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1957 Chevrolet Wagon: Beauty Or Beast?

chev left

Four door classics seem like a great way to get into classic car ownership that doesn’t involve breaking the bank. This wagon listed here on craigslist in Cookson, Oklahoma looks great in these pictures. From this distance it looks like it might be worth the $9,500 asking price. It’s a V8 car with the 3 speed. The 20 years of being hidden away seems to have been pretty kind to this wagon.


Except for the grill, the exterior looks pretty complete. It needs the usual work to get it running and driving. The chrome, trim and even the hubcaps are there.

front inside

The interior might even be usable as is with a good cleaning and a blanket. The big question is how bad is the rust in the floor pans. It looks like all the important bits are there under the hood. If the rust isn’t too bad, could this be worth the $9,500 price of admission? As always, I hope someone buys this to keep it original.

green left

Here’s a similar wagon for comparison listed on eBay with a BIN of $7,500. It ran when parked, but clearly doesn’t run now. How does this compare to the wagon above? It’s in Show Low, Arizona so perhaps it has less rust. Which would you rather have?


  1. Mark S

    I’d take the red one, it looks like a lot less work. The problem is that looks can be deceiving and you’d still need the grille. I also think that the price is a little high by about 3k as the interior is going to be expensive. Nice find if there some room on the sellers price.

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  2. Gary

    I would opt for the Red one also, as long as the rust is minimal and could be easily repaired I would say a pretty good buy. This does however not show any power options, pb or ps, also no radio, and grille is missing. That would reflect on price, so I am thinking maybe $2 to $3k high. The ’57 is my favorite year of the tri five bowties.

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  3. randy

    There are gold diggers coming out of the woodwork.

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  4. Mark E

    I can see, offhand, about a half-dozen trim pieces that are missing, the most obvious being the two chrome spears on the front fenders. Still, since this is a tri-five I’m sure you’d have your choice of repro pieces, right?

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  5. 64 bonneville

    The red wagon is a 210 model with the V-8 engine option. The radio and clock were extra cost option, like the heater defroster, which this one has. In my opinion, although purported to be running and driving according to the ad, price is $3-4K to high. Even though this is the 3 speed on the column, maybe it has overdrive, a hard to find option.

    The Az. wagon appears to be a 210 model also as evidenced by the upper holes in the quarter panel for the chrome spear. Yes it does have the “California” I piece front bumper. This car, although priced lower, is not in stellar condition compared to the red one. In my opinion with the condition it is in, and unknown as to where it may have originated, I would offer in the $3500-4K range for it.

    I have done about a dozen 57 Chevys’, mostly 2 door hardtops and a wagon or two, and am slightly familiar with the year, for what it’s worth.

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  6. Stephen

    I’ll take either one as a start. Pretty much any missing part is available from Danchuk or Eckler’s, for a price, and they’re common enough that you could do a decent amateur restoration and still take the family out for ice cream in it without worrying about destroying a priceless artifact.

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  7. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m beginning to think there are more ’57 Chevys now than there were in 1957.

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    • Karl

      I know what you mean. I’ve been thinking similar thoughts about Chrysler E-bodies for some time now.

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  8. Texas Tea

    Okay, I’m clueless on the possible trade. What is a side by side? A motorcycle with a side car?

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    • Chebby

      He likely means a 2-person ATV like a Polaris RZR, or a UTV to use on his farm property.

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      • Texas Tea

        Thanks Chebby! That makes perfect sense.

        Duhaaa………………on my part.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Here in Wisconsin, a side by side is a double barreled shotgun. And some cost ten large and more. Who knows? Looks like it could be a fun rig.

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  9. PatrickM

    Wish I could! Tri 5’s, any year, any model in fair to good condition fetch good money. Fixing up will cost a few bucks, but that’s to be expected. Restore, clean and drive, custom, hit rod. They all are worth it…especially for this inexpensive one. Compare prices. Tell us what you find.

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