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1958 Corvette Garage Find

1958 Chevrolet Corvette Front

One day a few years ago, Jason was out on the job reading electric meters when something out the corner of his eye caught his attention. In the back of a dusty garage he thought he could see an old car. The only details he could make out were the quad headlights glittering in the sunlight, but that was all he needed. He instantly knew what it was..

1958 Chevrolet Corvette Front Corner

It was a 1958 Corvette! He was shocked and very excited because he has always been a Corvette enthusiast and this could be the find of his life. Since Jason was working, he couldn’t investigate it more then. Instead he decided to return after work for a closer look and to meet the car’s owner.

1958 Chevrolet Corvette Interior

When Jason returned  later that day, he met the owner who turned out to be a kind old lady. She told him that she had owned the car since 1963 and that it was not for sale. She told him she had not driven the car since 1980 and that it had set in that garage ever since. Over the years Jason has gotten to know this lady well. He has had the opportunity to take her for rides in his own Corvette and to attend car shows. Since Jason took the time to get to know her, she has promised him that if he agrees to restore it and not resell it, she will give the car to him one day!

1958 Chevrolet Corvette Down Side

This vehicle has been sitting for a long time and it shows, but who knows what is might be lurking under all that grim. This car is a really amazing discovery. We thank Jason for sharing his find and hope he keeps us updated on the status of his Corvette garage find.


  1. Pat.

    That's a cool find. Keep us up on what happens with it.

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  2. Doug Middlestetter Member

    Love the story! Love the Pics! I sure hope this works out!

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  3. Cody

    What a work of art, even just sitting in the dust…

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  4. Joe

    I knew of a kid in my neighborhood who found a 1969 Convertible Shelby Cobra in a little old lady's garage, where it had sat for years(I heard she ran over a little boy and the State took her license away, this was in the late sixty's or early seventy's) and he cut her grass and he washed and waxed her "car" for her because she had said she would give the car to him when she passed away! Well nothing was ever put into writing so when she passed away her heirs sold the car to someone else! Get it in writing!

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  5. Osvaldo Jimenez Hernandez

    I have a 67 corvette roadster, when i purchase my corvette 67 is in the same condition like this in a old garage in Puerto Rico. 58 corvette is a great car good luck my friend.

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  6. jt68

    what i always wanted, a nice ol’ lady with a bum ticker and a vette!only kidding-kinda

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  7. Chris

    I hate it when people sit on cars and refuse to sell them! There is a beautiful example of a 57 Crown Victoria with the chrome package that has been sitting in my neighborhood for 30 or 40 years and the guy refuses to sell it. 30 years ago, it would have been salvageable, but it is sitting on the ground with rotted tires and is barely visible now due to the weeds and vegetation growing up around it. Even if he would sell it now, which he won’t, it wouldn’t be worth anything but some spare parts. It’s a shame that the heavy sheet metal rots away due to people being so selfish.

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    • JACK R

      I didn’t know they made Crown Victoria’s in 1957

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  8. Jason

    I came back from vacation last week and had 2 missed calls from her. I called her and because of money reasons she was going to sell. A guy who had been after it longer than me gave her $20k. I couldn’t see matching it so I let him have it.

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  9. MeToo

    Who knows, she was elderly. Over the years she could have made the same promise to the mailman, the lawn boy, the FedEx guy, etc., etc.

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  10. Bob C

    What nice lady and great find for you Jason!

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