1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud: Magnolia Pearl?


No, this is not a barn find, it’s just so, well unique that we had to feature it. Some creations really leave you asking why and this one is definitely one of those. Have you ever wanted an off road Rolls Royce to explore the wilderness in flower pattern comfort? If so, here’s your chance! This 1958 Rolls Royce Magnolia Pearl is listed here on eBay and it’s only $48,000! It’s located in Helotes, Texas, near San Antonio.


It’s as outrageous on the inside as on the outside, featuring cut velvet upholstery, antique rugs and lace as well as antique ceiling tin. The engine is a new 340 crate motor. Just think, somewhere in our wonderful world there is someone willing and able to purchase this! The owner suggests it might make a great Christmas present. What would you wife say? Perhaps she’ll like the rugs and lace?


  1. Jose

    High priced hippy land rover. You’re out of your mind.

  2. David Frank David Member

    Hippy, no. Did you check out the Magnolia Pearl clothing line? More like crass capitalism. Somebody buys that stuff. So glad it’s not my wife!

  3. Joe Gotts

    Well it has our attention, so from a publicity perspective it’s working.

    There P.R. person is entitled to humongous bonus.


  4. Leo

    Uniqe?? About as stupid as crap you soee on FaceBook. Sorry, think it was a waste of Barn Finds posting space

  5. grant

    But…..what……i…… (throws hands in the air and walks off)

  6. JW

    Somebody in Texas is doing way too many mushrooms.

  7. JW454

    I don’t know which is worse. People who let good cars just rust away and never do anything with them or people who do things like this.

    • Bob's your uncle

      You forgot people who complain about what other people do with the things they own. They’re the worst of all.

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      • Blake

        Indeed. Well said.

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      • Clive

        Second uncle Bob’s comment, why so much mindless aggression?

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  8. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Some type of cloud, silver or otherwise, was in play when this thing was built and later priced for sale!

  9. Bruce E

    While it is definitely not “my cup of tea”, It was created to attract attention. It certainly does that…

  10. Rob

    My eyes! My eyes!!

  11. KN

    $48k Really?

  12. Doug

    I think I’m going to vomit.

  13. Ed P

    How many clowns can this car hold?

  14. JoeW

    The perfect car for sneaking up on grandma’s garden club.

  15. Mike R

    Ahh..old world grace meets new world redneck :D

    Man, would I love to park this thing in my driveway, even for just one day, to see my neighbor’s reactions….

  16. Brad

    Oh relax, guys. It’s kinda fun, in an “eccentric Maharajah” kind of way! Pearl Magnolia is selling (or sold) the matching Airstream, as well; the pair was used as a mobile clothing shop for years.

    While the shabby chic hippie aesthetic isn’t my taste… it’s not a slap-dash build by any means. I think it takes these two non-rare examples of luxury objects and elevates them to performance art.

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    • Brad

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  17. Charles

    How did the seller come up with 48K? They say that there is an ass for every seat, however they may have long wait to find the right ass for this seat at that price.

    So they screwed up a vintage RR, a vintage Airstream, and a Chevy truck chassis…

    Maybe $4800.00.

  18. Donnie

    Did Cheech and Chong to get a new car.

  19. Donnie

    Magnolia pearl even sounds like some kind of weed.

  20. Donnie

    The engine is not a 340 .distributer of a 340 is in the front not the back of the engine.

    • Russ

      Distributor of a 340 engine is in the back, not the front.

  21. brakeservo

    It ‘rolls’ over anything in it’s path . . .

  22. Ed P

    Copied from the ad:
    Engine: New 350 V8 Crate Engine

  23. brakeservo

    I’ve actually seen a number of very nicely hot-rodded Rolls-Royces and Bentleys . . . this just isn’t one of them though – for me the jacked up, jerked off 4×4 chassis is repulsive.

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