “find.”

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  3. Joe Gotts

    Im wondering if there is a shotgun in the trunk that matches the empty box of shells in the back seat.


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  4. Mike D

    back in the mid 60s ( earlier?) they would race flatheads , mostly Ford V Chevy, thought they were all used up a flathead V/8 and the three speed get ‘er spruced up ( A LOT OF SPRUCING UP) and you’d have a classy machine

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  5. Mark S

    Looks to be in about the same shape as my 1951 dodge, I know that I’ll propibly be upside down on it when I’m done, but I’ve never viewed it as an investment. I’m just a gear head that likes old cars, I also like the history of the car industry. I agree that there is a whole lot of fussing going on, I think it is brought on by the misconception that getting rich is possible with these old cars, it is not really unless maybe your selling reproduction parts. This a fantastic old car that would be fun to restore and fun to drive.

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  6. 64 bonneville

    just re-do it back to stock. appears that the seat covers hide the original upholstery as evidenced by shot of front seat. a lot of folks did that in early 50s’ to keep car looking nice, remember the clear plastic covers on car seats, and grandmas’ sofa? The 6 is actually faster than the flathead, by a couple of 10th of a second to 60 and in the 1/4 mile, from what tom McCahill reported in mechanics illustrated back in the day. small chrome “T” handle to right of steering column? could it be for overdrive? My only concern would be the rust in the rocker panels, and any floor or frame rust, from having sat on flat tires. BTW it is a 6 volt electrical system.

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  7. DT

    Missing alot of sheetmetal

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