The Other Cadillac: 1957 Cadillac Custom Boat

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Are you a Cadillac fan? How about Cadillac boats? This is a 1957 Cadillac Boat and it’s in Burton, Michigan, about 10 minutes east of Flint. It’s found on eBay with a current bid of $790 and five days to go. Thanks to Jim S. for floating this one our way..

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Cadillac Marine & Boat Company was no relation to GM’s Cadillac. And, as you might have expected, GM even filed a lawsuit against them in February of 1957 saying that GM had the rights to the Cadillac name. Which, is strange because Cadillac was a city in Michigan before it ever gained fame as GM’s top brand. Finally, in 1964, a federal judge ruled that GM did not in fact have a monopoly on the name Cadillac and they were ordered to pay Cadillac Marine & Boat Company $41,000 for loss of reputation and legal fees. Goliath tried to pick a fight with David and it didn’t work out too well this time either.

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This is a Custom model, 14′ in length. You can see the 50 hp Johnson outboard here, but you’ll probably want a vintage outboard for this gem. I have a 1930s Mullins Sea Eagle like this one, but it’s patiently waiting for a restoration. Growing up a stone’s throw from Lake Superior I’ve had boating in my veins my whole life, I’m guessing that a lot of you love these old boats, too.

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This would be a fun restoration project: polish the aluminum, paint the accents in a period color, update the electrics and gauges and the interior…

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The seller says that the speedometer and tachometer will need to be replaced, that shouldn’t be hard to find replacements; hopefully. This is the British version because it’s right-hand-drive, and.. (just kidding!)

050416 Barn Finds - 1957 Cadillac Boat - 6

This is the Cadillac of boats, but I guess they couldn’t use that phrase. These are stylish boats from an era where lots of stylish boats were on the market. Cadillac made some really fancy, funky boats with tailfins and all sorts of wacky things. Those would be the ones to have today, but this one is a nice starter boat. You can not go wrong with that boat, especially for the price. The tilt trailer looks nice, too, but it will need new wiring and lights. You’d want to upgrade that anyway. I love these vintage boats. Are there any other vintage boat fans out there?

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  1. Sunday Driver

    Yay vintage boats.

    Give me the fins on some of the other Cadillacs or glass fiber boats. This is a great entry into vintage boats. Wouldn’t mind an old woody if I hit the lotto. Nice Sea Eagle Scotty G. Hope it makes it through to fruition.

    Would love to own one someday if I move closer to water. Which is odd, cuz’ I live on an island.

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  2. Chris A.

    I’ve always been a fan of the little Penn Yan wooden boats from the Keuka Lake NY. Pretty little fishing/runabouts that were a big part of the Finger Lakes region.
    For collector wooden boats, look up the Clayton NY wooden boat festival on Lake Ontario.

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  3. Cody

    This is a very cool boat. Vintage aluminum boats are awesome. I want this. I think that motor is very close to the same year. Maybe mid 60’s. I’d leave it on. With a 50, this boat would scoot right along. Fun stuff.

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  4. Tom Evans

    Similar to my ’57 14′ FeatherCraft –

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  5. Scott

    I have an almost identical boat to this one. It’s a 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine and even has a Cadillac steering wheel.

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  6. Dan10

    Outboard is late 60’s to early 70’s and Cody is correct, 50 horse is plenty for a 14′ boat.

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  7. PaulG

    Interesting story about the name, and I imagine that GM didn’t like it at all. Even the script looks almost identical, so the boat company was really pushing the envelope.

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  8. ben

    looks like 52 to 54 ford tail lights on trailer neat

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  9. 53MGTD

    Same era as my 57 MFG Runabout. MFG made the first Corvette bodies as they were fiberglass experts. IMHO 50HP is overpower for that size boat.

    Also need to install new bearings on the trailer before taking it on a road trip.

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  10. stillrunners

    yep….been collecting “fin” boats for a while in fiberglass and aluminum…..currently have a vintage “Lone Star” which was made here in Texas and I think there was another plant somewhere else….

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  11. HoA Howard AMember

    I too have been around smaller boats like this most of my life. My parents had/have a lake cottage since I was a kid, and the old man always had boats, and EVERYBODY on the lake had boats. Boating was huge. We had a 14 ft. Silverline, with Mercury motors, and the neighbor had a Shell Lake with a 60 Johnny on it, like this. I had one too ( an Electromatic shift 60 hp. Johnson), and they were heavy motors, but bulletproof. Run them wide open all day, you could, but thirsty. You could burn 2 tanks a day, easy.( and pulling a skier, 3 tanks) I agree, this motor is a bit much for this boat, and I like the ‘Rude motor idea a lot better. Sadly, today, we are selling the cottage, but when I’m there, there is total silence, not one boat goes by, maybe a PWC or a pontoon boat. I just sit and reflect how at one time, you had to really be careful, as there so many boats on the lake. Great find, and Scotty, you’re a brave man to want to go out on Lake Superior ( they don’t call it “Superior” for nothin’) in that. I’ve seen some nasty storms blow in out of nowhere on that lake. ( cue ” Edmund Fitzgerald ” song)

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  12. Bruce

    I owned a 14 foot ’58 Cadillac boat, but mine was wood. It looked nearly identical to Tom Evans boat. 35 horse Johnson on the back would toot down the lake pretty quick, and would pull me skiing. It had that same “check mark” molding down the side with the Cadillac crest ( that I would swear was the same crest as the car…) It was a very well built & attractive boat. I spent many many hours with it in Otsego Lake (Cooperstown N.Y.) Wish I still had it… This boat is identical to mine, but mine had no paint on it, it was all stained like the interior.

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    • Dan

      Was given a ’58 Cadillac identical to this one by my grandfather when I was a teen. Would love to find one to purchase/restore. If anyone has a lead on one, please forward. Thanks.

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      • Del

        I have a 57 Cadillac Coronado that needs to be restored. They cut the back deck out of it….darn !. It needs a windshield 2/3 of it is there.

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  13. edh

    How did they get away with the script and the “V” beneath it?

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  14. TH

    Great little boats. I have a 1961 aluminum row boat that I would like to restore the paint to original. Anyone have some info on non-faded blue color or a good logo I can reproduce? I am in the fingerlakes of NY as well.

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  15. TH

    Second Pic

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  16. Lennox Stuart

    I have a Cadillac boat that is similar to the one above. I believe is is vintage 1969 or 1970, 14 feet open boat all aluminum. There is a drain hole near the stern of the boat with a make shift plug in it DO YOU OR ANYBODY KNOW THE DIAMETER OF THAT DRAIN HOLE AND THE THREADING?
    Thank you,
    Lennox Stuart –

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  17. Phlatheat Phil

    What? No Phins? No Whale tail?

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  18. Scott McEvoy

    I’m looking at buying a 1957 Cadillac Coronado 14 feet. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Comes with a 35 horse Evinrude. I think the motor is mid 60s works. Comes with a trailer. The seller is asking $2300 is that’s a fair price?

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