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1958 Aston Martin Mark III Garage Find

After featuring hundreds of cars, I must admit that the Aston Martin barn finds have been among my favorites. An American business man brought this 1958 Aston Martin Mark III back from England and then parked it in his garage for many years. It has now been unearthed and the current owner has gone through everything to make it safe to drive. Find it here on eBay in Bethel Connecticut with only 46k miles on the clock.

There are not many cars that we love more than these old Astons. They are full of character and heritage. We also have no doubt that a certain book series and movie franchise have helped fuel that desirability a bit. This one is far from perfect, but its flaws just add to the charm. It has suffered a color change at some point in its life, but as much as we love these in grey, we would probably leave the exterior alone for now.

Slipping into the leather bucket seat and behind that big three spoke wheel will take you back to a better time. The leather surfaces and even the carpets are claimed to be original. The original Motorola radio is even still present. We would probably just treat the leather and clean the carpets a little more. Restored cars are a dime a dozen, but when was the last time you saw an original one of these?

The Mark III features a 2.9 liter straight-six engine fed by twin SU carbs. The seller mentions that the carburetors have been rebuilt and that the brakes have been gone through. They also fitted a new exhaust and rebuilt the shocks. They claim that the car is ready to be driven and that is just what we would do with it. With 162 horses and disc brakes up front, it would do just fine in traffic today.

Since we featured this MKII a while back, we had been having dreams almost every night about discovering a long-lost Aston. The dreams had started to subside, only to have this beauty appear and start the longing all over again. Oh well, I guess we will all have to keep dreaming. Hopefully this one makes it into good hands…


  1. Mike

    Is that one of those British Cherry bomb mufflers?

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  2. Russell

    Good Hand indeed. My hands!! ;)

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  3. scot

    ~ first dibbs! & if someone else wins the bid i call shotgun. for eternity.
    treat leather, clean carpet, sync carbs, clear the bicycles, freezer & sonny-boys 3rd hand furniture collection out of the garage, call Goodwill to pick-up, epoxy garage floor. . . . hmmm start a new list. check

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  4. Tony

    Cool looking car – but scary brit engineering. Pass.

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  5. scot

    ~ please, a dry martini, Miss Moneypenny. shaken of course.

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  6. OhioMark

    Great car and I wouldn’t change a thing! However, it’s at $65,000 currently and if you
    want to restore it, the cost will be close to six figures which means it’s close to it’s as is
    value if that’s your route. Still a cool car and I’d loved to drive it as is!

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  7. Bob

    In the interior shot, what’s the “handle” apparently on the left side of the glove box?

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  8. Jesse

    @Bob – Good question. What are those handles? Looks like there is one on the driver’s side too. I doubt they are related, but if you look at the build sheet in the auction listing it shows “provision made for starting handle” under non-standard equipment. Anyone have any ideas?

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  9. Rolymo

    With reference to the “Handle” under the glove box the photo also shows a map-reading lamp which is on a swivel mechanical device which is confusing the image, the “handle” is there because no seat belts were fitted in those days and our G/ F’s needed something to hold while us fellows bounced all over the road in the days before national speed limits !

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  10. jt68

    I love that old Aston Martin look, what is the most affordable of those badass AM available today?

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