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1957 Chevy Convertible For $6,500!

1957 Chevrolet Convertible

I got pretty excited when I first spotted this Chevrolet. I thought, wow – a 1957 Convertible for only $6,500! I was ready to click the Buy-it-Now button when I realized that something wasn’t right here. See that extra seem behind the front door? Well, it turns out that this is actually a four-door that someone chopped the roof off of and welded the rear doors shut. I suppose that if you have been lusting after the looks of a drop-top ’57, but can’t afford the price tag, this could be your next best option. I’d be worried about the structural integrity of the body, but the seller claims that it does run and drive well. It’s located in Adolphus, Kentucky and is listed here on eBay for $6,500 or best offer. What do you think? Could this fulfill your ’57 fantasy?


  1. SoCal Car Guy

    The civil authorities in Adolphus need to check their water supply — looks like a load of some really bad psycho-active drug got mixed in. This must be what happens after too many generations of cousins marrying cousins.

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  2. DENIS


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  3. socaljoe

    And it’s a 6 cylinder. I think the guy put an extra zero on the price. Why is this featured???

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  4. dj

    I think they meant $650.00 for it.

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  5. DanaPointJohn

    Run. Away. Screaming!

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  6. Ed P

    This may have been a nice 4 door hardtop until the butchering. This is a new way to ruin a desirable car.

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  7. blindmarc

    Pos, not worth the space here now.

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  8. JW

    $500 Parts Car after his artistic hack job, it was worth what he’s asking before he drank that Bong Water and was given access to tools.

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  9. Catfish Phil

    Seller mentions he’s working to source a KY title. For the asking price, he should include some KY Jelly as well!

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  10. Somer

    Those cars need a roof to keep the bodies integrity .

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    • 60chevyjim

      no they need a convertible chassis

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  11. sparkster

    Too much Moonshine consumered one faithful night .

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    • packrat

      Yep. Never Drink From A Bottle That Has No Label. You might wake up with a splitting headache in a pool of drool and rust flakes, tangled in the air line of your Harbor Freight air shear, weeping softly over something like this.

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  12. Tom Member

    Catfish Phil, as Larry the Cable Guy would say, now that funny right there!

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  13. gunningbar

    If cheap enough reinforce the frame and just drive it
    …maybe open up those back doors and have a phaeton.. cars are for fun!

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  14. Chebby

    Not a convertible, since it doesn’t convert to anything. But since the hack job’s already done, why not have some cheap trashy fun with it? Clean it up, Earl Scheib paint, and drive it to the beach all summer long.

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  15. Barry T


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  16. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I believe the gent that transformed this car is named Morris Ronald. Mo-Ron for short.

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    • John b


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  17. Karl

    This would be a great parade car. Here in the New Orleans area we have lots of parades–not just Mardi Gras, but St. Patrick’s Day and all kinds of little local parades through the year. A lot of people have modified vehicles to participate in these parades, and the rest of the time they sit in the shed since they’re not otherwise street legal. Since this poor car has already had the hack job inflicted on it, it would be good candidate for the purpose. I like the idea of unwelding the rear doors to make a phaeton out of it.
    But if you think that I thought it was a good idea to do this in the first place, no way. I’m just trying to make lemonade out of an extremely sour lemon.

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  18. don

    he’ll never get the $6500, its not worth that in parts, agree $650 is probably more realistic.

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  19. John b

    Most of the comments I just read are a waste space

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    • Marshall

      It’s been abominated! Pass!

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  20. SoCal Car Guy

    And your’s isn’t?

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    • John b

      No. It’s not. It’s ok to change something that was once a “dime a dozen” and shake-up your lame “dime a dozen” trailer queen cruise night

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      • Chuck

        John B, another “hillbilly” heard from.

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  21. Larry Brown

    I have a 57 Chevrolet Belair Convertible with a Canadian built fiberglass body, steel front clip and steel trunk lid for $12,500. It is missing the engine, trans and interior, but has the X frame

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    • jim kleppinger

      pretty cool

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  22. Eigil

    Noting the numerous new Hemmingways posting verbal artwork.. The comedy value is sometimes just as high as the article..

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  23. Brian R

    I think you guys forced the seller to tears. The listing is gone.

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  24. 60chevyjim

    i would drive it while you drive your boring transportation specials .

    im building a real 55 chevy convertible from 2 cars a 56 belair convertible parts doner and a 55 belair 4dr sedan and a bunch of brand new convertible only sheet metal . nasty 454 4spd posi rear . fake patina paint and a working
    factory convertible top and Xframe chassis. i don’t do the over restored garage queen stuff. i wana ride my build.

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  25. Last 1LE

    What happens when a redneck goes to a family reunion to meet new women…

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