Parked in ’87: 1957 Dodge Coronet 2-Door

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In 1987, this Dodge Coronet was driven into a barn, and that’s where it has sat ever since. The owner does say that it should have a frame-up restoration, but the photos do tend to paint a largely positive picture. Located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, you will find the Coronet listed for sale here on craigslist. The Coronet could be yours for $5,000 OBO.

With an overall length of 17½’, the Coronet is not a small car. However, it isn’t unattractive, and when restored, this could be a great car. The shots of the underside of the car look quite good, and while there is a good coat of surface corrosion present, actual rot looks to be minimal. It looks like there has been some form of repair performed around the rear wheel opening on the driver’s side, and there is also some rust present on the driver’s side fender just near the headlight. There has also been some repair work completed on the passenger side fender above the headlight, and the quality of this could be described as ordinary, at best.

The interior is going to need restoration, but it does have its good points. The first of these is that it does appear to be complete. The dash and door trims look like they have survived quite well, while the seats look like they will need new covers, and a new headliner will also need to go on the shopping list.

Powering the Coronet is the 325ci Poly V8, and I believe that this one is backed by a Torqueflite transmission. The Coronet was driven into its current resting spot in 1978, but it is unclear whether the engine even turns freely today. The engine itself does have a fair coating of grease and oil, so, given the owner’s suggestion that the car will require a complete restoration, it would probably be a fair idea to factor a rebuild into the budget.

There is no doubt that if someone takes this Coronet on as a restoration project, they will have some work to do. However, the physical state of the car seems to suggest that they would be working from a fairly solid base. The end result would certainly be a car that would attract some admiring glances, so maybe this is a project that one of our readers might be willing to take on.

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  1. Will Fox

    What this `57 has going for it is, it’s the 2dr. post model; the ones highway patrol units drove back then. Items are available to make this a D-500 with dual quads, in which case a restorer would have a stunner at any car shows. Me? When restoring, I would paint it as it left the factory; yes–pink/black two tone. It’s still reasonably solid, and the patch panel work already done can be corrected. This is well worth the effort to restore, IMHO. I like it!

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  2. karl

    A good wash probably would add a lot of interest on this car ,the black and pink would really stand out !

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  3. Ben T. Spanner

    My first car in 1965 was a 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 2 dr Hardtop with a 325 4bbl, and a limited slip rear end.. It was just about as dirty as this example. Colors were white over light green, Green guts. Front seat upholstery was shot. Sears had a half price seat cover to fit the 1/3-2/3 front seat, but only in green!

    Got a new master cylinder and did my first carb rebuild ever on the Carter AFB? Car started! Carb was tuned by an old German mechanic for the cost of Several Stroh’s. This was done on a 30 mule rest drive with stops at bars to tweak the carb and drink a beer. On the way back, the old Dodge would bark the rear tires when downshifting to 2nd at 50 mph.

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    • Ed Blankenship

      like to buy the 57 Dodge 2 dr ht

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  4. Miguel

    This car caught my eye because I found one of these in Mexico. Here is a picture of it.

    This one is a Custom Royal Lancer, they say.

    The owner wants about $4000 more than the featured car and I don’t think you could get the featured car in this condition for that difference.

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      You’re right, Miguel, there’s no way to bring that Barn Find up to the standard you have there-I’ll beat the interior alone would be that much; what’s the cost to bring a car here from Mexico and make it legal (title, registration, etc.)?

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      • Miguel

        Nevadahalfrack, I don’t know the cost because the trade agreement between the two countries have not been solidified.

        I have asked a few customs agents but I can’t get a straight answer.

        This car I am going to buy for my collection as I am an oddball nut.

        It will go great with my 1963 Fury Commando 361.

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      • Miguel

        The interior on the car I found looks pretty good too. I have decided I will accept flaws on cars, which took me 20 years to decide.

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    • Ed Blankenship

      OK will buy the car for 4.000.00

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  5. Miguel

    This is the engine it is sporting.

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    • JBP

      For shure more than 4000$ better

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    • Miguel

      Why does this car have the standard engine while the one I featured has the hemi?

      Has the engine been changed on the feature car?

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      • Darryl

        They came with a 325 poly or 325 hemi. I have one of each.

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  6. Ted

    Will has the right idea, black on black full on cop car look and an A-833 if I was having a Jay Leno spending spree…………..

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    Very cool Mopar. Love the pink and back combo. Like Karl said, a good cleaning would make this look like a different car. Drive like it is after going over the vitals.good luck to the new owner!!

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  8. Mountainwoodie

    A guy out here had a wagon in this salmon pink color. Had swing out drivers seat.

    Beautiful car. Crime to let it sit in a barn in that condition imho.

    The cops had it going on back in the day. Broderick Crawford probably couldnt have fit in this. :)

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  9. Bob C.

    At first glance, some of these early 2 door sedans give a quick illusion of a 4 door with that rear vent window. I’m not a big fan of pink, but this color combo worked very well with late 50s Mopars. Hope it can be saved without becoming a major money pit.

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  10. newfieldscarnut

    Here’s a ’57 Suburban 2 door Wagon that I found . It has a 325 with a pushbutton automatic . A set of hemi heads are in it’s future .

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    • Will Fox

      YOU sir, have found one extremely rare bird!! Congrats to you!!

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    • Bob

      Love that rare wagon!!!!!

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    • Darryl

      I have one just like this, even same color and rusty hood. Very rare car.

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    Demon Motor with a stick 6 spd would be the ticket for me. Not that I don’t like the motor in it but it needs an overhaul anyway. Thing would be wicked

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  12. Jack Quantrill

    That CHP one’s front end looks like the Batmobile!

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  13. Bob

    Love that rare wagon!!!!!

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  14. Bob

    The original ad says the car was parked in 1987, not 1978?????

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    • Suzanne Bienert

      Yes, you are correct it was parked in 1987. I’m working with Barn Find to fix that mistake.

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    • Josh MortensenStaff

      Sorry for the typo, it’s been fixed.

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      • Miguel

        Josh, is there a reason my posts were removed?

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  15. Wayne

    newfieldscarnut, love that wagon! Very, very cool!

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    • Bob McK

      I hope the new owner keeps the original colors. They are so ugly they are beautiful.

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    • newfieldscarnut

      Thank you Wayne .

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  16. W9BAG

    I had a similar one in 1976, black & creme, 4 door. I traded an old Sanyo stereo for it, and drove it for about 3 years. The 325 4bbl had GOBS of torque ! Working tube radio. Started even in coldest of Indiana winters. One of the best instrument panel designs, IMO. It has the joe-cool horizontal speedometers that fills in red the faster you go. Really like this design.

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  17. Rustytech RustytechMember

    Only about an hour from me. If I wasn’t in the middle of two projects already I’d be tempted to take a hard look at this one.

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  18. glenn

    too bad is wasnt a d501 wow would that be worth a fortune

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  19. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Josh-was something said that caused The posts from Miguel and me to be removed??

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  20. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Miguel, your taste in UNUSUAL mirrors that of many of us-I prefer “eclectic” to “oddball”..😜
    You have an appreciation for the “side road” instead of always following the mainstream in automotive architecture-we’re right there with you..
    And if you ever find out what Circus Rings/hoops we have to jump through to get a car from there to here I’ll bet a lot of applause will come your way!
    And maybe a beer or two..

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    • Miguel

      Nevada, you have no idea how weird my tastes are.

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  21. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Odd? Weird, as in selling a perfectly good late model BMW “Adventure bike” to buy an old, slightly rusty but well running Kawasaki 1000P (Police model) with the original lights, siren, radio and large sundry of NOS parts to rebuild it to new specs?

    I get it.

    Different people have different things to appreciate, and what people tell you about weird means they may not want to embrace dissimilar viewpoints for fear of seeing a difference of perspectives.

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  22. Kenneth Carney

    My folks had one about ’64 or ’65. Ours
    was metallic bronze with a white top. It
    also ran a 325 Red Ram hemi backed by
    a Torqueflite tranny. I aleays thought
    these cars were cool even though Dad
    traded ours off for the first of many used
    Cadillacs until the early ’70’s when the folks started buying late model rides for
    Mom. Never thought I’d ever see one again ’til now. Guess the tin worm
    didn’t eat ’em all did he?

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  23. Kenneth Carney

    I really like all those picks of 2-door wagons! Had a 60 Chevy Biscayne wagon that I won in a poker game. It was an effed up mess when I got it and took several months to get it anywhere near roadworthy condition. When I won it, the factory gas tank had been thrown out and replaced by a 5-gallon Jerry can that sat in the cargo area near the open back window! After replacing the gas tank, doing the brakes, and a whole lot more, I wound up selling it to an upperclassman at my high school for $450 in 1970 money. Not too bad for a car I’d won in a poker game!

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  24. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    I’m amazed to see there are 2 basically identical 1957 coral pink & black Dodge Coronet 2-door sedans in Pennsylvania!. An almost identical one is in a garage just about halfway between Hanover, PA and the PA/MD border, on route 94. Hasn’t been driven for probably 25 years or longer.

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