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Perfect Patina: 1959 Chevrolet Apache Utility Bed

We have probably featured thousands of light-duty vintage pickups on Barn Finds through the years, but this is only the second one we’ve featured under the “Vintage Truck with Utility Bed” heading. I’ve seen plenty of vintage pickups and an occasional panel truck when I go to car shows, but I can’t remember seeing one with a Utility Bed (also called a Service Bed). Here’s a non-running project in the form of a 1959 Chevrolet Apache that is located in Cumming, Georgia, and for sale here on eBay. As of this writing, 11 bids had been submitted with the highest being $4,567. The truck is being sold with a bill of sale only.

This ’59 Apache was a true work truck back in the day. Like all Utility Trucks, the rear bed contains cabinets where tools and parts can be stored, organized, locked up, and accessed easily. Maybe a local plumber owned it 60 years ago (I wish you could make out the business name and number on the doors.)

The seller admits that he bought this truck a year ago primarily because of the utility bed which he describes as “solid and every door works as it should.” The seller goes on to describe the condition of the truck’s cab as “OK” and says the doors hang up a bit and old body work is evident on the front fenders and passenger door. There’s also rust visible on the front fender near the driver’s door and on the passenger side cab. There are noticeable issues with the truck’s glass as well which would all need replacing. The seller shares that he put a new set of tires on the truck but two of the rims have not been sealed well and the those tires have lost air. After this Apache was retired from being a work truck, it doesn’t look like it was treated to some TLC and stored indoors.

The truck’s gray utilitarian interior has the “a bit rough and rusty” theme of the exterior as well. The seller describes it as “the floors are good and the dash is in original (uncut) condition.” The current seat is described as “OK” but rips, tears, and discoloration are visible and an aftermarket radio and under the steering column gauge can be seen. It’s also missing the driver’s inside door handle, some instrument panel knobs, and the steering wheel horn. Like the Apache’s exterior, the cabin would need a complete restoration.

The seller says that the Apache appears to have the original drive train, a six cylinder and three on the tree, and also says he’s not sure if either works or can be rebuilt. I’m guessing this is a 235 cubic inch Thriftmaster Inline 6 engine. The seller says his reserve is fairly low and he’s willing to sell the truck without the utility bed as well. I hope the next owner buys it with the utility bed just where it is. So, what do you think of this Utility Truck project?


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    There was a utility truck that made it on a cross-country tour a few years back. It was great to see a service truck join the lineup and its owners enjoy the trek as well.

    Full driver quality restoration in store for this one. Keep the service bed as well. It will always be a good conversation piece, not to mention being able to carry the tools for the various repairs that the vehicles on the trip might need…

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  2. John Eder

    Keep this, fill it with spares/tools and drive it behind the Range Rovers…

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  3. Bobby

    This would be a good one to put on my k20 chassis with the 383 I’ve been building. Been looking for an Apache. Favorite body style truck. Ever since I saw a similar colored 59 years ago in my hometown on a 4×4 chassis in the same color and condition, I’ve been wanting to do the same thing. It’d have to be a fleet side or a service bed like this one.

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  4. TomP

    I’m not up to date on utility bed styles, but there’s a really cool one on the side of the road in my town from the 40’s, 50’s, or early 60’s. It’s been there as long as I can remember, I guess because there’s no market for antique utility beds.

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  5. Troy

    I have never been a fan of the utility box I would be more inclined to find a regular pick up box or flat bed otherwise it looks like a fun toy to get on the road again

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  6. Harvey Member

    Nice rusty old truck that needs everything. At $4500.00 I’d be so far under water I would feel like a deep sea diver:-)

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    • Steve

      “Perfect Patina” means rusty, crappy, painted body.

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  7. Robert Dailey

    In my teens drove one just like this ,only white, working for my stepdads plumbing shop in West Texas. Took it on a date and the motor shot craps so that was my first engine rebuild, the old reliable 6 cyl.

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  8. Oregonman

    Had one just like this in 1980, I used it as a mobile welding truck I would go from farm to farm and oxy-acetylene weld run-over damaged aluminum sprinkler pipe,it was a great rugged no-frills truck same color of orange with a utility body

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  9. Bruce G Hughes

    My first vehicle I ever owned was a 1956 Chevy with a utility body. Great old truck with a 3 in the tree and vacume windshield wipers. Had it when I was a senior in high school. Very practical truck. Think I paid $100.00 for it. Sold it to a friend when I started college.

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  10. JohnfromSC

    Now I understand why bidding is approacing $5K. This one includes the rare 1×6 two piece pinewood battery support…

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    • Mountainwoodie


      I mean this is a great rig but it appears to have been marinated in Southern humidity. Too bad cause I always like the Bell Telephone version of these trucks. Someone with deep pockets could blow a lot of money to restore it but it looks like this seller decided not to,

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  11. John L.

    I must be completely out of touch with reality. I can’t believe what people are willing to pay for these junkers that are being dragged out the woods, and swamps lately.

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  12. George Birth

    Be careful buying with a bill of sale only. You are taking a chance on deals like this. If the original owner is selling the truck and not a flipper, they can go down to their DMV and pick up a replacement title for a reasonable fee. Buying a vehicle with a bill of sale only you let yourself in for nightmares, if it turns out to be stolen you lose the truck and what you paid for it plus anything you put into it. Be smart Either seller provides a title or pass!!!

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