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1953 Porsche 356: Pre-A Outlaw


Among the Porsche crowd, early 356s – known as the Pre-A – are particularly desirable, as is often the case with cars closest to the start of a production run. Porsches like this 1953 356 here on eBay had a bent windshield, a rare sight among the plethora of 356s that have been parading across eBay recently in various states of disassembly and destruction. Now that we’ve established why this example is desirable in today’s market (as indicated by its $79,356 Buy-It-Now price), let’s look at the conundrum factor: this car is an original example done in the Outlaw style at some point in the ’80s, which only adds to its allure as a survivor, in my opinion. But in order to realize the huge return so many 356 collectors want to see, an early car like this would likely have to be restored back to original condition. That means eliminating the flared fenders, sourcing a numbers-matching engine, and essentially tracking down a boat-load of original parts. As the saying goes: is the juice worth the squeeze?


  1. Mike L

    Looks like the floors have been replaced with unstamped sheet metal. Rear brakes are from a “B”. I would guess the transaxle too. Lots of work but if done right would be a very nice car. Price is a little high for the amount of work needed. But the car will still bring a good price.

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  2. Mrwingtips

    I have never understood why people turn the 356 into an outlaw.

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  3. DT

    Because its half bondo anyways

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  4. Jeff Staff

    The Outlaw thing always confused me as well, but I suppose it’s a middle finger to the establishment that buys these things solely to put them on a trailer to Pebble Beach.

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  5. Horse Radish

    I counted them,
    between this and another site you have to find only 2 more 356’s that weren’t covered.

    Then we’re done with those………..

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  6. Bob

    I have the fenders.. :) I dont’ have the money.

    Spent a lot of time in Youth (70-80’s) working on a 51 split window coupe race car. Loved that old tub.

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  7. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Appears just a quasi-survivor pimped out in bad taste to boot.

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  8. Dolphin Member

    Agreed that 356 outlaws are mostly a middle finger to the Porsche establishment as Jeff & others have said. But back a few decades they were an attempt at cool back before these cars got to be gold plated collector’s items. Back then just about anything went in SoCal, and nobody would question your intent if you made one into an outlaw. More likely they would envy how cool you looked going down the road in one.

    Big values = MONEY = changes a lot of things.

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  9. Rich

    If I was in a position to buy it, it’d get original tail lights and removal of those bumper mounted lamps, and then driven. Why does everything have to be restored to factory?

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