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1957 Chevy Bel Air Wagon: Shorty Style


Would you attribute this shorty conversion to a weird sense of humor, too much spare time or….both? I’ve never understood what drove people to chop cars in half and weld them back together, but here we are: this Chevy Bel Air wagon on eBay is a nearly finished shorty project according to the seller, who is looking to get $4,999 for the oddball 2-door here on eBay. The roof cut needs finishing and there’s no motor or transmission (oh, and the pictured wheels aren’t available either), so you’re still far from the finish line once you drag this home. Have any of you found these chopped and shortened conversions appealing, or is it just a waste of good metal?


  1. rdc

    Not appealing. Could have been a waste of a good car. Perhaps was a total wreck. Then someone’s idea of fun.

  2. L.M.K. Member

    Who know’s why they did it ? Creative juices caused them to do it and then the interest level waned, I suppose? The damage is done. Let’s sell it.

    I’d love it more as it was originally. A black 57 Chevy wagon with silver inserts….Wow, the possibilities…..Now it’s definitely a novelty car. But someone will take over and make it in to a cool shorty wagon…..Maybe….

  3. Duffy Member

    Waste of a nice vehicle.

  4. JC

    This was a complete waste of a good car. You can tell the sheet metal is original with the original paint. It’s straight, the front end is complete. I can go on and on. I would of never sacrificed a straight car like this let alone cut it in half. Now it would be a good parts car to restore another good car. It brakes the heart.

  5. SoCal Car Guy

    The answer to a question nobody ever asked.

  6. Jose

    Will be happy to haul it away for $1,000 bucks. That is, if he pays me.

  7. Healeydays

    I was stationed with a guy back in the mid 70s who had a 56 wagon and that car was well done and unique. This one has potential, but needs alot of work.

  8. sir mike

    what a waste of web space…

  9. Ed P

    I think somebody started this project and does not know how to finish it. Not a project for a beginner.

  10. Old School

    Another person who got in over his head. I tell my son to remember his limits it will save money.

  11. Tom


  12. Steve Member

    I’m sure there’s a circus out there that could use it for a clown car or something.

  13. Rex Kahrs Member

    This car puts the “NO” in NOMAD. Actually it puts the “MAD” in there too.

  14. Dolphin Member

    Ebay auction ended with best offer accepted.

    That doesn’t change the fact that some people have bad judgement about some things. The seller is one of them, and so is the buyer.

  15. MeToo

    VW vans look pretty cool when shortened.

  16. Dutch 1960

    Some people are not satisfied with photoshop, they must do it in metal. Poor car.

  17. grant

    Back in about 1993/4/5 in Augusta Georgia there was a mid 60’s Chevelle someone had done this to, and then set it on a Jeep frame and lifted it as high as it would go. That car made me almost as sad as this one does.

  18. Dominic

    Well it sold, so someone thought it was worthwhile.

  19. LD71

    OK I’ll be the line dissenter here. Could it be the short wheelbase is meant to mimic the mid 60’s Funny Car drag racers, coupled with today’s Pro Mods? The funny car guys just moved the axle forward and left the car full length to get the weight transfer desired. Pro Mods look like caricatures of the original (to me). So let’s put a huge nitrous-fed motor and big set of slicks on the back and see if y’all like it better? LD71 :D

  20. '59FORDfan

    @ Rex Kahrs…+1

  21. DolphinPorsche

    Has ANYONE here ever seen an Aston Martin, Jaguar or even a Sunbeam Alpine shooting brake –station wagon?? This is an amurikun version of them–a large potentially sporting GT with a place for one’s dogs, luggage etc.

  22. Jack Quantrill

    Who would commit this crime? The horror, the horror!

  23. carl E walker

    i think its a fantastic custom …the possibilities are endless .

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