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1957 Chrysler Windsor Town and Country Wagon

This is an early 1957 Chrysler Windsor Town and Country wagon due to it having a single headlight on each side. In January of 1957, dual headlights became standard. This project wagon can be found here on eBay in Arvada, Colorado. The current bid price is just under $900 and there is no reserve.

The seller mentions that they won’t part out this car so I wonder if they’ve had a few messages asking about selling parts and pieces off of it for other restoration projects. This one could be restored but it will be a big project, literally, at over 18-feet in length.

1957 wasn’t the best year for Chrysler, at least quality-wise. They were really having problems with quality control and quality of design which led to some premature rusting and other troubles. You can see that this car will need bodywork but it’s also 62 years old.

The interior needs as much work as everything else does but the seller has a lot of spare parts that go with the sale. They mention that the front floor pans need to be replaced and also the rockers and they have the replacement panels for that.

This is Chrysler’s 354 cubic-inch Spitfire poly-head V8 with 285 hp and 365 ft-lb of torque. Chrysler made 2,035 Windsor T&C wagons and there aren’t many of them left. So, even though this will be a big restoration project, can this one be saved from being a parts car?


  1. local_sheriff

    Part it out?!? It’s not only a 50s Mopar wagon, it’s a Chrysler too! This one is definately out of my scope (as many other gearheads too!) considering the welding and fabricating necessary, but I honestly hope someone with the right skills (and/or connections / deep wallet!) will show mercy and take upon this massive project. I see tarmac through the floor and the rockers are troubling, but it should be doable for someone knowing what he’s doing…?

    Seller obviously likes finned Mopars; anyone notice the blue finned trailer in the background…?

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    • CJinSD

      Do you mean the blue 1959 Plymouth Belvedere convertible in the driveway?

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      • local_sheriff

        I appearantly need to have my eyes checked… when I scrolled through the pics I interpreted that Belvedere rear as a trailer behind the white SUV… sorry

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  2. edh

    Look at that carburetor!

    285 hp and 365 ft-lb of torque? I don’t think so.

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  3. Will Fox

    Now this even surpasses the `61 Plymouth wagon above it in rarity!!!!! People, these DO NOT fall out of trees these days! Built sometime between 8/56 and 12/56, it’s very doubtful you will find another Windsor wagon with single headlamps like this. Oh–and the body portions of these were NOT two-toned by the factory; they were single color only, but the rooks could be ordered in a contrasting shade like white. There are some very knowledgeable member of the Walter P. Chrysler club to assist you in restoring this! A few trim pieces may be tough to come by, but not impossible. The missing LR taillamp ass’y. may pose a problem acquiring. The bidding on this may not get that high, so this could be the bargain of the year for a potential buyer. Sure wish I had the money; it would be in my garage awaiting a full restoration.

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  4. Dave

    I hope someone saves it. beautiful car when done.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    rare and cool, hope someone takes it on. Good luck to the new owner!!


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  6. GeorgeL

    I think I had read somewhere that there were instances of some models (among all brands, not just Chrysler) being offered with both dual and quad headlights in the same model year. The reason is, at the time some states did not allow for quad headlights, so the cars sold in those states had dual headlights (2 instead of four). At some point, all states allowed quad headlights, so then the different headlight setup was no longer needed/offered.

    Could this car have been built for one of the states that didn’t allow quad headlights in 1957? Perhaps one of the old timers can confirm, but I have seen examples of this in the past.

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  7. Mountainwoodie

    This is so cool…..worth saving and holding onto until you can take it on (if ever)

    As for the headlights……………..http://www.joesherlock.com/Headlights.html

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  8. Maestro1

    This is a tough call. I’d love to see someone restore and drive it,
    I guess for sentimental reasons; I have no room. Whoever buys this should join the Chrysler Owners Club (not its correct name)
    and they will help with parts and other issues you may have. If I had the room I’d make an offer becuase it’s wretched excess of the 50s………..

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Actually as I recall dual headlights were optional in 57 then it was January 58 they became standard equipment.
    God bless America

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  10. Frank McLaughlin

    In 1957 when the Mass. Pike opened as a toll road the State Police bought 30 1957 Chrysler patrol cars , all wagons. A picture of one is on Google with a State Cop standing beside it. There was an ad on TV that showed a 1957 Corvette speeding by a parked State Police Chrysler Wagon on the Pike at 100 miles an hour and the big wagon catching up to the Corvette. I don’t know what they had for motors or if any survived .

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  11. ThisGuy

    People in warm climates crack me up. I see bubble in the paint, it’s rusted out. Total junk, scrap it!
    In Indiana this is considered cherry I would love it. My 5 foot tall wife would not.

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  12. Del

    Very rare.

    But hard to restore.

    Do not laugh at the horse power rating or the size of the carb. These thing were very fast.

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