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1959 Porsche 356A Barn Find


Back when I designed the Barn Finds logo, I had no idea that the Porsche 356 would ending up being in some of our most visited features. There is just something exciting about finding one of these rare sports cars in a barn. Unfortunately, rust proofing was not a big priority back then though, so they are almost always rusty after an extended sleep. This particular 356 has the prerequisite rust after sitting for 32 years and is fitted with a “Super” engine from a ’58. The seller mentions that it is a “good restoration candidate”, but I think that all depends on who is restoring it. So, do you think you’re up for the challenge? Take a look here on eBay where it is being offered for $39k or best offer.


There’s that “Super” engine I mentioned. It was good for a little more power than the base offering (88 vs. 70), so that’s nice to have. The seller doesn’t mention if this car was originally a Super or not, but if it wasn’t, lets hope that whoever swapped the engine also installed the upgraded cooling layout. It’s probably safe to assume that the engine will need rebuilt and that can get very expensive. I did find a rebuilt one on eBay for only $8,900… No sense in worrying about that though because there are bigger issues at hand here.


Like rust! Before Porsche started to galvanize the 911, their cars were known to acquire lots of the nasty stuff. Some cars were able to avoid the tin worm fairly well if they were in the right climate, but from the documents seen in the photo gallery, this one appears to have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most people would assume that since Salt Lake is in the intermountain region that it would be a good place to buy cars. Well, over the years I have seen quite the opposite. I’m not sure if it is the salt in the air from the lake or if they use salt from the lake on the roads, but either way this car is going to need some major metal work. So, do you think you have what it would take to tackle this one?


  1. JW454

    Fun to look at but that’s where my interest would have to end. My pockets are not that deep.

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  2. Alan (Michigan)

    Didja see the boat in the barn? (heh)

    Again, a very rusty car… Likely that barn it is pictured in was for effect, and not where it was found. I’d be betting that it has been on a dirt floor, though, unlike the GTO, which was on a concrete pad. This car has had body repair and repaints galore. But the underside appears to have been neglected all along. Fred Flintsone could get it going, though!

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    • BradL

      I have to agree with your barn theory. Especially since there are tire tracks leading to where the car was “found”.

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      • rapple

        Good analysis! It looks like the car was “found” in the more urban neighborhood shown in the photos with it on the trailer then deposited at the barn. “Let’s haul the boat out and stick this hulk in there and, oh Amy, why don’t you pose seductively by the doorway?”
        On a positive note, I have to give the seller credit for an extremely comprehensive photo gallery documenting how very far gone this car is.

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  3. Rancho Bella

    I cannot imagine the amount of money needed for this to be revived correctly. Might as well start with a new pan……….you’d be better off.
    I like the look of A’s the best but this will be an over the top money pit. I’ll stick with Elans

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  4. junkman Member

    ho, hum nothing to see here worth 39 large, pass.

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